Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Another One Bites The Dust

*Sorry, my band references are going further lately :P (Title)*

Without doing side-quests, my progress is going very far these past couple days!

After trying to 'Stop That Cat!', I cruised through MB and started on Katz Lab bright and early (ok, 2AM.. my Summer sleeping habits are wacky, lol) today, plus the Counterweights, before napping through the 3 hour maintenance. Oh, and the night before..

Judgement time! ^.^

Gah, it won't let me delete this pic --- ignore it (although a Mander can use Sandstorm!)

After some running around, I bumped into Reed Treever, who gave me the whereabouts for the Omnibus..

.. and ran into this cute little rat.

You can see what I'm up against. Thankfully, it let both of my Duo in together, so no soloing these baddies.

So, soon afterwards, I summoned a little Sandstorm for some final lesson.

Pretty big, no? And, is this yoga, by the chat? "And the more relaxed you allow yourself to be.."

Since I got Judgement, I figured, why not Adept PvP? It went better than I thought - started 9-1 :D here's my deck setup, treasure cards on top. (Once Tristan gains more Training Points, he can get Tower Shield for real)

Forgot to crop this - but if you zoom in, there's my school deck, plus shields at the go if I can tell what school the opponent is before clock runs out.

First I switched to dye-ing in Death style, but then remembered my many KIFG transformations. HERE'S where they come in use! And, posing above, I bought a Myth Imp as you can see ^.^ So, I posed as a Death wizard. Camouflage isn't required, but can be very helpful.

And here's the final count after a while. Figure I'll try to get as a Warlord once Tristan hits Legendary, maybe? I really like Balance as PvP. Judgement isn't everything, but I bring it out a bit. Actually, Spectral Blast can be underrated.

Watch out, horsie o_O

And, later this morning, Big Ben.

And shiny gear/badges! As I write this, I just Blasted the Plague Oni (hey, he's Balance, this is what Spectral Blast is for again!) out of the way, and soon head to the Ancient Burial Grounds, with both wizards at Level 35. Already? Like I said, its surprising how far you can get on a boring Summer day without doing side quests. 2/3 of the way through Mooshu! :)

Hopefully the duo will be mid-Dragonspyre, more or less, next time? We'll see. And about the Fiction, the quest to kill Meowiarty is aptly named 'The Last Meow' - the name of my story - and I didn't even recall that fact. All the better, then! Anyways, I'll post that when I'm low on material, sorry, don't want to make this post too long!

Happy Questing!

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