Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sophia Smarts

Done so much alt-leveling lately, so here's the deets!


I got to roam my mounts a little earlier, thanks to Kingisle. JK - snapped and cropped this while my DoaW Turtle was jumping, but its awesome :D

An Egg I trained in the TR. Not bad.

"Hey Dworgyn, can I have my Pirate spell?" "Zzzzzzzzzz......" (apparently he borrowed a little too many Storm books from Balestrom, look on the desks)

POSE! Love this pic :)

Ok. Gifts? Ooh.


Drop & second-chance chest. Oh YEAH. (Phantasmal Raiment = Crowns Robe!)

I like this spell, but haven't used it yet. I rely a lot on Feint, so once I get Iceblade and face some Fire guys, I'll stock it up :)

You wish! This was a pretty fun challenge for the level, I was victorious (2000 health for Nimah).

Having a useful intelligent pondering er... 30 second meeting.

Brady the Sneak drop. Woah, who knew? Went to the MB Furniture Guide to submit this ASAP (anyways, woot, hehe)

Dundundun... my reaction was this... and hey, just because you're retired, don't go too heavy on the donuts, "Crankenhop".

Sorry, they did that in 1969, FYI, uneducated robber.

Thank goodness, I thought I had to fight Snowmen.

Oh, and btw, my picture of the Storm Serpent drop plus another picture or 2 is missing, so yes - I got a Storm Serpent pet from Clanker :).

We're not in Unicorn Way with Dorothy Gale anymore, Sprockets. But hey, thanks for the compliment, jealousy & lying -he didn't mess it up..-

I couldn't find the right cards and got crushed twice by Bellows. 3rd time interestingly enough, was a different story - complete rout. In Big Ben, with a lot of running back and forth, I made it to Spike the Crusher, went second and again couldn't find the big stock of Blizzards I had.. so had to bring in Arlen, I died, teleported back while stupidly killing Spike before Sophia got in the fight again and got nothing. You get the point :P. Meowiarty was a great fight -yes, solo-, and it ended up with me having no more attacks, an Ice Minion out, and waiting on pips for a good Ice Absorb, Meow had 800 health. So, Collossus' Ice Shark got in quadruple digits, and I figured he totally had the aggro from Meowiarty. Wrong. Meowiarty surprised me with a Storm Shark (I had 400 health) and an earlier Feint backfired on that, so I died, NEARLY winning. Meow's minions were gone, so I took him down quickly after porting back up to Arlen. And, as they say, it wasn't all bad. See picture above - Hop-Hopping Wand drop ;).

"See, Mr. Pembroke, if you had only allowed me to get the Krokonomicon earlier, none of this would've happened." *cricket chirps*

And after Mooshu introductories plus more MB sidequests (I know, I got to MS very quickly, but I DO have a ton of side quests to go back to), Sophia was LvL 35! I LOVE that kitty hat. Stitch it when I become Legendary? Duh..

And, on end notes, tomorrow Spring Break starts :D. Plus we have this awesome Conjurer Chant to say (GREAT drawing, Cass) to end the day. How many times has a creature spewed (like a Troll ^_^) words claiming to be greater then you, and you go on to whoop them? "Sudden end, indeed". And I think Grubb is a myth again, right?

Happy Questing!

P.S. Say Meowiarty in a British accent. Heheh.

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