Wednesday, July 6, 2011

FOGgy Prizes!

Hey everyone :) as you can see, my pretty much completed MFP/DS is in the above video. Big House. I'll buy that DS Craft Crowns Table thingy when I get the MSP Pack later. I think I'm getting it in about 2 weeks, after the Summer School? Thats half-way over. We'll see.

So, I've actually done a little bit on Dugan, my Fire wiz. Does anyone remember the Giving Tree? Yeah.. I just planted that on him.. *blush*. So, now I have a Parsley Garden on Arlen (and 2 Couch Potatoes I won from Diana Wildheart! :D), 2 Prickly Bear ones on Mycin (some turned Elder this morning :)), an almost-done Pink Dandelion plot on Tarlac (once I have enough Black Pearls), and a small Giving Tree/several Pink Dandelion garden on Dugan. I've cleaned out his storage-KT House and put a couple things in to start it off, actually, as well. Plus I'm still trying for a little Yardbird item right now. LOL. Not much else going on in-game there. In-game, that is :P

2 big items I've received from! :D the Lightningbat was from a Twitter code they gave out, but you can only redeem one of them once a month. A little long, hope they will change to at least a week.. although one person got 600 crowns! o_O :D also, I've won a FOG Unicorn (3!), Blue Raptor Sword (uber-cool looking, definitely stitch worthy), and that wand above, among other things. Well, HERE'S a list of prizes you can get, to be honest. And HERE'S a list of Magazine codes, many being available from KIFG prizes. Doodle Dug is probably the quickest by far, lol. I just want a Shardtail Dragon on main account and FOG Unicorn for Storm newbie on 2nd account now, played a lot the past couple days.

Not much other news.. I'm going to work on Ravenwood Radio Episode #41 transcription a bit more, soon. Its fun to get involved in the community :) remember to give KBB a ring if you want to get involved! It takes a while, buts its very helpful to some wizards. Have a good end-of-the-week!
Happy Farming!


  1. Awesome! I love the house! Question, though. What are you using to record the video?

  2. Sorry for late reply, if you read this - I just searched up Hypercam on Google & I believe its Hypercam2, completely free. Somehow I did it all, and I'm often useless at this stuff, lol.


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