Friday, April 29, 2011

Analysis On WT Pets

Hey, everyone! I'm watching a replay of the Royal Wedding as I write this. Yeah, I love England, deal with it :P. Its just a wedding, but a person just turned from a commoner to a princess, but most of all its an excuse to be happy xD. Congrats Will & Kate.. anyway, lets get down to business. Hybrids of 58 pets are being discovered left and right now, so if you are curious, click HERE (complete credit to Deathshard and Kelsey Fireheart!). If you don't want little spoilers, don't look at the following paragraph of my analysis :P


Ok, here's my thoughts on the ones discovered so far!

-Topaz Kraken- I think this one is the Judgement/Kraken mix, but it says Phoenix, either that or a misprint, I have a hunch. Its sandy color and has a Balance-like name, so. Anyways, sweet, I can see this coming out of a Sandstorm or Quicksand! :o

-Ice Kraken- Looks just like I thought! I can see it coming out of the polar ice caps and attacking
a poor ship :P

-Fire Wyvern- I can just see its neck fur as a cozy rug ;). Looks like it would have a spicy taste... MOVING ON!

-Forest Crawler- Creative (creepy) name, I can see it sneaking up on me. VERY cool!

-Thunderbird- Phoenix pets are hard to see, but this one looks dangerous and electric!

-Shadow Phoenix- It looks like its coming out of a black hole o_O. Hope you don't see a group of these, or it will be a MURDER of Crows! Heheh..

-Fiery Judge- Looks like Icarus at first thought, women version. He's a fellow from greek myths who wouldn't listen to his father about flying too close to the Sun with wings..

-Astral Judge- Reminds me of Limes xD. *DING* Awesome!

-Flame Toad- Did he step in some mud and get a huge sunburn? Imagine this thing as a meteor crashing down on the Earth, like it does in its spell animation xD.

-Frosthopper- I'm running low on awesome words.

-Gloom Toad- Hehe at the name.. and awesome logo on its back! Like to scare away predators ;P

-Tundra Warden- Ice Scarecrow, interesting! Lets see this in WT :P

-Stormcaller- Like the ones in Haunted Cave, not surprised there. But, storm symbols!

-Crop Watcher- Looks like its growing right out of the dirt, haha.

-Inferno Beast- He sure looks angry O_O

-Cloud Beast- Looks just like an Ice Forest Lord in WT boss, named Aurekk. I saw a picture of him and HUGE. SNOW GORILLA! :O

Awesome, huh? Here are my future hybrid name thoughts, we'll see if they come true..

-Legendary Kraken-
-Inferno Kraken-
-Doom Kraken-
-Natural Kraken-

-Storm Slitherer-
-Mythic Crawler-
-Sandy Slitherer-
-Doom Crawler-

-Frozen Flier-
-Dry Phoenix-
-Forest Flier-

-Glacial Judge-
-Mythic Judge-
-Tempest Judge-
-Death Judge-

-Tempestral Toad-
-Topaz Toad-
-Leaf Frog-

-Fire Watcher-
-Trusty Warden-

-Divination Beast-
-Legendary Beast-
-Sand Beast-
-Doom Beast-

I'm so curious..

Flying Ram Mount :o


Okay, I'm almost done, so here's a little update on Sophia:

That says most of it :D. She finished the Ancient Burial Grounds, then today the Village of Sorrow. LvL 43 and about to start the Tree of Life now, which I'll do soon. I've decided I'll buy GH & WT for the 2nd account, as WT is incredible, need GH to get there, and I'll need to buy an area or 2 for the 58 quests anyway. So, hopefully tonight after MS, I'll do GH questing on her. Grinding but peaceful are good words for GH :). And I really want to get on a questing rage - would like to duel-box when the Waterworks come out and WT, so I really would have to get devote time to Sophia questing. We'll see how long it takes.

I don't think KBB would mind me saying, but I'm starting work on RR transcriptions and just contributed a little (although it sure takes a long time just to do 10 minutes :P) on Episode 38. Thats a great thing to do for the community :).

Lastly, you've likely heard, but there's a plagiarist in our midst, no naming, but hopefully this wizard will clean up their act, as plagiarism is a very serious offense (keep in mind - this wizard is giving ZERO credit to most posts he/she does to the original author). I just hope he/she understand, apologizes and acts less lazy. Remember - plagiarism will lose you followers. Ok, have a great weekend folks :)

Happy Farming!

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