Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Day after Buy Nothing Day!

And Charles Schulz's birthday! ;). Yesterday, of course, was Black Friday. I was at my Grandma's house and slept through the whole thing :P. There's actually an unofficial holiday called Buy Nothing Day - same day as Black Friday of course - so we all don't get greedy now, hmm? Anywho, look what I won at Mythspent Youth!

Gift List! 'Tis the season to be greedy, hehe. The Mana Elixir was won from another blogger, being saved for Tarlac's Mali run (he's only got a little bit of mana what with his healing rings). But look how good Chase fits on it. Sweet! I put it in his bank so the timer won't run out, as Chase is a standby character for a while here. Now for a little update on Mycin, he is almost LVL 54 and is almost in Stormriven! Just got to beat some palm trees for the Coruscade and do some cute little Platypus side-quests, I LOVE the Floating Land. But I said that already. Storm isn't the best at Celestia, as the enemies have got a lot of power, I'd say I fared better on Arlen, especially with those stupid *ahem* Ice mobs. REVENGE IS AT HAND, YOU WAVERUNNERS! >_<. So, right now I'm almost done crafting all the kitchen items in GH for Tarlac's house. I may have to transmute some Mandrakes, as those are pretty darn hard to find - best area is at the end of Collossus Blvd. That's what's been going on in Wizzyland, so I'll take you through my Thanksgiving now :) 8:30 AM - Wake up and go eat pancakes 9 AM - Finish (they had Chocolate Whipped cream this year, who knew there was such a thing?) and play games 9:30 - Watch Macy's parade, get into the Christmas spirit :P 11:30 - Last minute packing rush, go to grandma's 2 PM - Arrive at grandmas, procede to hang in the Den watching TV 4 - Thanksgiving dinner! Get... stuffed. *ahem* 4:30 - The WHOLE family takes a long nap. I don't think a mattress has ever felt better 8 - Wake up just in time for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 9 - Watch a bio of Charles Schulz on PBS (Happy B-day!) 10:30 - Hang in the Den again, look at TV 12 - After reading Calvin & Hobbes, go to sleep So, it was a really good day. Today, Auburn made a ridiculous comeback, which really didn't help >_< (I'm a die-hard Boise fan, and if Alabama had won, Boise likely would clinch a spot in the Championship game) and Oregon, of course, pulled away in the 2nd half over Arizona. Ugh. And now, Boise and Nevada are having a pretty close game - Boise's winning by 7 w/ 4 minutes left, not too good. Why? Boise needs 'style points' - winning big over #19 Nevada - to move up in the rankings past TCU. If your not a College Football fan, you may read over the previous section. Oh, and Michigan lost in College Basketball, really bad day in sports :/. Getting past that, there's nothing much I can say, except it wasn't a bad last 2 days at all excepting sports :). I'll end it on a good note, with one of my favorite Christmas songs

lol, it sounds really good with that boys choir. Now it's going to be stuck in my head, but that's fine. Happy Farming!

P.S. Nevada is driving and might send this into OT...

*2 minutes pass*

Nevada TD. Boise made a miraculous drive and blew it with a missed Field Goal with 1 second left. It's going to OT :(((. If Boise loses, expect me to be extremely bitter.

*5 minutes pass*

The FG kicker missed again. The Nevada one made it. Nevada won. Never mention this game to me again, or college football. *kills squirrel in anger*

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