Sunday, July 10, 2011

Btw, Aren't Manders Cute?

Hey everyone! Half the time these past couple days, my computer's been very frustrating to use, the other half it runs completely fine, so you never know the slow or fast phase will kick in. It was in the slow phase for the last half-hour but might be back-up.. anyways, I've still gotten some done (though I admit a lot of time has been spent on KI Free Games....)

This is what the Couch Potatoes are watching. Apparently the frozen TV in a fuzzy W101 Plant commercial. How do they enjoy watching this for nonstop days?

But they still seem to. Awe!

Now, who is this? (Actually, I forgot his name... lets call him 015) My sort-of-secret project, its a 3rd account! (Arlen! Are you becoming hopelessly addicted? So sad..) No, no, I'm never going to pay for anything in IRL $$$ on this one, its completely experimental, and the pet & sword are from KIFG. Its like TFN's total newbie account, basically. I've also made a secret project for a wizard on this account, Terri Unicorngrove, that shan't be revealed ;) oh ok, the main point of the account is how high a level I can get on a FTP (nerd gamer term - Free To Play) account. But Terri's one is a little different.

This was just a random one when my computer was going through a 'slowww' phase. As you can see, my player and House hadn't loaded, so I took a snapshot on this angle when that lightning hit the tower ^-^

And, my Questing fever reached a new height and I didn't have much else to do, so why not get on the Balance duo when my computer was running well? (It incidentally completely froze up on the 2nd quest in the Hall of Champions, so, 2 hours on 2 accounts, not bad) I'm completely skipping side quests, too.

  • They're annoying.
  • I'll make up for it when I do GH/WT
  • See if no side quests except for GH/WT works to get to Legendary
This is a good strategy for you MB-haters out there tired of delivering purses (*cough* Kath Lightwielder *cough* - also props to her very intelligent posts, count this as a shoutout ;)), which I admit, I'm a little tired of too. I'll miss some of the puns, but the good outweighs bad, right? I'm already itching (ok, not counting the mosquito that found my leg tasty) to get to MB again! Squee!

So, the screenshots are from the Mander Minion quest - Tristan is 20, Tavia is nearly 22. From Assistant Dansforth to Nekhbet, not bad. So... that does kind of wrap it up. I've gotten quite a few new goodies from KIFG, too :) thats one excuse I've played a little less lol. Oh yes, lastly, I finished Ravenwood Radio Transcription #41 after a few hours of work, so KBB should have it up soon here. (Contact him if you'd like to do some!) Pretty tough, but definitely worth it!

Happy Questing!

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  1. Thanks a ton for your help, Arlen! Still reviewing it, and been busy with a lot of other items! Keep up the great work!


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