Friday, June 17, 2011

Party (On Friday? Oh, No..)

So, most had a great time at Luke's party tonight. Those candles above the piano creeped me out when I first came in. LOL.

It looks like 2 sides to a swordfight in this picture xD


And, to finish the night, I was chased off by Jaws o_o.
I was busy IRL so I missed the contests, but oh well. I met plenty of aspiring bloggers at the party, which was a highlight. The Red Carpet looked pretty, especially since we could invade it after that showing :P. And Timothy Lighttalon's is tomorrow! Whoo.

Also my support goes out to The Evil Theurgist and the Jester fiasco, I do think Central is very strict sometimes and that Evil Theurgist deserves credit for the original reagent maps, instead of this. Central is a great place to get info, but I'm ticked at the creators too, as they often ban others for something not even in the rule book. Am still going to be going over to Evil's blog for the Reagent Maps, and not Jesters "better-looking guide". But, I don't want to get *too* involved in more drama (aka Skype xD).

IRL, I should have a week without anything to worry about, so more Wizard101 time! :D my teeth still feel funny after yesterday's pulling of 6 of them (very painful) though, but they're healing. Its an excuse to have more Ice Cream (soft foods for a couple days /:) after all, LOL.

In other Wizard101 advancements, I got a DS Sarcophagus (finally) item from Vasek, but I still need more :P if only I could gift them from Sophia! I did the Waterworks twice, the first being an everyone-has-to-leave-before-the-final-boss problem, so I didn't get that finished, but its understandable. The 2nd time, 2 wizards had computer problems (both Theurgists, no less!) so I made the final boss on my Storm, Mycin, and friend Jennifer Dreamsinger (Ice). Both of us died once in the battle but came back quickly and triumphed, a fun challenge! I got nothing for the 3rd straight time (after getting needed gear on 2 characters perfectly on the first 2 tries xD), but friend got her Ice Robe, so wasn't a huge waste. I plan to do a run or 2 tomorrow hopefully, after going biking in the morning. As for the new Sandman pet, I gotta say it looks pretty wicked, but I don't have a reason to buy it xD if only Kingisle would put it as a boss drop.. if it isn't. Spirit of Nature pet hasn't been found as a boss drop either, so I'm skeptical, as I would they would drop from somebody, but maybe its just a really low drop rate, too. Oh well. I'm pretty anxious for the 4th of July Leprechaun and possible Ice Beetle too, lol :). Oh, and I almost forgot, for those who haven't seen it, (plus pictures are never good enough :P)

Arlen's MB House!
I messed up the title, but I'll edit that after this post. ROFL.

Lastly, me and Jasmine should have a recorded Lounge Wizards up tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST, we had problems with the recorder today, but hopefully that will be fixed up with our cool editor Isaac Mistheart in tow. Getting late, so better sign off.

Happy Farming!

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