Friday, May 6, 2011

Level 53 And Counting

I just didn't feel like posting yesterday, sorry about that, but here's one :).

So, Sophia made it up to Malistaire. Awesome volcano ride!


After getting little from Gurtok & Tumok, I made it!

Tarlac & Sophia trying to talk sense into him, but no...


Back in the safeness that is Ambrose' Office. Snack break, THEN Celestia.

Some green misty stuff I noticed on top of a rune by the King after beating Jotun. Someone trying to poison him? O_o

Celestian roof! I had a tough fight with Optio Agenor, but emerged victorious

If you've done this quest, you probably know what I'm talking about. Luckily, it just took 4 fights to collect the pesky 3 pieces of icky algae. Below is the deck I used, if thats helpful! I survived each battle :)

CELESTIAN SEAHORSE HI! :P I soloed the Stellarium, dying at that Myth guy once, but came back and he was without his minion, so I managed to win that (thankfully they took away that meteor-when-you-heal little cheat on him) and Selwyn was easy, no more weird cheating of his own either. Next was..

My favorite area here. Peaceful "landlubber" breeze up here! Now, I'm in Stormriven Hall (already, yes, you might ask. Some people find questing tedious, but I easily get the bug to do it) and can't wait to get to the Portico for reagents and 58 for Snow Angel. I'm hardly turning in any side-quests, as I hear WT gives quite a bit and I'll save the CL/DS ones to turn in when a new level cap comes out. Gah, eXP. I'm making a goal to get to the Crustacean Empire by Wednesday, I'm going to my Grandmas again and won't be on the Computer till Tuesday, so expect 4-5 days until the next post. Lastly, I'll dish my opinion on the new WT music:


3 'D' words, basically. For dull, I just think there are too many drums, low sound, etc. Depressing, just not enough rhythm and again, low sound. Dreamy, the only good trait, is the likening to a famous tale, like Narnia, that I found it to be. Some parts are nice, but pretty much 2/3 - eh :/. And I think there's too much of a deal over it, Kingsisle should give more credit to Nelson Everhart's better music, and even though its aimed for kids, how about making a big deal of a person from the old days so children can learn more about what their parents grew up in/may have liked? Some kids would find it boring I guess, and they need all the customers they can get, but thats my 2 cents. Whoever it turns out to be, KI should pay more attention to their work like whatever the next world is, fixing bugs, etc. Apologies to the "hot new talent", as well. Have a great couple of days, wizards :D (and try not to be pessimistic, lol, new pet peeve of mine. Its almost Summer!)

Happy Questing!

P.S. Also, don't be surprised if I have some pics from Moongem's wizzy-versary party thats starting, it should be a blast :D

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