Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dawneyes update - 11/30

It's been a scattered weekend and such, so I don't have one subject to occupy most of this post
At the 'Save Piggles' rally, I did a LOT of practice PvP :D

That's Cass Lifecaster getting pwned and pwning. Overall, it was fun, the team I was on won most of the time :) (see Heather's head turning? yea). Some were randomly chanting Beatles tunes when I got there too...

- I get a Christmas tree this Saturday! 3rd favorite day of this month :) - Christmas and Christmas Eve come to mind

- Crafting news? I'm trying the Carousel. I bought it (40000 gold) and got the 8 Earthquake cards crafted (thats barely any of it!) 28 Black Pearls, 21 Grendelweed, 18 Springs and 17 Ancient Scrolls left... and 13 Fire Blossoms. Needs plenty of patience :P. I got a little head up on the Seal of the Seven Seas (GM Artisan crafting)

Red - Kelp
Pink - Shell
Purple - Pearl
Black - Wooden Chest

That's the Portico, reagent awesomeness. Only a few Golden Pearls left for me then :), the Wooden Chests also give a bit of gold for liking too! Kelp/Aether may come in handy later, I'm sure. Shells too, or I can sell them :P.

- Gardening has been *officially* announced! That means the general public (*ahem* - people who don't read Central or these blogs ) will be out in force. Which means, the ones who already know about it *cough, anyone who's reading this* can... take advantage of the opportunity and reagent farm? Well, that's kind of what I'm doing... So, anything else to post? Hmm, well, next time I'll come up with something to cure this mini-writers-block I suppose. Alric and the gals on Twitter couldn't stop talking about old music last night, and I could hardly understand them :P. Oh, I'm listening to Christmas music :D

Happy Farming! ... err... loot gathering...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Merry Day after Buy Nothing Day!

And Charles Schulz's birthday! ;). Yesterday, of course, was Black Friday. I was at my Grandma's house and slept through the whole thing :P. There's actually an unofficial holiday called Buy Nothing Day - same day as Black Friday of course - so we all don't get greedy now, hmm? Anywho, look what I won at Mythspent Youth!

Gift List! 'Tis the season to be greedy, hehe. The Mana Elixir was won from another blogger, being saved for Tarlac's Mali run (he's only got a little bit of mana what with his healing rings). But look how good Chase fits on it. Sweet! I put it in his bank so the timer won't run out, as Chase is a standby character for a while here. Now for a little update on Mycin, he is almost LVL 54 and is almost in Stormriven! Just got to beat some palm trees for the Coruscade and do some cute little Platypus side-quests, I LOVE the Floating Land. But I said that already. Storm isn't the best at Celestia, as the enemies have got a lot of power, I'd say I fared better on Arlen, especially with those stupid *ahem* Ice mobs. REVENGE IS AT HAND, YOU WAVERUNNERS! >_<. So, right now I'm almost done crafting all the kitchen items in GH for Tarlac's house. I may have to transmute some Mandrakes, as those are pretty darn hard to find - best area is at the end of Collossus Blvd. That's what's been going on in Wizzyland, so I'll take you through my Thanksgiving now :) 8:30 AM - Wake up and go eat pancakes 9 AM - Finish (they had Chocolate Whipped cream this year, who knew there was such a thing?) and play games 9:30 - Watch Macy's parade, get into the Christmas spirit :P 11:30 - Last minute packing rush, go to grandma's 2 PM - Arrive at grandmas, procede to hang in the Den watching TV 4 - Thanksgiving dinner! Get... stuffed. *ahem* 4:30 - The WHOLE family takes a long nap. I don't think a mattress has ever felt better 8 - Wake up just in time for a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving 9 - Watch a bio of Charles Schulz on PBS (Happy B-day!) 10:30 - Hang in the Den again, look at TV 12 - After reading Calvin & Hobbes, go to sleep So, it was a really good day. Today, Auburn made a ridiculous comeback, which really didn't help >_< (I'm a die-hard Boise fan, and if Alabama had won, Boise likely would clinch a spot in the Championship game) and Oregon, of course, pulled away in the 2nd half over Arizona. Ugh. And now, Boise and Nevada are having a pretty close game - Boise's winning by 7 w/ 4 minutes left, not too good. Why? Boise needs 'style points' - winning big over #19 Nevada - to move up in the rankings past TCU. If your not a College Football fan, you may read over the previous section. Oh, and Michigan lost in College Basketball, really bad day in sports :/. Getting past that, there's nothing much I can say, except it wasn't a bad last 2 days at all excepting sports :). I'll end it on a good note, with one of my favorite Christmas songs

lol, it sounds really good with that boys choir. Now it's going to be stuck in my head, but that's fine. Happy Farming!

P.S. Nevada is driving and might send this into OT...

*2 minutes pass*

Nevada TD. Boise made a miraculous drive and blew it with a missed Field Goal with 1 second left. It's going to OT :(((. If Boise loses, expect me to be extremely bitter.

*5 minutes pass*

The FG kicker missed again. The Nevada one made it. Nevada won. Never mention this game to me again, or college football. *kills squirrel in anger*

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Innectis Artifex

Good thing Google Translator has Latin, as I was thinking of a good title for today. Find out what that means yourself though! :P
You got it! So, I go to Pierce Stantion!
Pressuring me already :P. Well, I'm going to wait till the new updates for Gardening come out, as TotS bosses will drop Sunstone/Sandstone for the GM Artisan quest. Wait, really? Haven't you heard? http://www.wizard101.com/game/community/updatenotes/november2010x - check 'em! Explains gardening further (what's a Neophyte?) Polymorphs won't drop anymore and will have LVL requirements as TC's - bad for those low LVL Polymorph PvP ;D and no more weird name glitches, I hear mine was Brady :/. The Final Countdown quests things to open Mali's door no longer have time requirements and can be done solo too! A couple new Menu Chat phrases, and that's mostly it.
That's my last reagent I had to collect, so might as well capture the photo forever ^_^
Now, let's go over my Diamond and Black Pearl strategies! I know some of you have been waiting...
Stone Block havens! Look at all of them! Decide which :)
Black Pearls! I go from that hut just past Hingen (see?) to Ashikata, there are 6 spawning spots on the way. That's right. That should take some of you from the Ancient Burial Grounds =). And it takes about a minute to run that distance with a mount, so little waiting for those realms to be available to switch again. Go through the 2 pages of least crowded realms over and over if you ask me for each of these.
It's Celestian Crafting time! Actually, that's the new Crab Table (gold each) and Giant Crab thingy there, creating an even more epic dining room. Anywho, let's go on to my comments on all the new CL Crafting Furniture, eh?
Gearwise: Plant Life:
Celestian Planter - 2975 gold - Cool, futuristic-y, waiting for Paige Moonshade to show the size of, might be worth buying
Leaning Palm Tree - 6330 gold - Not worth it. There's a Palm tree cheap item in KT, and this one is just leaning :P
CL Tree Sprig - 9690 gold - Like you see in the District of the Stars, pretty neat! I'd say worth buying when CL housing comes out :)
Wall Hangings:
Navy Shield - 1875 - Neat! Cool anchors on it and such, a little cheap. Overall, I'd buy it if you like MB
Wall Starfish - 2880 - Pretty sweet, but buy it when CL Housing is out!
CL Sconce - 13005 - :o Expensive indeed, worth it? I need to see the size of that thing, pretty cool. Big = buy it. Small = not worth it
Outrigger Paddles - 7515 - Problem is, I can't quite see them at the angle they are :/. They could be worth it, but seem expensive...
Water-Mole Plate - 2475 - It looks just like that cheaper trough in MS. So, not worth it, although it likely is bigger...
CL Lamp - 3900 - Looks pretty delicate! I think it's worth it...
CL Bookshelf - 9295 - Sweetness! Just like all those in the Solar District - worth it.
Water-Mole Table - 8070 - Pretty neat altar/table. I'd say worth it when CL housing is out :D
Crab Lean-T0 - 13500 - Pretty nice, worth when CL housing is out I guess. But what's the size? I wanna preview!
Star Chalice - 14300 - Woah, those things in the TotS puzzles. It could be worth it, hard to decide really (what's the size? >_<)
Diving Helmet - 2340 - When CL Housing comes out, k? :)
Lantern - 2520 - Might not be worth it, at least for me. Size?
Dog Biscuits - 2730 - Worth for a MB or Pet-Zoo, I suppose! :D
Coconut Drink - 2850 - Likely small, so I don't think it's worth it. But if you want every little touch to your house, be my guest
CL Vase - 3510 - When CL Housing comes out!
Wheelbarrow - 4010 - There's already a Wheelbarrow that's much cheaper! Not worth.
Congo Drum - 4750 - My mom would get it :P. Me? Eh... maybe. Hard to decide.
Tiki Statue - 6090 - Can you say Easter Island? Definitely worth it... when CL Housing is out ;)
Skinny Tiki Totem - 6360 - Not much different than the Statue, likely smaller, probably not worth it.
Crab Chimney - 8380 - When CL Housing is out! (am I getting repetitive?)
Clam Chair - 8715 - We've got a much cheaper table with those chairs. Not worth.
CL Magician Statue - 11850 - Love me those Aliens! When CL Housing is out.
CL Wishing Well - 12675 - Epic. Worth it? YEA!
Cephalopod Obelisk - 9780 - Huh? If the size is big, maybe. But likely not worth it.
CL Warrior Statue - 11850 - When CL Housing is out :)
Crab Claw - 12750 - Same answer as last.
Water-Mole Torch - 14325 - Eh, kinda bad, expensive, and you need an Elucidate card. Not worth it.
Crystal Street Lamp - 16950 - This is just my opinion, but it's bad. The Diamond looks funny in it, it's very expensive, yea. Not worth it.
So that's it! Hope you liked the tips and such, gotta go collect reagents for this future stuff and furniture I bought ;) - and I just saw how much it takes to get a Carousel, but I must have it! Hehe, Happy Farming! (P.S. As Friendly posted, it seems Bosses drop CL furniture too! When the loot tables for that are all found out, I'll post my 'farm or no farm' opinion on that)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Celestia Furniture too, and pictures of Planting :)


New badge for beating Briskbreeze :)

CL Furniture dudes! (everything was loading here). Otto sells furniture for gold and Gearwise sells if you craft it.

Oh no!

WOOT! Reagents, pet snacks! See?

Cool, cool :)

Hmm, I see

Seems we've got a lot of new Mole Rats willing to sell you stuff :D

Those are plants. Loading, as golems?

Green Acres. Oh great.

AH! Don't get it stuck in your head! xD
Anyways, here's the link if you're confused to the Test Realm on Central... http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=51 :), already seeing some guides sprout up there. NOW for *drumroll* Celestian Furniture! Here's my view (and too many items to take a pic for y'all, go ahead and look :-P)

Otto: Furniture for Gold - Plants:
Large Tree Stump - 190 Gold - Very mossy, looks like someone went and chopped down a tree in the Floating Lands :/
Elephant Ear plant - 580 Gold - Pretty nice, looks similar to those big green leaves I see IRL :)
CL Tree Sapling - 2890 Gold - Looks like something we'll see in the future (IRL) - Classic weird green-ish color for that

Wall Hangings:
Water-Mole Spear - 420 Gold - Cool, might buy a couple
Fountain Sconce - 2320 Gold - Hard to describe, but pretty darn sweet!

Fish Fountain - 2110 - Cheap. Awesome. Worth buying, and delicately shaped :)

Water-Mole Bowl - 550 - Nice wooden Tiki carvings!
Horned Pedestal - 890 - Looks GH-ish, pretty cool
Crab Table - 1620 - Awesome corals! I'd buy it :)
CL Power Convertor - 3960 - Nice shape, possibly worth buying

Open Toolkit - 380 - Not bad, worth buying for my MB house
Spread Tube Corral - Cool. When CL houses come out, I'd buy it, but not sure if it goes with anything present-day
Oil Barrel - 680 - Pretty nice, may just buy some for my Warehouse :D
Short CL Column -890 - Nice, futuristic
Djembe Drum - 920 - African-looking. Pretty nice!
Spire Statue - 990 - Pretty darn cool
Deactivated Golem - 1020 - Nice, pretty cheap! Likely would buy it :)
Short Tiki Totem -1320 - Hehe, maybe a little expensive for it
Giant Crab - 2690 - Neat-o! Would make for a good pillow or something ;-P
Pet Cannon - 2780 - A little cannon. Pretty nice, might buy

Lastly, Luke Goldhorn is saying when there's an update like this, usually something like a world comes out after. Advanced Pets -> Celestia? So, maybe we'll see a new world in a month or 2? Man, I will LOVE KI if that happens. It's worth thinking about =).
So that's it for now. Tomorrow on my Adept Crafter post, I'll list Gearwise's crafting items! They are even better :) - Happy Farming! Er... Planting?

Test Realm planting! What?!?

Ok, Ms. Dreamshade and wizards are saying the test realm is open for PLANTING? Say wha? I gotta download this on my mom's computer! O_o

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I was posting about my crafting adventures/strategies and for some reason, I messed up :/. So, I'll post it tomorrow. But I'm almost an Adept Crafter, just letting you all know :D
Happy Farming!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

New hobby :)

So, thanks tons to Cass Dragonheart, I finally figured out how to talk to Wul'Yahm, the KT crafting-quest-giver! Before, the quest to talk to her was in my quest book, but she wouldn't let me talk to her :/. But I bought a couple Rings of Insight, and the glitch was fixed!

YAY! I had just been complaining that I was actually bored in Wizard101 *gasp* and Moonflower suggested I make the GH Watchtower, replying I couldn't because of a glitch, Cass suggested... etc. But anyway, I am definitely not going to be bored for awhile :D

My new enemies, I suppose. Right now, I have the MB quest and it's almost cooled down for me. Also, farmed for some Mandrakes, Blocks, Lotuses and Scrap Iron - Almost Initiate Crafter, and can't wait to craft some items :). Happy Farming!

Friday, November 19, 2010


I'm awake in the middle of the night and pretty darn bored. So, just a couple of random stuffies I just did :-P

Chilled with Barney. He's cute, he's awesome, is there anything he's not?
Using every trap/blade I had - along with Ninja and Mander polymorphs for the Feint, SpiritTrap and Balanceblade, plus my amulet Feint - I crushed Lady Blackhope with the above record damage for me. DOUBLE THE RECORD, YO! :D. What if it got a Critical too? Phew. Anyways, I just wanted to share that for some...reason... Happy Farming!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Sights of the Spiral - Chelsea Court

Hi all! First, I'd like to start with other stuff. I noticed this today while questing Tarlac ( and thanks to Kieran Stormcaller for the other picture ).

Same quest name! KI might want to fix this, but Tamauji has a "'s..." and the DS one has "Is The" so, nearly the same. Just pointing that out, as I like the saying ;). Almost done with Jane Eyre too, VERY long book, and hard to understand :/. And for those The Giver lovers in my last comment section, I just don't like sad books, and it was puzzling :-P. Ayn Rand's Anthem was very clear though, and wasn't too sad :D - - - anyways, I chose Chelsea Court today since Marleybone is my, well tied with Celestia, Mooshu, and Grizzleheim, favorite ( I did one for MS and GH already and I did a TON of pics for CL ). And, it's where we get our LVL 28 spells, no? So, I bring you Chelsea Court!
Chillin' with the Pilot
Full Moon and stars!
The legendary Freddy Nine Lives dwells here.
Gearheads, Clocktowers and Chimneys, oh my!
The Klaw brothers ( Myth quest ) dwell here, still trying to get rich-quick.
Fat cats galore here too. And skinny rats. Happy Farming!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barney the Seal

A little low on material, but finally, here's some!

Thanks to Wolf Winterstaff ( and a failed hatch w/The Active Necro ) I got Barney! A good name for a Seal seeing as I didn't rename it... now if only I could name another one Clyde...

*wave* Isn't he cute? Tower Shield and Health Gift isn't too bad either :)
Somehow, I mixed up facts and it turns out Astraeus drops my Robe! I stitched it back, now if only I could get rid of the Scuba-thingy.

I did a run of this for the fun of it ( getting Tarlac's amulet in the process ), so here's a better pic of Morganthe and Salgio.
For Mycin, I did some Calypso farming and it's hard to say how lucky I was. She dropped his hat, which Astraeus is supposed to drop O_o http://www.wizard101central.com/forums/showpost.php?p=1261845&postcount=141. Also, his Boots and Ring in just 1/2 hour! Robe and Athame now, haha. And Tarlac's Satyr got Spritely as the Test Realm predicted! Only activated like once so far in 5 fights :-P. Umm, and in English we're reading Utopian-based books ( new world, futuristic kind of thing ), I really liked Anthem by Ayn Rand better than The Giver by Lois Lowry - that's just my opinion if you've read either book :). So that's it, and I have an idea for a Sights of the Spiral next post I suppose - Happy Farming!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celestia - The End

Welcome to the Trial of the Spheres!

Huge heads...

Astraeus! This guy is the hardest, pack DoT spells ( and Pierce or Steal Ward if your Myth/Ice ) and AoEs to get rid of his minions that continually come out every few rounds, quite a pain. Oh, and wand spells remove his Super-Towers without them coming back :). He drops nothing for Myth, but the Sea Dragon pet... :D
And he keeps saying ( after you blade ) "You have charmed your way into my heart!" and remove a Super-Tower. *blush*

Ptolemos's untimely end ( anyone notice his neck sometimes bends and he seems to be stargazing in the fight? )

The Sun puzzle area - Must get those mirrors straightened :)

Mithraya! Have someone Blade and someone Trap her the 1st round - no more Smokescreens. Then, she's quite easy ( and I got my Boots from her :D )
Group pictures w/good friends in the blazing sun

Jumping for Joy! ;)

Talking 'bout Morganthe here. I guess she's going to wreak havoc in Candyland next *shrug*... or Earth???

Several pics out of the subject for a moment. I re-made Chase Deathcrafter, so welcome! ( again! )
While helping a fellow blogger I noticed something in Sylvia Drake's Tomb - She never used to say anything when you beat her. Now the picture above, she says something, part of the new update? Interesting...

Yep! Happy Farming! ( Only gotten my Boots and Athame after awhile so far *grumble* )