Friday, April 8, 2011

Mounts, Amulets & Prizes, Oh My!

0:04 & 0:08 - Humongofrog, Kraken and Scarecrow pets! Awesome, right? And if you pause RIGHT when it hits 0:09, you'll notice a TV set and a couch. Couch Potato plant on it?!? And those mounts are even cuter roaming around! :P

Here's my theories on the new 58 pets, as we saw Kraken, Froggy & Scarecrow (Storm, Myth & Death pets)

Fire: Elf
Ice: Wyvern
Life: Centaur
Balance: Scorpion
-We'll see soon :)

Wow. Is that person wearing WT clothing?? Sure fits the Koi! And notice she is holding a wand, maybe we'll be able to have wands/staffs equiped on a mount now :). I am definitely going to find myself bankrupt even easier now with the mounts! LOL. Plus, the new ones (Starshine, Moonlight & Sunshine) have arrived! Check 'em out, plus all mounts are on sale (in Crowns, though :/). "Before Summer", probably with the WT update, should that come next. Ok, next---


- Test the new Amulets! -
We're putting the Test Realm up for a few days to test some new Amulets! We're very excited to introduce these Amulets that will let you use Power Pips for a school outside your main school of focus! These Amulets can be purchased in the Test Realm Crowns Shop only, and we invite you to test them in regular duels and player vs player duels. Purchase the Amulet
corresponds to your secondary or tentiary school (not your primary school) so that Power Pips can be used for these spells. We realize many of you will want to respect your Training Points for this purpose, and we have reduced the cost of Training Point respect on Mr Lincoln on the Test Realm. Let us know what you think on our Test Realm section of the boards.

Looky! This should help you out more with the Test Realm, I'm a little lazy to explain it atm, hehe. Its time for training pets too! And, lastly, here's how I fared with Mount Week:

Swiftshadow Wings from HiaG
Sunshine Pony from Ravenwood Radio
Spritely Seahorse from Evil Theurgist
2500 Crowns from Evil Theurgist

All going to my 2nd account :). All of those blogs are awesome, so check 'em out! Info on how my 2nd account is doing on my next post tomorrow, and I've got pets to train, so ...

Happy Farming!

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