Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crumpets, Science Guys...

*NOTICE* Blogger had problems on Thursday, and I had to leave till now. So this is late*

So, you all know Wintertusk is out now! First though, a few pictures before the big news :)

Moongem's Party! Was very fun, Steven did a good job with only 2 days to decorate :)

Bug I found (haha :P). I just had to exit the house and it was okay again. Bad plants.

Fish in a Frost Giant o_O

There's an appropriate Menu Chat phrase for this picture: "No."

I don't see how he looks a lot like the JB King, but ok.


Glowfish! :D not enemies, thankfully

Scarefish O_o

Reminds me of Bill Nye. All this blabbering about Science.

Something new I noticed - before, it didn't say '+225 to all enemies', now it does, to avoid confusion that X spells work with Gargantuan. They always have, some people just didn't now.

Kelp going through a levitating cage..?

Stuck in a huge Clam :O

GAH. Frozen Bear. I'm in WT with Sophia & Arlen, more to come later :)

Nice abode, pretty easy boss. More coming next, this post was a little shorter than I wanted it because I just want to play W101 & listen to the new podcast that I'm a part of - - I think I'm the co-host next week with Mistheart. I'm a little sensitive with my voice sounding younger than I really am, but oh well xD. More on that later. Plus Blogger decided to go all hectic Thursday when this was due to post, so I had to type a lot over again and publish it 2 days later, sorry about that! Again, more stuff next post, soon.

Happy Questing!

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