Friday, July 29, 2011

Where The Streets Have No Name - KT

The point of this new segment is theorycrafting and just small areas left out in the game. So, going up world by world, we start in... Krokotopia!

So, we have this small empty island, and an abandoned shop (excluding the Zeke Beetle). Maybe it could be a shop for... hmm.. something new? Storm Krok pet?

Dank blackness.. hmm.. how about a large bridge going into the blackness with a big secret boss? Who drops something awesome? And now you can theorycraft what he may drop, his name, does he cheat...etc.

And then there's this empty throne area (also one in the Throne Room of Fire). You could have another boss here, or a vendor? Like the Smart Allec Wiz's post, Kingsisle gives a lot of detail, but whats the point if its just a dead end serving no purpose?

Forgot to crop this, but there's a ton of empty space in the (err, name of this place..) Dig Site. Maybe some more reagents/free furniture, something? Also, forgot to take a picture, but there's a lot of unaccessible stairs in the front area of the Sun Pyramid, going down. Plus you can see big Krok Statues down there. Maybe one day we get to repair the stairs and go down there and find something?

Near Khai Amahte, here's a door. I believe Mycin had one of his Storm quests in there, if any of you ever wondered about that door.

Great view of KT up in the Secret Shop. If we could fly, wouldn't this be a great takeoff point?

Now, here's an island thats been noticed before, the one with no purpose. Check that it has 2 small Obelisks up there, like the Secret Shop Island does with a teleporter between them. Might we be able to teleport one day up there as well, and encounter a new NPC? There's also Briskbreeze Tower, where the final boss hints going to KT next. Maybe that island could have an imprisoned NPC in there, although that little building looks much too small for any enemies. Hopefully Kingsisle will answer this in the future. Well, KT doesn't have too many empty places, so I'll quickly update the Balance duos progress to finish this post.

Did Mirkholm Keep and the Yoshihito area yesterday/today, so goodbye, Mooshu! Dragonspyre comes up next, bleh. Hopefully that will go quickly, as the last couple worlds have. Plus, I got Spectral Minion at 38 after beating Cyrus Drake.

Had to beat him for a Gem among other things in the quest. In the end, it came down to summoning his kind.

I kept them up (didn't press DONE for a few minutes ^.^) for a bit, and a mob gathered xD. As my tweet said when I released them: "Alright, say bye bye to the piggies" *pigs fly in air and point at me* *jumps* Random wizard: "lol! you dodged them" Hehe, it was funny.
There's a better one from my friend Blaze Shadowhorn. Hope everyone's having a good Summer, mostly loafing around till my friend comes in 2 days from 500 miles away :)

Happy Theorycrafting!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

*Sorry, my band references are going further lately :P (Title)*

Without doing side-quests, my progress is going very far these past couple days!

After trying to 'Stop That Cat!', I cruised through MB and started on Katz Lab bright and early (ok, 2AM.. my Summer sleeping habits are wacky, lol) today, plus the Counterweights, before napping through the 3 hour maintenance. Oh, and the night before..

Judgement time! ^.^

Gah, it won't let me delete this pic --- ignore it (although a Mander can use Sandstorm!)

After some running around, I bumped into Reed Treever, who gave me the whereabouts for the Omnibus..

.. and ran into this cute little rat.

You can see what I'm up against. Thankfully, it let both of my Duo in together, so no soloing these baddies.

So, soon afterwards, I summoned a little Sandstorm for some final lesson.

Pretty big, no? And, is this yoga, by the chat? "And the more relaxed you allow yourself to be.."

Since I got Judgement, I figured, why not Adept PvP? It went better than I thought - started 9-1 :D here's my deck setup, treasure cards on top. (Once Tristan gains more Training Points, he can get Tower Shield for real)

Forgot to crop this - but if you zoom in, there's my school deck, plus shields at the go if I can tell what school the opponent is before clock runs out.

First I switched to dye-ing in Death style, but then remembered my many KIFG transformations. HERE'S where they come in use! And, posing above, I bought a Myth Imp as you can see ^.^ So, I posed as a Death wizard. Camouflage isn't required, but can be very helpful.

And here's the final count after a while. Figure I'll try to get as a Warlord once Tristan hits Legendary, maybe? I really like Balance as PvP. Judgement isn't everything, but I bring it out a bit. Actually, Spectral Blast can be underrated.

Watch out, horsie o_O

And, later this morning, Big Ben.

And shiny gear/badges! As I write this, I just Blasted the Plague Oni (hey, he's Balance, this is what Spectral Blast is for again!) out of the way, and soon head to the Ancient Burial Grounds, with both wizards at Level 35. Already? Like I said, its surprising how far you can get on a boring Summer day without doing side quests. 2/3 of the way through Mooshu! :)

Hopefully the duo will be mid-Dragonspyre, more or less, next time? We'll see. And about the Fiction, the quest to kill Meowiarty is aptly named 'The Last Meow' - the name of my story - and I didn't even recall that fact. All the better, then! Anyways, I'll post that when I'm low on material, sorry, don't want to make this post too long!

Happy Questing!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, More Rooftop-Running! :)

Yes, I'm still alive, just a computer malfunction. 15 days.. thats a record I don't want to break any time soon. But, I've got a spiffy new free one (warranty!), so I'm back in business as of yesterday. Those goals earlier in the month, quite a bit too much now, but I hope to capitalize on at least a couple.

With many things to load, you may encounter things like this. My current project, taking a break from much Housing, is Tavia & Tristan, the Balance Duo. Tavia now stands at 27, Tristan 26. I'm doing zero side quests (excepting Zeke and spells), as I plan to see if doing Wintertusk will be enough to get to 60. If not, I'll just do a couple WT side-quests. Side-quests are kinda overrated :P and I've made a bit of progress in 1 day, from the beginning of the Hall of Champions to the end of Chelsea Court!

1. Catch-up (saw the new house-items *SQUEE!*), restart gardens - thankfully, I had hardly any casualties there. Good plants!

2. I went from the middle of Sunday afternoon to the darkest hours of night questing the Duo to Marleybone (and ok, fooling around with some Skype night-owls). The Krokosphinx brings back old memories of my IRL friend racing through that part. Going to see him for the first time in 2+ years next week too! :D

3. Grizzleheim. I've figured its probably a bit less tedious going through around the right levels, so I spent a while beating Savarstaad Pass last night after Krokotopia, and today, Vigrid Roughlands/Frostholm, right after Tristan hit 25. Giving Sandstorm a lot of action, with Spectral Blast squirming in for Boss-beatings. Very soon, it will be Judgement! ^-^ Hey, maybe I'll try some PvP once Tristan gets it.

So, going into Tavia, I got the Bolt Blade and Meti Karanahn Statue in Karanahn Palace! Also, I randomly realized I hadn't seen the smaller KT House - Oasis Camp - in ages, so I previewed that and was surprised by how little I remembered. Its small, but a great house for an archaeology/camp theme, so I bought it on a 10,000 gold-costing whim. But, they both have around 50k gold, not many problems.

Into the Dragon's Hoard and Furniture News..

Many new & existing (note KT statues. For some reason, I farmed Khai Amahte over a 100 times for his Statue. Now..) furniture pieces arrived in the Shop! You can see some of them here if you can't log on. I splurged on the Kimono to complete my collection, a Well, and the small Moodha statue to further light up my nearly-completed Mooshu house. I'm sure I'll get all the KT ones soon, as well. The suitcase was a must to spice up my MB Bedroom too! Plus, I'll have to try those dramatic masks soon. Oh, its like a Houser's dream.

Also, the Dragon Hoards are now half-off! No, really - I'm shamelessly buying too many again, my crowns on second account dropped by a few thousand. I got 3(!) Dragon Wings, Sea Dragon pet, and just about all level 20 gear you can get, among other things. Can never get those spiffier Dragon pets, whats up with them? I'll probably splurge a little again for the 60 sword and those pets soon :P. Buy more while you can, and try not to become hopelessly addicted to them.
Next time, I'll share the long Fiction I wrote for Summer English (hey, it got me into Honors) which has to do a lot with Marleybone. That should show how much I enjoy going through it. To the Ironworks!

Happy Questing!

P.S. With the boom of new bloggers, if you would like to be added on that blogroll over there and notice you aren't, just notify me with a comment or e-mail. Its hard to keep up. Thanks!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Btw, Aren't Manders Cute?

Hey everyone! Half the time these past couple days, my computer's been very frustrating to use, the other half it runs completely fine, so you never know the slow or fast phase will kick in. It was in the slow phase for the last half-hour but might be back-up.. anyways, I've still gotten some done (though I admit a lot of time has been spent on KI Free Games....)

This is what the Couch Potatoes are watching. Apparently the frozen TV in a fuzzy W101 Plant commercial. How do they enjoy watching this for nonstop days?

But they still seem to. Awe!

Now, who is this? (Actually, I forgot his name... lets call him 015) My sort-of-secret project, its a 3rd account! (Arlen! Are you becoming hopelessly addicted? So sad..) No, no, I'm never going to pay for anything in IRL $$$ on this one, its completely experimental, and the pet & sword are from KIFG. Its like TFN's total newbie account, basically. I've also made a secret project for a wizard on this account, Terri Unicorngrove, that shan't be revealed ;) oh ok, the main point of the account is how high a level I can get on a FTP (nerd gamer term - Free To Play) account. But Terri's one is a little different.

This was just a random one when my computer was going through a 'slowww' phase. As you can see, my player and House hadn't loaded, so I took a snapshot on this angle when that lightning hit the tower ^-^

And, my Questing fever reached a new height and I didn't have much else to do, so why not get on the Balance duo when my computer was running well? (It incidentally completely froze up on the 2nd quest in the Hall of Champions, so, 2 hours on 2 accounts, not bad) I'm completely skipping side quests, too.

  • They're annoying.
  • I'll make up for it when I do GH/WT
  • See if no side quests except for GH/WT works to get to Legendary
This is a good strategy for you MB-haters out there tired of delivering purses (*cough* Kath Lightwielder *cough* - also props to her very intelligent posts, count this as a shoutout ;)), which I admit, I'm a little tired of too. I'll miss some of the puns, but the good outweighs bad, right? I'm already itching (ok, not counting the mosquito that found my leg tasty) to get to MB again! Squee!

So, the screenshots are from the Mander Minion quest - Tristan is 20, Tavia is nearly 22. From Assistant Dansforth to Nekhbet, not bad. So... that does kind of wrap it up. I've gotten quite a few new goodies from KIFG, too :) thats one excuse I've played a little less lol. Oh yes, lastly, I finished Ravenwood Radio Transcription #41 after a few hours of work, so KBB should have it up soon here. (Contact him if you'd like to do some!) Pretty tough, but definitely worth it!

Happy Questing!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOGgy Prizes!

Hey everyone :) as you can see, my pretty much completed MFP/DS is in the above video. Big House. I'll buy that DS Craft Crowns Table thingy when I get the MSP Pack later. I think I'm getting it in about 2 weeks, after the Summer School? Thats half-way over. We'll see.

So, I've actually done a little bit on Dugan, my Fire wiz. Does anyone remember the Giving Tree? Yeah.. I just planted that on him.. *blush*. So, now I have a Parsley Garden on Arlen (and 2 Couch Potatoes I won from Diana Wildheart! :D), 2 Prickly Bear ones on Mycin (some turned Elder this morning :)), an almost-done Pink Dandelion plot on Tarlac (once I have enough Black Pearls), and a small Giving Tree/several Pink Dandelion garden on Dugan. I've cleaned out his storage-KT House and put a couple things in to start it off, actually, as well. Plus I'm still trying for a little Yardbird item right now. LOL. Not much else going on in-game there. In-game, that is :P

2 big items I've received from! :D the Lightningbat was from a Twitter code they gave out, but you can only redeem one of them once a month. A little long, hope they will change to at least a week.. although one person got 600 crowns! o_O :D also, I've won a FOG Unicorn (3!), Blue Raptor Sword (uber-cool looking, definitely stitch worthy), and that wand above, among other things. Well, HERE'S a list of prizes you can get, to be honest. And HERE'S a list of Magazine codes, many being available from KIFG prizes. Doodle Dug is probably the quickest by far, lol. I just want a Shardtail Dragon on main account and FOG Unicorn for Storm newbie on 2nd account now, played a lot the past couple days.

Not much other news.. I'm going to work on Ravenwood Radio Episode #41 transcription a bit more, soon. Its fun to get involved in the community :) remember to give KBB a ring if you want to get involved! It takes a while, buts its very helpful to some wizards. Have a good end-of-the-week!
Happy Farming!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Half-Year Goals

.. But first, a short little Housing Showcase!

I spent a little time at Angel Winterbreeze's Party, and glitch-rugged places like this were pretty amazing.

This is the Island way up on that hill you can't go up.. until Angel did.

Plus it took a while to just get up here without falling. Right by the Taj-Mahal type roof. lol.

So, onto the subject of the title, I've gotten the idea from IcyWiz & Newsweek, so I figured, why not set some goals for the upcoming half-year?

  • Finish 4-5 houses (3 nearly completed)
  • Get Balance & Death duo to Legendary (Ultimate Legendary, as ze Goldhorn put it)
  • Get a 'perfect pet' in stats.
  • Become Warlord in PvP (okay, this probably isn't too likely, but maybe)
  • Transcript at least 5 RR episodes
  • Make a music vid out of a 70's song :P
  • Get all best gear for Legendaries
Thats what I can think of right now, and thats probably enough, seeing as I have more cut out for IRL with High School this year xD

Lastly, of course, Happy 4th. Going down to the Capitol later for fireworks :D I got my new iPod all ready too. Here's for a great upcoming 2nd half of 2011!

Happy Farming!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sometimes I Feel Like Throwing My Reagents In The Air...

"Friend’s not here with his Spritely pet, so I’m lookin’ around, switchin’ realms, but no one’s there…

So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!”, “WHEEEE!”

A man with a Sandman comes strolling in, offering, “would you hatch with me?”

Not having one myself, I’m ecstatic at the suggestion,

So when it doesn’t cost as much as I thought, I question..

But, seeing a Sandman with a pedigree of 70,

Is enough to randomly have some tea,

So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!”, “WHEEEE!”

So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!”, “WHEEEE!”

Training it up, getting Spritely,

I’m so happy my face is shining brightly,

And then, it gets Spell-Proof.


So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!, “WHEEEE!”

And when it gets Spell-Defy,

I believe I CAN FLY!

Going around in the Commons,

So happy with my perfect pet, I’m all grins..

So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!, “WHEEEE!”

So, I’m runnin’ around in the Hatcherry, going “WHEEEE!, “WHEEEE!”



But wait..

Is that a Jade Onee?" ------------

Thats a random song/poem I made up from a random tweet with the "WHEE!" line from someone. LOL. Whatever background sound is best for you, feel free to sing it :P (scary.. am I watching too much Weird Al?)
So, about that hatching picture, I'm close to 3/4 completion of a perfect Boss pet! Currently training a Fierce Hound on Sophia, got Spell-Proof at Teen, and will be Adult first thing tomorrow, with, very likely, Spritely or Feinting. And 50/50 it'll end up as an Ancient Feinting, Proof & Spritely pet :D. Though, as I've said my last want talent is 'May Cast Tower Shield'. Thats a rare one. Blech. I've got a friend with the many of the only pet with the talent, Vigilant Dragon, who may train some up soon, though. So, I'm getting there :). The Pale Maiden was from a hatch with a Central Member who had Feinting on it, plus I now have one for my DS House, lol.

In Housing, I got the Headmaster Statue after a little bit, but have zero luck with Labyrinth Statues atm. I've gotten several Kraken Statues over time from the Silver Sentinel in the past, so there might be one in a bank somewhere. The main enemy is that loose Storm Boss (it'll come to me.. not the.. gah, WHAT ARE THEIR NAMES?) but anyway, he drops the Wyrmkin Statue. I've seen plenty of people with it, but I've fought him uncountable times and nada. JUST ONE, I ASK! Hopefully I'll have that luck tomorrow. But its just one item, sir annoying Storm Boss who I always forget the name and often forgets my Storm Prisms. A little to do with Housing, I'm making a little Gardening comeback, as I made 2 big plots of Prickly Bears for Mycin and am planning, just need to follow through, on a King Parsley garden on Arlen. Well, that DS Farming isn't a total waste. At least I don't have to craft anything for a while, except those Jade Chairs, right?
"Crafting is so stressing,

(Worse than bad French Dressing!)

So instead of working on that Mannequin,

I’d rather buy some Fish Fins

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Celestial Observatory?


Sunstones, you say?


Fire Blossoms are a pain,

Its too lame..

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Golden Pearls are so rare,

Grendelweed won’t appear,

And that’s not even the start of what to fear.

Aquamarine, Diamond, Lotus, Fossil?
They’re so docile, but I just want to swear…

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Sometimes I feel like throwing my reagents in the air

(and I just don’t care..)

Oh wait, I have all the requirements for a Mannequin?

Crafting, is win!"


I borrowed a little line from an annoying modern song. Hey, maybe I can make a "Hatched This Way" parody next. And feel lucky I didn't include my Bee Gees cross-over to Questing song in this post. (Wait, you don't know who the Bee Gees are? -.-)

Happy Farming!