Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Celestial Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas, everyone! Even if you don't celebrate, it's a nice break from work/school, after all. I'm out of town but still have internet accessibility, which is great. Maybe I can finally finish Khrysalis Part 1 while I have time! Well, that might be a stretch. 
I've spent the early days of my vacation decorating and watching old Christmas movies. But today, it's all about my life wizard.

Three years ago, then-Grandmaster Tarlac visited the Floating Lands as part of his quests

Two years ago today, he happened to finish Zafaria.

Where is he now?

Ehh. Not that impressive, considering he was at Lake Nimue a year and a half ago. I'm just waiting for Alura to quest with him through Azteca (she and my Storm character Mycin have been lingering at the entrance of Ghost Avalon for months).

Since I don't feel like doing Ghost Avalon now, why not take a blast to the past? TO CELESTIA!

First star I see tonight, indeed. Time for the Stellarium!

Pshaw, your Orthrus don't hurt none.

My friend Mary Dreamshade (of lost Pie Loving Necromancer fame) joined the action with her Frankensteins.

Then, the easy rematch against Selwyn:


Like you were impeding me in the first place..

Trying to celebrate with "swag", which Wizard101 cleverly doesn't allow as a word.

Tomorrow - romping through the Floating Lands (because why not?)

Merry Christmas! Enjoy your yule tidings, everyone! 

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