Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Feint Ideas

Hey everyone! So, I'll cut the real life stuff short, but I got an iPod and some small stuff. Plus I'll probably get the $40 MSP Pack after my Summer School thing, which is going fine. Gamestop is one of the reasons I can't wait until I'm 16 - getting a job there xD. Speaking of High School, there's a party in the works for those going into it next year next month, so I'll remember to remind everyone as that date comes. It actually feels a lot better than Middle School. Also, thanks everyone for the Birthday wishes and glad the Ravenwood Ball was a smash! Now for some in-game news :)

I finally got this talent for a pet which will eventually prove helpful in tough boss battles/when a new world comes out again - its stackable! The first talent on this guy is Spritely, so I'm finally getting there. I just want Spell-Proof, which is in this pets blood too (though several selfish talents also..) and Sophia has it so I can always hatch. The problem though is the last talent I want... May Cast Tower Shield. Not many have it. So, I'll try asking around for that later on. Perfect Pet Project = Progress! Also speaking of pets, I'm sure you all have seen the Patriotic Leprechaun out, which was expected. Apparently no 4th of July vendor though.. darn. Isn't it funny how pets like the Gobbler are much more expensive than the most recent ones, yet the recent pets have better talents? xD Then again, the older pets look a little cooler. I also could use a couple for my DS House.. oh, have I mentioned..
Woot :). I spent a day walking around it, gathering ideas, and slowly completed it. Well, maybe a couple Boulder-guard pets would do, as well, now that I think about it. But its technically completed :P. I did what I could with the small place - I liked how I mixed the Celestian picnic area in the inside, and it took a long time to craft all those Palm Trees outside. Now, 3 nearly done! Come on, Tarlac's garden. I won a Diseased Wildclaw (crowns) from Yakedo in the Crimson Fields, so I just need 2 pets and 1 furniture item in my Dragon's Fjord now! They're small, but I'm kind of a perfectionist ^_^. In the DS House, I still need to start that one room inside, and I'm currently farming for a 2nd Oni Statue for outside the PvP ring, so after that, the outside might be done. Just that room and some pets besides that, I guess. Hmm, after those I guess is my KT Oasis I haven't started, on Dugan, and my MSP when I get it, of course (2 deserts! Aye). Shouldn't shoot ahead though, but thats a good goal by August. Mmm... thats it. TO KATIA FIREWINTER!

Happy Housing!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

*More* Housing Progress.. (+ Be Back Monday!)

Hey everyone. I'll be gone till Monday, and I start my little Summer School thing then, so a little less time playing. Hopefully no HW, though :).

For my Birthday, (yes, its on the Ravenwood Ball - remember to attend that, right?!?), I got a couple comic books, a baseball, and a few dollars already, but I think I'll get 2 other things on the 25th, which is my actual one after all :) can you say iPod & $40 Epic W101 Pack? Woot! At least I hope. LOL. Anyways, its going to be fun going to Grandma's again too. Running low on time, so I'll do a quick update on my Wizzy Status this week:

Like Maniac Magic's periodic 'Night Mode' in the Spiral, similar things happen to a spell once in a while on mine. I found the Dark Tempest cool ;).

This style floor is a new one.. it reminds me of something in the Krokosphinx, especially with those Ice Spiders. Ah, memories.

You should hear her voice too xD. 4 floor Tower, so I fought her 20 or so times, no luck on the Crowns Gemcutter Table. Appears that I'll buy that later when I have crowns again. But, I did, after awhile, get 2 Hydra Statues & 2 more DS Sarcophagus (almost in a row after a long drought, too!), so I'm even closer to completion on the DS/MFP House. Doing awesome, also crafted some Wyrm Bookshelfs/Bed for a room as well :). In my MS House, I went down hard on Akuji with friends, and one got the Stone Sarcophagus I needed, but sold it to me. Yay! So the outside is finished, I'll buy the Wu pic for a few crowns, and now I just need to wait on my Pink Dandies for all those Jade Chairs to craft *whistles impatiently*. Lastly, I spent just a little time looking for ideas on my Island Getaway inside (Outside is basically done), and made a Ruined Library and may have down an idea for the little Bedroom. So, I'm nearly done on 3 Houses. Sorry for the anticipation! :P

Okay, I gotta run.. am hoping my Birthday goes well, and you all have a great Ravenwood Ball. Would totally attend if I could, but, oh well.

Happy Partying!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mali Cutscene Vid, And More!

Pretty, huh? I was a part of one of the first 2 groups to finish. It was pretty cool! I'm glad its not an overwhelming update, personally, as I have a lot to do in the Live Realm. Also, I get to train pets for Petnome and myself :D. That pretty much sums up the update. You can't press 'X' in Malistaire's Lair, as in, you can't go in the Ambrose Portal or use his Second-Chance Chest, but I bet Kingsisle will fix it. Send in that bug report, if you can. I especially like the purple-beams Mali shoots out at one point in the vid. Credits to friend Ben Frogstone! (points for the Portal music :P) Now, for my in-game news :)

As most of you know, this is my latest House, the MFP/DS combo, when the battles are taking place, and the sky isn't all blood red yet. I like how its turning out, and doing a bit of farming for items. Can't wait to finish!

While farming for a Statue, these guys pips creeped me out at one point, LOL.

Tarlac taking a swim.. yeah, I didn't say the camera was very water-proof..

I did the WW 2-3 times over the last few days, and got Mycin's Robe! I personally think the 58 Storm Boots are just as good as the 60 WW Boots though, which I just realized, so I just need my WW gear on Tarlac & Dugan (Sudrilund Hats crafted, so Boots & Robes). This pic was the end of a Luska Charmbeak battle last night, for one round 3/4 of us were Treants. ROFL. At the end, we got a little confused about when it was Blade/Trap time and made a couple of errors (Spellhammer's Scarecrow twice, Sylster's Power Ra once :/) but we somehow all were there at the end and recieved something, despite a lot of dying and coming back xD always learning some things, right?

Something I encountered after dying in the WW (eventually coming back & winning, though, of course), the Commons got a little messed up. LOL, I liked it though.

And lastly, in the TR, Mycin sporting some weird clothing for Energy xD (Beastmaster Hood, Hoard Robe, Baconator Boots). Going to train some stuff for Petnome, like I said, and seeing what stats a Pixie gets right now. Farming for another Statue at the moment, the Boss isn't happy to give away a second one, lol. And in the MS House, I'm gaining Black Pearls little by little from Tarlac's Garden for all those Chairs, I haven't forgotten about it!

Happy Farming!


Please focus your testing efforts on the Malistaire encounter. We'll have to see! Go to the Test Realm... NOW. :D

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Hametsu Village

Hey, everyone! I made a little Youtube slideshow that went better than I thought, so here's the new & improved 'Sights of the Spiral'!
Hametsu Village has pretty war music (Oxymoron alert), and its pretty fun to go through. So, I chose it for this one. Enjoy :) I'll post my in-game updates tomorrow.

Happy Farming!

P.S. Happy Father's Day! I called mine (he's on a trip) today, so hope yours was fun :D

Friday, June 17, 2011

Party (On Friday? Oh, No..)

So, most had a great time at Luke's party tonight. Those candles above the piano creeped me out when I first came in. LOL.

It looks like 2 sides to a swordfight in this picture xD


And, to finish the night, I was chased off by Jaws o_o.
I was busy IRL so I missed the contests, but oh well. I met plenty of aspiring bloggers at the party, which was a highlight. The Red Carpet looked pretty, especially since we could invade it after that showing :P. And Timothy Lighttalon's is tomorrow! Whoo.

Also my support goes out to The Evil Theurgist and the Jester fiasco, I do think Central is very strict sometimes and that Evil Theurgist deserves credit for the original reagent maps, instead of this. Central is a great place to get info, but I'm ticked at the creators too, as they often ban others for something not even in the rule book. Am still going to be going over to Evil's blog for the Reagent Maps, and not Jesters "better-looking guide". But, I don't want to get *too* involved in more drama (aka Skype xD).

IRL, I should have a week without anything to worry about, so more Wizard101 time! :D my teeth still feel funny after yesterday's pulling of 6 of them (very painful) though, but they're healing. Its an excuse to have more Ice Cream (soft foods for a couple days /:) after all, LOL.

In other Wizard101 advancements, I got a DS Sarcophagus (finally) item from Vasek, but I still need more :P if only I could gift them from Sophia! I did the Waterworks twice, the first being an everyone-has-to-leave-before-the-final-boss problem, so I didn't get that finished, but its understandable. The 2nd time, 2 wizards had computer problems (both Theurgists, no less!) so I made the final boss on my Storm, Mycin, and friend Jennifer Dreamsinger (Ice). Both of us died once in the battle but came back quickly and triumphed, a fun challenge! I got nothing for the 3rd straight time (after getting needed gear on 2 characters perfectly on the first 2 tries xD), but friend got her Ice Robe, so wasn't a huge waste. I plan to do a run or 2 tomorrow hopefully, after going biking in the morning. As for the new Sandman pet, I gotta say it looks pretty wicked, but I don't have a reason to buy it xD if only Kingisle would put it as a boss drop.. if it isn't. Spirit of Nature pet hasn't been found as a boss drop either, so I'm skeptical, as I would they would drop from somebody, but maybe its just a really low drop rate, too. Oh well. I'm pretty anxious for the 4th of July Leprechaun and possible Ice Beetle too, lol :). Oh, and I almost forgot, for those who haven't seen it, (plus pictures are never good enough :P)

Arlen's MB House!
I messed up the title, but I'll edit that after this post. ROFL.

Lastly, me and Jasmine should have a recorded Lounge Wizards up tomorrow at 8:30 PM EST, we had problems with the recorder today, but hopefully that will be fixed up with our cool editor Isaac Mistheart in tow. Getting late, so better sign off.

Happy Farming!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost There..

First off, I made a new Summer theme change! Please note if there's any problems reading, feedback, whatever. I like the serene-ness :).
Speaking of Summer, I have 1 day left till I'm FREE! :P all I have to worry about now is a stupid Math packet & a small 3-week Summer School thing starting the 27th, but I think its 4 hours with 14 days going so won't be too bad, besides, it will be easier to start High School next fall (one good thing is it being a mile away -walking downtown- and a McDonalds next to it xD hopefully I'll make some friends too). Short story short, I'm pretty darn excited. The 16th I'm getting 4 teeth pulled and don't have to go to school, so. Anyways, as this is a Wizard101-blog, I seem to have an urge to work on my MFP lately with the Dragons Hoard Pack coming out (one hint: the House's theme is in the time when the Dragon Titan is taking over, battlefields, etc), so I'm having fun making a couple areas of that. One problem is me wanting quite a few DS Sarcophagus items, but they cost a few Crowns. They do drop from Vasek Ashweaver in the Grand Chasm, but a couple months ago I fought him around 50 times and nada. I could use some King Parsleys for a future garden too though xD. For Mycin's MS House, Tarlac's Pink Dandelion Garden is helping bring in the Black Pearls for those Jade Chairs to craft, but I've had no luck with some other furniture dropping so far. Sophia, I guess, is on hold at the moment, a Rank 9 Gardener, btw.

Lastly, I went to the trouble of downloading LotRO yesterday, but after I log in: "Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write to them. The program will now exit. {201}" so apparently, it doesn't work, this computer or something. Darn! I wanted to see some cool game scenery :P. Time to get farming for some furniture, see ya after school's out! :D

Happy Housing!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gonna Fly Now (Rocky Reference!)

Busy end of the year for everyone! Btw, I made a mistake on a post I intended for yesterday, but its right below the post before this one (Some Blogging Tips!) if you didn't catch it, dated Wednesday because I felt like writing the beginning then and.. well, its saying I published it on Wednesday instead of Friday. Anyways, I got a few weird pictures with my Dragon Hoard items..

Wand attack is rather weird, as you can see xD looks like I'm about to kick poor Buddy! /:

Lonely Bone Dragons are no fun!


And running into some dusty dangers :o

This was random but looked cool. I made it shinier ;). Reminds me of the old Berenstein Bears or something..

Treehouses rock.
Also, I figured out Hypercam, Youtube and all that weird technobabaloo. Which means..
Woo! I hopes you likes, it took 7 hours to upload xD. I also have Arlen's Royal Estate (showed pics a while back) 500/1400 minutes done o_O. Yeah, I'm probably done with the House, and have a little left on my MS one, but not yet.

Happy Housing!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Whats The Capital Of The Yukon?

Yellowhorse! But right now, I wish they'd change it to Yellowyvern.

If you're curious, I bought 5 of those new-fangled 'Dragon Hoard Packs' for only 400 crowns, and received, among others, this 'Squall Wyvern' TC. It only said it would sell for 250 gold, so I went out to test it, an as you can see, the animation is pretty (as in, darn awesome!).

Oh yea.. I got this little guy too.. ;). He's HUGE. Length fills up my screen LOL, well, Chase (meh Death newbie) is getting one sweet ride. Posing with the one & and only Luke Goldhorn, yo! Also got some LvL 60 Boots that *might* be substitutes for another character till they get the WW ones. I'll have to compare them, but it wasn't good enough for Arlen :P. I may buy a couple more at that sweet price, and it looks like they're here to stay, as Kingsisle is rushing us with stuff lately *coughPet-a-Paloozacough*. Dragon Skull Furniture item, a rare one from a lost tower I talked about a while ago, dropped too, which was interesting. You've got even more possible items, -I personally wand that humongo-sword & Dragon Wings. But I shouldn't complain xD- anyways, I'm gonna hitch up and go for a ride *Rocky Theme*

Happy Mounting!

Some Blogging Tips!

No Wizard101 News in this post, sorry! But, I figured I'd compile a list of what I've learned over my year of blogging and share some tips with you.. here goes!

1. No Music! - I really don't like where you go to a blog, and some music pops up (I often don't like it also as a fan of 70's and stuff.. kids these days.. :P) and my parents give me a confuzzled look and I have to turn the volume down and just turn it up again after reading the blog. As you can tell.. yeah. Annoying for most of us. Many people, like it or not, don't like the music you like anyways, sowwy! Thats why iPods were made! ;)

2. Catchy Title! - No offense at all to the great bloggers over the past 2 days, but I see "Pet-A-Palooza!/Dragon Hoard Pack!" as many titles lately, and I've hardly checked out any of those posts, as I figure its just news I've already heard.. many.. many.. times. Its like my 'Pet Rock' post, I didn't just title it 'Pet Rock!', it was a long, but funny title! I admit its hard to come up with one sometimes, but go over the important parts of your post and stick with something. One more example that I liked is, 'I'm A Mushroom Thief!' when part of the post included my 38 Ice Quest, when I had to get a Mushroom. Catchy titles can be more important than you think :). I have to give credit to Ambrose2Zeke for his Palooza catchy title and amazing posters for everything! Ohh, thats an idea.. posters..

3. Humor! - One good example of some in every post has to be AutumnalDusk, Ditto (who doesn't love his orange fur?!) & Friendly. They haven't just been around awhile, its the humor that keeps folks coming back! Heck, stick in an old cultural reference to the adults, if you can, hehe.

4. Copy/Paste News? Zzzzzz... - I don't really bring up all the news as I know there are many blogs that have covered the big stuff (unless I'm one of the first to hear! :P). Like, you can simply check out Friendly or the Login Page to learn more about the Pet-a-Palooza, so I'll go on to some extra tidbits and other stuff. Don't just copy/paste the news straight from Wizard101, it makes me crave for something else.. (like extra insight, opinion, humor!)

5. Stick *Mostly* To Wizard101 - I'll add in an extra note often that there's 3 1/2 days till School is over, or whatever, but I try not to go into big detail about my real life. Make another blog for that! Hey, I made an extra Twitter (@dawneyes_sports) to jab about, well, Sports & Homework and stuff, without bothering the many who don't like sports who follow @arlendawneyes. Cass Griffindreamer made an extra "Rantress" blog so as not to disturb the beat of her main gaming blog, which I believe we all know. Like the rants or not, its there for your choice to read it or not, and for someone to let loose their thoughts on paper (well, internet) which helps.

6. Hitcounters/Popularity - If my followers took a tremendous dive right now, I'd keep blogging. I've seen people quit because of that, but DON'T if you're having fun, or aren't really busy. Comprendo? I don't believe in hitcounters, many of the "hits" are myself anyways, ROFL. I keep a Followers count at the bottom, to see if I'm doing ok, if no followers are coming in recently, its a little hint sometimes that you could spice up the blog somehow, like a non-talking-feedback-machine. AutumnalDusk doesn't even have that, which shows popularity doesn't matter to some bloggers. One thing thats cool about Autumn is her courage too, making the statement recently that Kingsisle is free to strip her MSP since she's Official. I've said this, but that was pretty gutsy. Don't be afraid to be gutsy, too! Read your post over once, try to think about what you're writing and if it'll deeply offend someone, and make changes. But be gutsy in the way like Autumn was, not a gutsy piece of writing that may spark some "Wizard War". I once copied/pasted something that I later learned could of sparked something, but luckily didn't. Be careful too.

7. Get Active! - I've said this, too, but one great tool for a community is Twitter. Facebook, eh, you'd be surprised how many wizards use it for Gobbler/Troll purposes & in-game dating/sharing personal info. I just use Facebook for "New post!" messages for this blog, personally. Anyways, Twitter is a quick tool that -luckily- has very few Gobblers infesting it, you can learn some quick and useful info not found on blogs sometimes, and hear what everyone's doing ITS. I coop together what I've done lately in a blog post, but you could hear beforehand by following me on Twitter. Okay, enough self-advertising, but its a great tool! Tweetdeck, a separate company, operates Twitter with extra features, like messages popping up, so I don't have to minimize W101 to see the messages when I'm in-game and just respond to a tweet while fighting Malistaire. And, of course, DiaryofaWizard is a must-have, and I hear they've got a secret project going thats really going to help! THE SUSPENSE.

8. Whats Your IRL Name? (Who Cares?) - You may have had this class about people adding up your info & finding your personal identity on the internet, but its a true happening. Try to release as little personal info as possible, if any. I'm a little hypocritical on this, most of you know which state I live in and a couple even my first IRL name, but keep this tip in mind from your start of blogging and on. Its pretty darn important. Unless you're a big gamer who goes to Conventions, E3, whatever, (like @Beau_Hindman, also related to a well-known wizard) I'd keep my identity pretty tight, especially if you're under 18.

9. Grammar Counts - "i beat mali 2day w/help from mi frend jason" Well.. whenever I see something like this, its just harder to read, and I assume the rest of the post is going to be like this. Its hard to put into words, but when I see better writing, I like the blog & understand more. See, English class can be helpful :P if you wrote like that on a resume, chances are much lower you'd be accepted as the Boss would think you failed English. Also with words, don't use anything worse than 'suck' or 'crap', or, I'm SURE you've heard this very often, don't say anything you wouldn't say to your Grandmother. Language worse than those words, if you said it in-game in my presence, I'd probably report you for cursing past the filter. I would never have the guts to report a good friend, but still! lol, think a little of the 'Wizard101 Dictionary' when you write.

10. Contests/Specialties - This isn't too important, and its understandable if you don't have much money to spend on these luxuries to give away, but they can help, so I felt I'd include it. Say, Ed Lifegem & Luke Goldhorn, they spend a lot on giveaways, which is cool! One big thought of being Official is getting free codes to give away (a la Mount Week earlier this year), but really, you shouldn't whine about that. Like I said, this isn't too important. Honestly, my parents aren't crazy about W101 (as in, it takes a lot of convincing to buy a Gift Card or something :P), so I haven't managed to give away anything besides 2 big TC contests. If I stick around long enough to earn a nice income (teenage job, maybe as long as after college), I most likely will give more away, but I know this blog is doing well nontheless. Anyways, thats it for now. Some of these are important to keep in mind! You don't want to lose respect in the Community by swearing or something, after all :)

Happy Farming!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

3 Pets, 2 Houses, 7 Contest Winners

Hiya! First, I remembered last week's TC Contest a couple days later, and rushed to, so here's your winners!

1st: Active Necro
2nd: Isaac Stormflame (@aspCEO)
3rd: Jennifer Dreamsinger (@AwesomeBlizzard)
4: Stormzilla
5: Jenna Unicorndreamer (@JennaUnicornWiz)
6: Jasmine Smith (@EliteWizard)
7: SmartAllecWiz

I believe everyone except Stormzilla is on my friends list (shoot me an e-mail or DM for a TFC if you'd like!) so, I'll give everyone their prizes in due time. If you don't have much time as of late in-game and you know when you're going to be on, e-mail me at least 2 days beforehand if possible so as not to keep a wizard waiting for their prize. As I can't be on as much either until the 16th, I'll stop by on Arlen from time to time to see who's online and can claim their cards. (on Mycin a bit lately, finishing up 2 Houses, so :)). Lastly, the cards you will receive are on the May 29th post, as I believe you guys know. Congrats to the winners!

In other Wizard101 News, and, as I'm sure you know, is the Pet-a-Palooza! I'm not going to buy any of the pets, as you can get them through hatching with someone else too of course, but I just found out a couple other cool things! First, for just THIS month, you can win extra prizes, which include PETS! Even an Ianthine Spectre, should you be lucky & good enough ;). "Bonus Items" include Snacks from Rank 2 to Mega (received 2 Dragonhorned Melon from Doodle Dug at 20k scores), and Energy Elixirs. Read about it HERE. Quite a few have won some of the lowers, Death Scarabs and such. I want a Storm Beetle (very very old promo pet, I sold mine I think D:) and/or FOG Unicorn & Stormbat personally. No luck on those yet :). And, possibly even better, "there will be new pets released throughout the month of June". Can you spot 2 new ones in their commercial?
Well anyways, Ice Scarab & Patriotic Leprechaun pets were spotted here! I'm pretty sure the Leprechaun will be in the new 4th of July vendor that Kingsisle hinted a while ago, and Ice Scarab, Crowns/Drop or both, maybe another promo? We'll see :). And thats probably the beginning. Woot! Is hoping..

For my Characters, I've managed to get some things done, like checking every night on my Garden for one ;P

King Parsley is apparently hanging on to his blue suede shoes and is afraid to go Elder. LOL, I'll harvest the stubborn fellow tonight :P

Didn't know this dropped. I just wanted another Wu Picture for my House! lol, I didn't even know that Athame existed to be honest. Was like 'What the heck? O_O'

Handshake ^_^. I just need to craft 2 Warrior Statues around the PvP Ring & I may be done with the outside. Maybe, as in, still have trouble thinking of what to put out there as its still pretty bare :P. For the inside, I just need 2 Moon Icons and a Celestian Fern. 5 not-so-hard items! :D next post might just be my showcase of the CL Observatory. For MS House, I got 2 items closer to finishing, 1 Wild Bamboo & a Dark Green Silk Kimono. About the Kimono, I farmed Fushiko once for 3 hours, got one thing I needed, but never got the Kimono (it was technically a rumor then that it dropped from Fushiko, photo-proof was shown on Central just recently) and I found it in the Bazaar, was about as surprised and happy as getting that Gear Rack & Bodkin of the Hearty (is it just me, or am I learning about a lot of new items recently?! :P). To finish off, I need:

-2 Moon Icons
-2 Celestian Warrior Statues (crafted)
-1 Celestian Fern
-1 Mooshu Sarcophagus (whats the plural, Sarcophagi?)
-1 Wu Picture
-10(??) Jade Chairs (crafted)

to complete 2 Houses. Ah, checklists..

Happy Housing!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

We're Cooler Than I Thought.

Note: Wall of text coming your way. I'll try to include a picture.. just think of this as getting ready for Summer reading ;)

Okay, first I'll address the non-related-game stuff and end off with my Crafting/Housing progress. First, I want to say how proud I am of the community. You've got most going through School or Work (College/Work-Personal Crises = Ouch..), are/has being bullied in School, etc. One person was very inspiring, and I say that because she was suffering from a fatal illness. But, you know what? She took her time and did great work in the W101 community, and enjoyed her final days. You may know of whom I'm speaking of. 2 of our current community workers, in a great up-and-coming site, are deaf, but that didn't stop them! Eh, kinda random, but I'm glad everyone's rebounded from a rather sensitive subject on being Official and all that.


I got my Disco Floor in the CLOB (CL Observatory, you heard it first here :P *clobber*) done, 4/5 of the next 3 floors done, and just about all of the top floor (maybe all, I'm going to check if anything extra is needed). The outside hasn't been worked on over the weekend, but I'd say its half-done.. its so hard to decide what to put out there though! I keep imagining everything floating through space :P but I have decided to make a couple statues. Will see what else is good after that. For the Mooshu House, I just realized I'm nearly done! In fact, the main thing left is to craft a ton of Jade Chairs (huge $ta$h of Black Pearls required) for my, sort of, Mooshuian Restaurant. Was farming Oyotomi for a long time for several Jade Tables ^-^ I got a Collosus & Stormzilla TC though, that was interesting. And of course, a bit of gold :D. I had a little too many trees outside, so thinning out a little :P so, its going along well. I found the rare Diving Rack Set in the Bazaar (no one knows where it drops yet!), so I may add that to Arlen's House, but was really just WHOA when I saw it xD. (Look up the picture yourself ;P) Yeah, thats pretty much it. School's *almost* over (8 1/2 days), so, should be less busy soon. HURRY UP, JUNE 16TH (Uncles Birthday too ;)) anyways, you're probably getting bored by now, so...

Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Who Says..

... Sophia can't run a Forge?

... this doesn't drop from the Raven$?

... Mr. Parsley can't dance before Harvest Time?

... Arlen can't have a little time off?

... Ymir is a friendly giant? O_O (if you read this... HELP!)

... Disco is dead?

Happy Farming!