Friday, May 18, 2012

Avalon - The Penultimate Lake

We're at the Lakeshore! Filled with purple stuff in the water with little goblins wrecking havoc!
Scattered showers possible....

What is an alphyn? Curious? Here. Similar to that of the griffin, hmm?

I knew kudzu was strong, but whaaa?

Looks a LOT creepier than Gollum, that's for sure.


No clever caption here, though it looks like it's raining on the pyre..

Gotta duck to go in there :o

Deepwater - the only underwater place in Avalon. A lake, though, not the ocean. It's also quite short ..

More icky Spriggans. From a dark village to under a lake.
A not too challenging Death elephant was passed, and Sheba was hatched! Check out the crafted boots too - awesome crit block. After 4 boss battles in Deepwater, it's time for the conclusion of Avalon.. coming up Sunday. Can't wait!

Happy Questing!

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