Friday, April 29, 2011

Analysis On WT Pets

Hey, everyone! I'm watching a replay of the Royal Wedding as I write this. Yeah, I love England, deal with it :P. Its just a wedding, but a person just turned from a commoner to a princess, but most of all its an excuse to be happy xD. Congrats Will & Kate.. anyway, lets get down to business. Hybrids of 58 pets are being discovered left and right now, so if you are curious, click HERE (complete credit to Deathshard and Kelsey Fireheart!). If you don't want little spoilers, don't look at the following paragraph of my analysis :P


Ok, here's my thoughts on the ones discovered so far!

-Topaz Kraken- I think this one is the Judgement/Kraken mix, but it says Phoenix, either that or a misprint, I have a hunch. Its sandy color and has a Balance-like name, so. Anyways, sweet, I can see this coming out of a Sandstorm or Quicksand! :o

-Ice Kraken- Looks just like I thought! I can see it coming out of the polar ice caps and attacking
a poor ship :P

-Fire Wyvern- I can just see its neck fur as a cozy rug ;). Looks like it would have a spicy taste... MOVING ON!

-Forest Crawler- Creative (creepy) name, I can see it sneaking up on me. VERY cool!

-Thunderbird- Phoenix pets are hard to see, but this one looks dangerous and electric!

-Shadow Phoenix- It looks like its coming out of a black hole o_O. Hope you don't see a group of these, or it will be a MURDER of Crows! Heheh..

-Fiery Judge- Looks like Icarus at first thought, women version. He's a fellow from greek myths who wouldn't listen to his father about flying too close to the Sun with wings..

-Astral Judge- Reminds me of Limes xD. *DING* Awesome!

-Flame Toad- Did he step in some mud and get a huge sunburn? Imagine this thing as a meteor crashing down on the Earth, like it does in its spell animation xD.

-Frosthopper- I'm running low on awesome words.

-Gloom Toad- Hehe at the name.. and awesome logo on its back! Like to scare away predators ;P

-Tundra Warden- Ice Scarecrow, interesting! Lets see this in WT :P

-Stormcaller- Like the ones in Haunted Cave, not surprised there. But, storm symbols!

-Crop Watcher- Looks like its growing right out of the dirt, haha.

-Inferno Beast- He sure looks angry O_O

-Cloud Beast- Looks just like an Ice Forest Lord in WT boss, named Aurekk. I saw a picture of him and HUGE. SNOW GORILLA! :O

Awesome, huh? Here are my future hybrid name thoughts, we'll see if they come true..

-Legendary Kraken-
-Inferno Kraken-
-Doom Kraken-
-Natural Kraken-

-Storm Slitherer-
-Mythic Crawler-
-Sandy Slitherer-
-Doom Crawler-

-Frozen Flier-
-Dry Phoenix-
-Forest Flier-

-Glacial Judge-
-Mythic Judge-
-Tempest Judge-
-Death Judge-

-Tempestral Toad-
-Topaz Toad-
-Leaf Frog-

-Fire Watcher-
-Trusty Warden-

-Divination Beast-
-Legendary Beast-
-Sand Beast-
-Doom Beast-

I'm so curious..

Flying Ram Mount :o


Okay, I'm almost done, so here's a little update on Sophia:

That says most of it :D. She finished the Ancient Burial Grounds, then today the Village of Sorrow. LvL 43 and about to start the Tree of Life now, which I'll do soon. I've decided I'll buy GH & WT for the 2nd account, as WT is incredible, need GH to get there, and I'll need to buy an area or 2 for the 58 quests anyway. So, hopefully tonight after MS, I'll do GH questing on her. Grinding but peaceful are good words for GH :). And I really want to get on a questing rage - would like to duel-box when the Waterworks come out and WT, so I really would have to get devote time to Sophia questing. We'll see how long it takes.

I don't think KBB would mind me saying, but I'm starting work on RR transcriptions and just contributed a little (although it sure takes a long time just to do 10 minutes :P) on Episode 38. Thats a great thing to do for the community :).

Lastly, you've likely heard, but there's a plagiarist in our midst, no naming, but hopefully this wizard will clean up their act, as plagiarism is a very serious offense (keep in mind - this wizard is giving ZERO credit to most posts he/she does to the original author). I just hope he/she understand, apologizes and acts less lazy. Remember - plagiarism will lose you followers. Ok, have a great weekend folks :)

Happy Farming!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gear Versus (And My Attempt On Announcing Without Spoiling)

FIRST off, I went mini-golfing, boring shopping (2 Stores didn't have W101 cards that should. Ugh), watched TV, etc. over the past couple of days, so I had fun and am now back to find out that Wintertusk is in the TR! I couldn't help but read up on the new gear drops and check some out myself, but I want to completely have the quests/areas as a surprise when I do it in the LR.
So now, I am faced with some tough decisions on gear..

Those are my options of hats (go to the link and pause it).
IMHO, 'Tricksy Hood' beats 'Illusive Headdress' (my current one) and 'Poetic Chieftains Helm' beats 'Tricksy Hood'. So, Chieftains Helm it is!

I don't have pictures of the other Waterworks 60 gear, so I'll continue my 'VS. gear' next time. I love the Crafted Boots look, though, but the Myth Crafted Boots stats don't quite beat the 58 gear. Here are some small but GREAT miscellaneous updates:

Statues are no longer "Limit 1"
(perfect for us housing geeks! YAY!)

Many spells that are variations of the original will now look more like they should - ie the Life Banshee will be green and not look like the Death Banshee. Look for these updates in various spells.
(Can't wait to see some of these examples :))

Ice Colossus Spell will have its damage increased from 460-540 to 500-580.
(Sophia is about to get this - GOOD!)

Empower cards can no longer critical.
(Nice relief :P)

Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Drain spells.
(I was thinking of this the other day, and am really glad to see this. Death duo will love that)

Pierce now cost 0 pips.
(Woo, maybe I'll use this more :D)

Accuracy and damage enchantment cards can now be applied to Power Nova.
(Balance duo says goody!)

School Mastery Amulets are now available as drops from boss creatures in Wintertusk
(so do Mega Snacks in the Waterworks! YAYNESS, I do NOT want to spend 10k crowns)

he following emoticons have been reintroduced to Text Chat:
  1. :-D
  2. :D
  3. ;-D
  1. ;D
  2. XD
  3. :-P
  1. :P
  2. ;-P
  3. ;P

  4. (if only they would let us capitalize 'I'! But thank the lord, ':d' looked weird :p)

For Crab Alley, I'm going to wait and be surprised at Sunblade's request for Initiates. I am quite curious, but must wait..
For the special 'Waterworks', a new kind of Briskbreeze, I'm itching to try it. Many tricks up those bosses sleeves, so I'll read up on that carefully before I try in the LR. 2 Mastery Amulets, 60 Gear, Mega Snacks and even more are said to drop there! WOW!

As for Wintertusk and the new spells, I won't spoil them if you don't know. (GASP, ____ Minion) For wand-stitching, I plan to buy that LvL 45 1-regular-pip Myth Wand, which looks exactly like the Arcane Staff, I think (but waste 2500 crowns??). If you look closely, it has several monster heads (Trolls & Cyclops) and hopefully Myth logos spew out of it like the Arcane. If not, I'll go for that Raven Myth Hammer :).

Now, I prep up to craft some WT Gear, the Waterworks, and that Violin item that Torald Wayfinder now sells. (Have you visited him in Northguard? He also sells a Decorative Gong, I used to be a Violin player and it is similar to the Antique Cello - AWESOME!) I hope that wasn't too spoil-y for you guys. I'll try to be back tomorrow or Friday to post (if Friday, give my best wishes to the Royal Couple - I actually want to see that, yes xP)

Happy Exploring!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

May You Win 50 Kit-Kats Tomorrow

Mostly to note that I'll be back on Wednesday and have a great Easter, but while I'm here, let me update my game progress!

Tavia got the Blue Ghost & Snow Serpent in WC questing! Lucky her :). I got the Duo past WC, and a little through the Sun Pyramid with Luke. Tavia dinged 18, but Mander Minion -as useful as it is- isn't needed at the moment, and I have to talk to Niles in the Krokosphinx which I'm not in yet (is it me, or are so many school-quests, specifically 18, require talking to him? Bleh). I know, I could port her there on a Legend, but still xD. Tristan is 16, so both are rocking their Sandstorms! That and Balanceblades are very useful :). Sophia got the Cave of Solitude and the main quests in Kishibe Village done, so I have to beat some Plague Tornadoes (anyone else call them that? Hehe) for side quests & Shirataki Temple, plus she dinged 40 for a cool new Sword. I dual-boxed Sophia and Tarlac vs. Oyotomi & Calypso a while, too, for gear for Sophia and gold/furniture for Tarlac, I want to get those Pink Dandelions on him, and want the Life House so I'm going to buy that plus have room to garden. Thats basically the alt news, I probably will be able to do Shirataki and/or the side quests, as we leave at 4 PM EST tomorrow.

This image may creep you out, sorry xD. Guess who? Dworgyn, inside out! This would be a great Halloween mask... oh sorry, Dworgyn. YES, I'm advocating your tenure.

IRL, its Easter tomorrow! Its pretty fun for me :). Yes, I'm almost in High School, but I don't think I'll get old of Easter Egg hunts for a while. Show those little kids their place... oh... did I say that out loud? Plus a ton of candy, and Grandma is always fun! Of course, no Internet down there, but there's a TON of TV channels. And a dog, and a big yard, plus I get to use a couple store cards I got for Christmas for W101 cards! I'll be back late Tuesday; fully Wednesday.

I know a lot reading this are getting too old for Easter fun -er, besides the adults- but its a day to relax and have candy! Chin up :D so, have a great day!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'm A Mushroom Thief!

So first, just a couple more Sophia pictures..

Cute Seahorse pose - MS version!

What?! Oh wait.. that sounds like a cool badge.


Collosus pic fail xD. Well, at least I reached my goal (incidentally, the mushroom guy w/the cool name is in Crimson Fields) so I'll probably be on Sophia when I'm not leveling the Balance duo in WC or farming the Crimson Fields, going quite a bit slower.

Gratz to Jordan for beating Malistaire :D was fun!

MS Minion plays Ice Absorb? O_o

So I beat Golem Tower with the sweet Green Oni, and have now progressed about 1/2 way through the 3 Streets. I should beat WC tomorrow :). Oh, and I got a Pagoda Brazier from Kagemoosha, and need 1 Temple Guardian Statue from Grum, plus a Wildclaw pet and another Wu pic from Yakedo. More gear for the second account wouldn't hurt, either! Plus I just got my 'Samurai' badge for Ambrose2Zeke So, thats it! xD

Happy Questing!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Don't Grumble, Give A Whistle

Just to let everyone know that, I'm a little bit at a loss for what to blog about too, so don't expect the regular-ish schedule of every 2 days sometimes if I have a break off creativity :P. Maybe another GH-Norse mythology post will be up tomorrow, though. What I'm trying to say is, I want an excuse instead of saying "sorry I haven't blogged in..." sort of xD. Anyway, its the beginning of Spring Break for me, so I have a little more time ITS (with parents nagging. Of course). Today I farmed Maito for the Red Banner and his Samoorai minion notched me up a bit toward the badge 'Samoorai', for Ambrose2Zeke's latest contest as well :). And, Ashikata FINALLY coughed up a Fall Tree. Now I'm going for 1 more Star-thingy from Stonebreaker and then the Crimson Fields. So yes - MS furniture farming! I also finally got enough Grendelweed to make a Toy Train Set for Tarlac's abode, phew. And a little Sophia, although I'm winding down on her for a bit since I got her to the desired Iceblade ;). But, I plan on leveling Tarlac & Tavia - the Balance Duo - past WC this week and in the future be a 'questing buddy' with good ol' Luke Goldhorn's Life alt. I've been having fun with starting off in Skype -which is pretty random but hilarious with the others, believe me- and watching Monty Python too... oh, that reminds me - for Friendly & Amber!

Notice: Contains 1 bad word and uber optimism. I guess we all realized we've been a little at a loss for blogging lately, with Friendly's latest post, so thats why I'm backing off a teeny bit too. Like Luke also said, you shouldn't "need" to post something - when you have a loss for words, you wouldn't post 1... 2.... 3..... 4...... (etc) would you, just to keep up the blog number and "bump" your post (as Central says) to the top of blogrolls. So I'll post when I have something and probably will have a loose routine - remember, just a teeny decrease in posts, it will depend. Anyway, I SO want this at my funeral (no, I'm not dying xD) - I love this. I've also been feeling like Disco lately, maybe I want to be a hippie (peaceful, not the drugs part O_o) and rock to life. Yeah. DISCO INFERNO! *ahem* Maybe I'll enjoy some more Monkees or Beatles to get me off this Disco-stage. Remember: Always look on the light side of life. And yes, life is quite absurd, so look on the BRIGHT SIDE! Word.

Happy Farming!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sophia Smarts

Done so much alt-leveling lately, so here's the deets!


I got to roam my mounts a little earlier, thanks to Kingisle. JK - snapped and cropped this while my DoaW Turtle was jumping, but its awesome :D

An Egg I trained in the TR. Not bad.

"Hey Dworgyn, can I have my Pirate spell?" "Zzzzzzzzzz......" (apparently he borrowed a little too many Storm books from Balestrom, look on the desks)

POSE! Love this pic :)

Ok. Gifts? Ooh.


Drop & second-chance chest. Oh YEAH. (Phantasmal Raiment = Crowns Robe!)

I like this spell, but haven't used it yet. I rely a lot on Feint, so once I get Iceblade and face some Fire guys, I'll stock it up :)

You wish! This was a pretty fun challenge for the level, I was victorious (2000 health for Nimah).

Having a useful intelligent pondering er... 30 second meeting.

Brady the Sneak drop. Woah, who knew? Went to the MB Furniture Guide to submit this ASAP (anyways, woot, hehe)

Dundundun... my reaction was this... and hey, just because you're retired, don't go too heavy on the donuts, "Crankenhop".

Sorry, they did that in 1969, FYI, uneducated robber.

Thank goodness, I thought I had to fight Snowmen.

Oh, and btw, my picture of the Storm Serpent drop plus another picture or 2 is missing, so yes - I got a Storm Serpent pet from Clanker :).

We're not in Unicorn Way with Dorothy Gale anymore, Sprockets. But hey, thanks for the compliment, jealousy & lying -he didn't mess it up..-

I couldn't find the right cards and got crushed twice by Bellows. 3rd time interestingly enough, was a different story - complete rout. In Big Ben, with a lot of running back and forth, I made it to Spike the Crusher, went second and again couldn't find the big stock of Blizzards I had.. so had to bring in Arlen, I died, teleported back while stupidly killing Spike before Sophia got in the fight again and got nothing. You get the point :P. Meowiarty was a great fight -yes, solo-, and it ended up with me having no more attacks, an Ice Minion out, and waiting on pips for a good Ice Absorb, Meow had 800 health. So, Collossus' Ice Shark got in quadruple digits, and I figured he totally had the aggro from Meowiarty. Wrong. Meowiarty surprised me with a Storm Shark (I had 400 health) and an earlier Feint backfired on that, so I died, NEARLY winning. Meow's minions were gone, so I took him down quickly after porting back up to Arlen. And, as they say, it wasn't all bad. See picture above - Hop-Hopping Wand drop ;).

"See, Mr. Pembroke, if you had only allowed me to get the Krokonomicon earlier, none of this would've happened." *cricket chirps*

And after Mooshu introductories plus more MB sidequests (I know, I got to MS very quickly, but I DO have a ton of side quests to go back to), Sophia was LvL 35! I LOVE that kitty hat. Stitch it when I become Legendary? Duh..

And, on end notes, tomorrow Spring Break starts :D. Plus we have this awesome Conjurer Chant to say (GREAT drawing, Cass) to end the day. How many times has a creature spewed (like a Troll ^_^) words claiming to be greater then you, and you go on to whoop them? "Sudden end, indeed". And I think Grubb is a myth again, right?

Happy Questing!

P.S. Say Meowiarty in a British accent. Heheh.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Karanahn Palace/Barracks

It may be a bit overdue for one of these, and I needed to occupy a post, so I decided to spotlight where I'd seen some interesting scenes :)


I liked the silhouette in this

Ascendant Staff pretending to be lightning ^_^

I've been wondering if Kingsisle has anything planned behind that door. When my Map was loading, 'Horned Barbarian' loaded for a second, which is a mob in DS. Hmm.

Sure is a nice place to rest

I like the storm feel here. Very nice! Especially the beginning stormy islands/bridges, I'd recommend taking a walk there should you want to be in KT :P. I've got a bit of progress and pictures on Sophia, so that will be next. I especially like the one w/the Krok dying and the Seahorse pose ;)

Happy Sightseeing!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Newbie News

So, I've been doing a bit of power-leveling and a teeny bit of running-around questing on my newbie account! Taken a lot of pics, of course.

Interesting. It seems Pots have replaced Short Square Vases in Dorms. Guess they want to give us a further head-start on gardening at LvL 12+

Sophia, as my only Ice wiz (besides the retired Pearlward) has gone first, hitting 18 doing the most questing, and is already close to KT. The others (except 2) are near 15 after joining MS Dungeon runs and are all set to advance to the 3 Streets.

I tend to be part of the Grammar Police, so I couldn't help but find this interesting. LOL, find the error yourself :).

One of the many animations I've encountered. Cool!

EXACTLY what real PvP trolls feel like. Egotistical, rude, will "prove" their point without any evidence, etc.

Tavia sporting her Contest Seahorse

1. I've found a couple errors in these "buy area" things, as you should be able to point out a #CassSpeak (should you ask, that is the special misspell alert named in honor of Cass Dragonheart :P) in there. BUT, it gets more interesting!

So, I exited that little brochure to buy Tatakai, and it let me walk down a road that feeds into there. Thing is, it let me keep walking.

So, I ended up in a big clearing quite like Oyotomi's Place, but a little wider and with Green Bamboo. And if you walk out, you end up in, well, Tatakai Outpost. Unless you mark your spot, you're basically trapped. Weird! I believe I came up on a video that showed this exact clearing, but I don't remember what its called (and, not surprisingly, the maker said it was "a secret". Not anymore, it isn't.)

Wise words from Wethersfield.

Another cool animation! Balance seems to fight and see all these random creatures from all schools in spell quests.

I noticed I was very close, so I sold a few teeny reagents to put it at the exact MAX number for no reason, xD. But there you go ;). I bought a Red Dragon so I wasn't uber-rich on Mycin anymore, and it will go well in a certain place when 'roaming mounts' come out.

Glitchy Seraph I passed by going to pick up some books. Seems to be raining glitchy white droplets O_o.

Except for Alura Dawneyes & Myrna Thunderslinger, I'm done taking them all through the MS Dungeons for gear & EXP to progress through WC/KT more easily. I won't be too sad if they ever take out 'power-leveling' in MS (they did in CL), but its helpful nontheless. Also, in the same Death Oni battle, Mycin got his 2nd wanted Gong of the Oni and Amy got a Dire Ghoul! Woot! Plus a neat Prof. Wu picture from Yakedo and various sweet gear for my newbies at 35/40 highlights the good drops. (Wavebringer continues to be stingy on the sweet Stormbat, but he dropped my second Bubbling Cauldron) And so today, I should get Alura and Myrna to LvL 15, then I suppose I'll do a lot of low-level mostly talking quests (not to mention Golem Tower) on the newbies so I can get my Balance & Death duos at the same point in quests. I might lessen my time on them after that, excepting taking them on bosses/dungeon runs I'm doing (like I seem to be getting a bit of Labyrinth askers lately, and I need some stuff in there!), but, we'll see. Plus, I've upgraded my wanted dream pet to: Pip O' Plenty, Feinting Spell, Spritely & Spell-Proof, and I just need to find someone with a pet with Feinting (Fierce Hounds can give it, so it shouldn't be hard to find someone) and mix a lot to hopefully in the end make an Egg with those, and eventually mix with my newbies when they get the gold, etc. I believe thats it for now..

Happy Farming!