Sunday, October 17, 2010

Son of the Triton - Part 1

~ It was a dark and stormy night. Mycin had just finished beating Lord Nightshade for the day.

The Moon of the Haunted Cave appeared through a slit in the gloomy clouds. Some Pumpkin Pie

would be good right now, Mycin thought. Using his wizardly magic, Mycin teleported to his

Storm house thinking of the treat that awaited him from all that farming...he had gotten so

many pumpkins from the Ol' Wraith, who wasn't too cranky today. Glancing to the Triton

lightning-rod which always stood atop his Lighthouse, it seemed extra eerily glowing tonight,

almost like all of Zeus's lightning bolts had charged him up like Frankenstein's monster. The

exhaustion of the day set in as he carved out the Pumpkin's innards, and put the stove on... he

later fell asleep at his meal. The next day, Mycin decided to lessen Baron Mordecai's loot list he

kept of his drops - Walking through Triton Avenue, the many statues, again, seemed to glare

with life. A very sudden lightning-storm rolled in, as a bolt struck the Triton Mycin was resting

next to. "Come with me" the statue said, and before Mycin could say 'Mordecai' he was up in the

Triton's arms, flying over the seas. "You are my long lost son... I have been wanting to know you

for eons, so I've arranged a nice feast of shrimp for you." "Are you sure, that I'm your son?"

Mycin squeeked out. "Yes, it is said from the Oracle of Delphi that you are my son... my father

Poseidon sent you away to a Wizard school, and I haven't seen you since." The rest of the meal

was mainly silent, until Mycin piped "Since I'm your son... am I mortal or immortal?"

"Immortal. Zeus is your great-uncle. That is close enough." "So...I can see Mount Olympus?"

"Ah, ah, not until you earn your way in, or after a period of 500 years." "How can I earn my

way in?" "You must capture Ladon, offspring of the terrible Typhon and Echidna. Mother Earth

saw to it that Heracles did not kill him, and he still lives 'neath the bare golden Apple Tree."

"Where is this Apple Tree?" "Apples of the Hesperides. They lie west of the great Desert near

the Ocean." "You can't take me there?" "I cannot live on land, but I can take you to the shore

where the Apple Tree is a day's walk from there." Mycin was surprised at the feat he was

supposed to pull off. Asking another question "How do I kill Ladon?" "Ladon is very weak

nowadays, all you have to do is set fire to it" The Triton wished him luck on his journey, and

Mycin left the coast over the land searching for the Apple Tree.

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