Friday, October 25, 2013

Test Realm Notes: Shadow Queens & Shadow Magic

These things always seems to come out around October-November, don't they?

Nearly five years after Malistaire's *first* demise, it is now about time for Morganthe to face the same fate (hopefully..) in Khrysalis! 

Presumably, it is "so epic" that it will begin on an island, not on Khrysalis, and the final part will be released in "early 2014". Looks like they're borrowing J.K. Rowling's idea, but why not?

Of course, I'm not going to spoil any other parts for myself, so I'll just have to wait until Part 1 is live-released. But from what I have seen, I have a sense it will be somewhat similar to Dragonspyre, albeit with greenish skies. Hey, not bad. Nice way to go out for Morganthe.

...And what's this? Shadow Magic? Forbidden knowledge too dangerous for old Ambrose but not for a "wise mouse"? 

The prospect of unstable spells is intriguing - it's as if you're handling or dismantling a bomb that will either go off in your own face or the enemies face. Then, there's "backlash" when a Shadow Aura expires, like getting hit by the shrapnel you blew up your enemy with. This should be fun to try out.
If that's not enough, there are also 'Shadow Pips'. Whoa. Apparently, these things feel that they should ignore all basic combat concepts in the game. We've got a lot to learn.

On a simpler note, there are also new Housing updates! 

The prospect of wide open "Castle Tours" would be freaky in real life, especially if visitors felt a need to always visit your restroom. Thankfully, the Spiral is a whole lot less awkward.

A quick random house visit can be a delightful experience.. if you're safely away from the tornado.
Great idea and a great new addition to the Commons, overall. I opened up a couple of my own houses for visiting, hopefully I'll get some random visitors.

I wonder how many of Paige Moonshade and Cody Raventhorn's houses will be among the Top Rated? Hmm..

No more "dude what's that thing". Yes, please! 

  • Gardening: New levels! It's up to twenty, I presume. Also excited to see new spells, Barley, and Khrysalis plants. Too bad my highest gardener is just Level 11.
  • Weaker creatures (Avalon, Azteca): Sweet, hope some of the bosses in particular have been toned down. Battles in Azteca can be really frustrating. Kingsisle actually did a similar thing with Dragonspyre way back in the day.
  • Henchmen: As the level 90 henchmen were 400 crowns, now they are 300 - and the new level 95s are 400. Plus, the level 60 henchmen are now a 75 crown steal. Nice to have lower prices for a change.
  • New badge: You can bet I'll be buying up all sorts of healing treasure cards on Tarlac once the opportunity arises.
  • Mana bump: Less being conservative with marking spots, more teleportation fun! Yay!

That does it for the updates. Going through them, I was reminded of the fact that I haven't created an end-of-Azteca quest post yet. I'll get on that before the Khrysalis content comes out, so that should be the next blog post to expect. I might also re-upload some pictures to old posts still on this laptop in the coming weeks, before I get a new laptop. All of the old blog pictures got deleted after that Blogger fiasco I had several weeks ago. Annoying!

Lastly, here's the second trivia-question-for-crowns! Last post, I started a new tradition of a trivia question at the end of every post. If you comment, tweet or e-mail the answer first, you win a select prize! This week, it's 600 crowns worth of stuff - 2 Nightmare Packs, maybe?

I have also made the comments approval-based, so if you do enter by blog comment, please leave a Wizard101 TFC or your contact information (and ask your parents if you are under 13).

Formalities aside, here's the trivia question for this post:

Fill in the blank of the chant Morganthe says when she drains Mirror Lake -

"Ah-nahl nathrak
Do-Hiel Dienveh."

I look forward to the correct, 600 crown answer!

Happy Testing!

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