Saturday, November 13, 2010

Celestia - The End

Welcome to the Trial of the Spheres!

Huge heads...

Astraeus! This guy is the hardest, pack DoT spells ( and Pierce or Steal Ward if your Myth/Ice ) and AoEs to get rid of his minions that continually come out every few rounds, quite a pain. Oh, and wand spells remove his Super-Towers without them coming back :). He drops nothing for Myth, but the Sea Dragon pet... :D
And he keeps saying ( after you blade ) "You have charmed your way into my heart!" and remove a Super-Tower. *blush*

Ptolemos's untimely end ( anyone notice his neck sometimes bends and he seems to be stargazing in the fight? )

The Sun puzzle area - Must get those mirrors straightened :)

Mithraya! Have someone Blade and someone Trap her the 1st round - no more Smokescreens. Then, she's quite easy ( and I got my Boots from her :D )
Group pictures w/good friends in the blazing sun

Jumping for Joy! ;)

Talking 'bout Morganthe here. I guess she's going to wreak havoc in Candyland next *shrug*... or Earth???

Several pics out of the subject for a moment. I re-made Chase Deathcrafter, so welcome! ( again! )
While helping a fellow blogger I noticed something in Sylvia Drake's Tomb - She never used to say anything when you beat her. Now the picture above, she says something, part of the new update? Interesting...

Yep! Happy Farming! ( Only gotten my Boots and Athame after awhile so far *grumble* )

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  1. Your webpage is awesome! I am a big fan of wizard 101!!!! I'm lvl 40 rite now but I just keep getting closer and closer to Celestia!!!! Wizard 101 rocks!!!!!!!!! Woooooooooot!!!!!! Happy Farming! Happy Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! Happy Birthday and all that fun stuff! Peace Out! ;-D


Have a splendiferous day! :)