Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost There..

First off, I made a new Summer theme change! Please note if there's any problems reading, feedback, whatever. I like the serene-ness :).
Speaking of Summer, I have 1 day left till I'm FREE! :P all I have to worry about now is a stupid Math packet & a small 3-week Summer School thing starting the 27th, but I think its 4 hours with 14 days going so won't be too bad, besides, it will be easier to start High School next fall (one good thing is it being a mile away -walking downtown- and a McDonalds next to it xD hopefully I'll make some friends too). Short story short, I'm pretty darn excited. The 16th I'm getting 4 teeth pulled and don't have to go to school, so. Anyways, as this is a Wizard101-blog, I seem to have an urge to work on my MFP lately with the Dragons Hoard Pack coming out (one hint: the House's theme is in the time when the Dragon Titan is taking over, battlefields, etc), so I'm having fun making a couple areas of that. One problem is me wanting quite a few DS Sarcophagus items, but they cost a few Crowns. They do drop from Vasek Ashweaver in the Grand Chasm, but a couple months ago I fought him around 50 times and nada. I could use some King Parsleys for a future garden too though xD. For Mycin's MS House, Tarlac's Pink Dandelion Garden is helping bring in the Black Pearls for those Jade Chairs to craft, but I've had no luck with some other furniture dropping so far. Sophia, I guess, is on hold at the moment, a Rank 9 Gardener, btw.

Lastly, I went to the trouble of downloading LotRO yesterday, but after I log in: "Can't open the data files. Check that they exist and that you have permission to write to them. The program will now exit. {201}" so apparently, it doesn't work, this computer or something. Darn! I wanted to see some cool game scenery :P. Time to get farming for some furniture, see ya after school's out! :D

Happy Housing!


  1. Love the new blog design! Also, good luck in high school (how are you excited??? I don't wanna be a freshman D:).

  2. I'm mostly excited because school's just over, not too much for High School. But, I hear most people like the school anyways so hoping for the best. And thanks! :)


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