Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, More Rooftop-Running! :)

Yes, I'm still alive, just a computer malfunction. 15 days.. thats a record I don't want to break any time soon. But, I've got a spiffy new free one (warranty!), so I'm back in business as of yesterday. Those goals earlier in the month, quite a bit too much now, but I hope to capitalize on at least a couple.

With many things to load, you may encounter things like this. My current project, taking a break from much Housing, is Tavia & Tristan, the Balance Duo. Tavia now stands at 27, Tristan 26. I'm doing zero side quests (excepting Zeke and spells), as I plan to see if doing Wintertusk will be enough to get to 60. If not, I'll just do a couple WT side-quests. Side-quests are kinda overrated :P and I've made a bit of progress in 1 day, from the beginning of the Hall of Champions to the end of Chelsea Court!

1. Catch-up (saw the new house-items *SQUEE!*), restart gardens - thankfully, I had hardly any casualties there. Good plants!

2. I went from the middle of Sunday afternoon to the darkest hours of night questing the Duo to Marleybone (and ok, fooling around with some Skype night-owls). The Krokosphinx brings back old memories of my IRL friend racing through that part. Going to see him for the first time in 2+ years next week too! :D

3. Grizzleheim. I've figured its probably a bit less tedious going through around the right levels, so I spent a while beating Savarstaad Pass last night after Krokotopia, and today, Vigrid Roughlands/Frostholm, right after Tristan hit 25. Giving Sandstorm a lot of action, with Spectral Blast squirming in for Boss-beatings. Very soon, it will be Judgement! ^-^ Hey, maybe I'll try some PvP once Tristan gets it.

So, going into Tavia, I got the Bolt Blade and Meti Karanahn Statue in Karanahn Palace! Also, I randomly realized I hadn't seen the smaller KT House - Oasis Camp - in ages, so I previewed that and was surprised by how little I remembered. Its small, but a great house for an archaeology/camp theme, so I bought it on a 10,000 gold-costing whim. But, they both have around 50k gold, not many problems.

Into the Dragon's Hoard and Furniture News..

Many new & existing (note KT statues. For some reason, I farmed Khai Amahte over a 100 times for his Statue. Now..) furniture pieces arrived in the Shop! You can see some of them here if you can't log on. I splurged on the Kimono to complete my collection, a Well, and the small Moodha statue to further light up my nearly-completed Mooshu house. I'm sure I'll get all the KT ones soon, as well. The suitcase was a must to spice up my MB Bedroom too! Plus, I'll have to try those dramatic masks soon. Oh, its like a Houser's dream.

Also, the Dragon Hoards are now half-off! No, really - I'm shamelessly buying too many again, my crowns on second account dropped by a few thousand. I got 3(!) Dragon Wings, Sea Dragon pet, and just about all level 20 gear you can get, among other things. Can never get those spiffier Dragon pets, whats up with them? I'll probably splurge a little again for the 60 sword and those pets soon :P. Buy more while you can, and try not to become hopelessly addicted to them.
Next time, I'll share the long Fiction I wrote for Summer English (hey, it got me into Honors) which has to do a lot with Marleybone. That should show how much I enjoy going through it. To the Ironworks!

Happy Questing!

P.S. With the boom of new bloggers, if you would like to be added on that blogroll over there and notice you aren't, just notify me with a comment or e-mail. Its hard to keep up. Thanks!

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