Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Celestial Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, everyone! Even if you don't celebrate, it's a nice break from work/school, after all. I'm out of town but still have internet accessibility, which is great. Maybe I can finally finish Khrysalis Part 1 while I have time! Well, that might be a stretch. 
I've spent the early days of my vacation decorating and watching old Christmas movies. But today, it's all about my life wizard.

Three years ago, then-Grandmaster Tarlac visited the Floating Lands as part of his quests

Two years ago today, he happened to finish Zafaria.

Where is he now?

Ehh. Not that impressive, considering he was at Lake Nimue a year and a half ago. I'm just waiting for Alura to quest with him through Azteca (she and my Storm character Mycin have been lingering at the entrance of Ghost Avalon for months).

Since I don't feel like doing Ghost Avalon now, why not take a blast to the past? TO CELESTIA!

First star I see tonight, indeed. Time for the Stellarium!

Pshaw, your Orthrus don't hurt none.

My friend Mary Dreamshade (of lost Pie Loving Necromancer fame) joined the action with her Frankensteins.

Then, the easy rematch against Selwyn:


Like you were impeding me in the first place..

Trying to celebrate with "swag", which Wizard101 cleverly doesn't allow as a word.

Tomorrow - romping through the Floating Lands (because why not?)

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your yule tidings, everyone! 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Khrysalis - Tyrian Tyrants

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and kickoff to the holiday season! I spent a little time getting closer to the end of Khrysalis Part 1, getting frustrated by multiple cheating bosses along the way. 

On a brighter note, I got a new mouse friend! :D

..or we can just teleport there.

Yay, cuter bugs!

This brings to light a brilliant trivia question, which shall be at the bottom of this post - with a big prize this time ;)


"Spellbinder" is now the new "young wizard".

"Squicky"? That's your excuse?

Lots of intriguing centipedes and XP rewards, if you haven't noticed already.

Finally someone who doesn't call me a Spellbinder, gosh.

You don't look so human yourself..

I had to buy specific life-resistant gear from the Bazaar to solo this interesting character. An extra henchman didn't hurt either.

And this is just a mouse flying a dragonfly...

Now, to finally revenge Dyvim's demise --

Comfortable place you've got here, Brood Mother.

Sting THIS!

Dang. I was hoping she was actually evil. I mean, help the same creature that killed Dyvim? Even if it was while being controlled by Morganthe...

So many cheating bosses, grah..

Pretty fancy echo chamber, I gather.

Thanks. As if feeding dragonflies or tying milkwebs together was pungent enough.

The "Song of Creation" is also the Azteca Post-Apocalypse theme (ironic). It's rather soothing, too.

I'm not sure they could stomach you, anyways..

Oh geez, an arachnophobe's nightmare .__.
Atlach-Leng was an interesting sort. If you ever face him, kill him first. He doesn't attack you, but those death minions really chip away at your health, and they don't leave until he's dead.

aaand Ding!
For having quite a bit left to do still in Khrysalis, I reached Level 95 awfully early. I did turn in a couple side quests, but still. Think there's an XP overload here :P

Outside of a few stretches, Khrysalis seems really neat. Better than Azteca, surely. Even if there is a slight overload of cheating bosses.


Trivia Question! First, the formalities:

You can answer via blog comment, Twitter (@arlendawneyes), or e-mail. Please leave an e-mail address if you answer by blog comment, or the answer won't be considered (and no one else will see your comment, as they are moderated). Also, if you do answer with anything other than Twitter, please ask your parents if you are under 13 years old of age. If you answer correctly, I will contact you with a Wizard101 TFC and ask you what Crown Shop items you want specifically. Anyways, here's the question!

In Dragonspyre's Drake Hatchery, you have to retrieve a Drake Egg from a tower.
What is the name of this tower, and the boss at the top of it?

The prize this week is: 3750 Crowns! 
That means you could buy a combination of any things that equal to 3750 crowns or less, including any Candy Cane mount! It's a gift-giving time of year after all.

And there's a Bonus Question!
How much gold do you get from the Drake Egg quest?
The prize, if anyone can get this question, will be 800 crowns worth of merchandise.

Until next time, have a good holiday season!

Happy Questing!