Friday, July 29, 2011

Where The Streets Have No Name - KT

The point of this new segment is theorycrafting and just small areas left out in the game. So, going up world by world, we start in... Krokotopia!

So, we have this small empty island, and an abandoned shop (excluding the Zeke Beetle). Maybe it could be a shop for... hmm.. something new? Storm Krok pet?

Dank blackness.. hmm.. how about a large bridge going into the blackness with a big secret boss? Who drops something awesome? And now you can theorycraft what he may drop, his name, does he cheat...etc.

And then there's this empty throne area (also one in the Throne Room of Fire). You could have another boss here, or a vendor? Like the Smart Allec Wiz's post, Kingsisle gives a lot of detail, but whats the point if its just a dead end serving no purpose?

Forgot to crop this, but there's a ton of empty space in the (err, name of this place..) Dig Site. Maybe some more reagents/free furniture, something? Also, forgot to take a picture, but there's a lot of unaccessible stairs in the front area of the Sun Pyramid, going down. Plus you can see big Krok Statues down there. Maybe one day we get to repair the stairs and go down there and find something?

Near Khai Amahte, here's a door. I believe Mycin had one of his Storm quests in there, if any of you ever wondered about that door.

Great view of KT up in the Secret Shop. If we could fly, wouldn't this be a great takeoff point?

Now, here's an island thats been noticed before, the one with no purpose. Check that it has 2 small Obelisks up there, like the Secret Shop Island does with a teleporter between them. Might we be able to teleport one day up there as well, and encounter a new NPC? There's also Briskbreeze Tower, where the final boss hints going to KT next. Maybe that island could have an imprisoned NPC in there, although that little building looks much too small for any enemies. Hopefully Kingsisle will answer this in the future. Well, KT doesn't have too many empty places, so I'll quickly update the Balance duos progress to finish this post.

Did Mirkholm Keep and the Yoshihito area yesterday/today, so goodbye, Mooshu! Dragonspyre comes up next, bleh. Hopefully that will go quickly, as the last couple worlds have. Plus, I got Spectral Minion at 38 after beating Cyrus Drake.

Had to beat him for a Gem among other things in the quest. In the end, it came down to summoning his kind.

I kept them up (didn't press DONE for a few minutes ^.^) for a bit, and a mob gathered xD. As my tweet said when I released them: "Alright, say bye bye to the piggies" *pigs fly in air and point at me* *jumps* Random wizard: "lol! you dodged them" Hehe, it was funny.
There's a better one from my friend Blaze Shadowhorn. Hope everyone's having a good Summer, mostly loafing around till my friend comes in 2 days from 500 miles away :)

Happy Theorycrafting!

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