Thursday, June 23, 2011

*More* Housing Progress.. (+ Be Back Monday!)

Hey everyone. I'll be gone till Monday, and I start my little Summer School thing then, so a little less time playing. Hopefully no HW, though :).

For my Birthday, (yes, its on the Ravenwood Ball - remember to attend that, right?!?), I got a couple comic books, a baseball, and a few dollars already, but I think I'll get 2 other things on the 25th, which is my actual one after all :) can you say iPod & $40 Epic W101 Pack? Woot! At least I hope. LOL. Anyways, its going to be fun going to Grandma's again too. Running low on time, so I'll do a quick update on my Wizzy Status this week:

Like Maniac Magic's periodic 'Night Mode' in the Spiral, similar things happen to a spell once in a while on mine. I found the Dark Tempest cool ;).

This style floor is a new one.. it reminds me of something in the Krokosphinx, especially with those Ice Spiders. Ah, memories.

You should hear her voice too xD. 4 floor Tower, so I fought her 20 or so times, no luck on the Crowns Gemcutter Table. Appears that I'll buy that later when I have crowns again. But, I did, after awhile, get 2 Hydra Statues & 2 more DS Sarcophagus (almost in a row after a long drought, too!), so I'm even closer to completion on the DS/MFP House. Doing awesome, also crafted some Wyrm Bookshelfs/Bed for a room as well :). In my MS House, I went down hard on Akuji with friends, and one got the Stone Sarcophagus I needed, but sold it to me. Yay! So the outside is finished, I'll buy the Wu pic for a few crowns, and now I just need to wait on my Pink Dandies for all those Jade Chairs to craft *whistles impatiently*. Lastly, I spent just a little time looking for ideas on my Island Getaway inside (Outside is basically done), and made a Ruined Library and may have down an idea for the little Bedroom. So, I'm nearly done on 3 Houses. Sorry for the anticipation! :P

Okay, I gotta run.. am hoping my Birthday goes well, and you all have a great Ravenwood Ball. Would totally attend if I could, but, oh well.

Happy Partying!

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