Friday, January 25, 2013

A Farewell to J. Todd Coleman

As I got home from an early release day (yay for imminent snow showers), I perused Twitter and found some sad news. J. Todd Coleman, co-founder of Kingsisle, will be moving on from his current job to other business. So, I offer my best wishes to Mr. Coleman's future endeavors. Our community appreciates the work you've done very much (as I'll again be able to tell later by seeing other thank-you posts). Behind the scenes in a gaming company is no picnic - it's hard to appreciate how the employees at Kingsisle run Wizard101 and Pirate101, but it takes a lot of manpower at their facilities in Austin to keep things moving along. While we gather quests from our virtual teachers, behind every one is a persona - such as the Producer, Ms. Leah Ruben, aka Professor Falmea, who just helped my fire character get her Phoenix spell. Behind J. Todd Coleman is Headmaster Ambrose - who won't be leaving, obviously, but it will still be different. Behind Ambrose's face, someone will have to replace J. Todd Coleman. That in itself speaks to the magnitude of Mr. Coleman's efforts for Wizard101, and most recently, Pirate101.

On a lighter note, the following video is quite appropriate for this occasion.

(We'll miss you so much, can't help it, we're newbies)

Thank you, J. Todd Coleman, and remember -
Goodbye, good luck and Happy Dueling! (if I may borrow Friendly's phrase :P)