Saturday, October 22, 2011

Don't Fear The Reaper

Don't fear it. Heck, he only has 800 health.


Well, 3 weeks. That's a record I don't want to break anytime soon.
So, how do you all like whats been leaked and released in the past week? I swear, Kingsisle just goes dormant on us then packs a flurry of new stuff that leaves you reeling sometimes.
So, first, Wizard101 took the GDC Online Audience Award this year! Which means... 2nd Yellow Elf pet for me! I was a little dissapointed, as I already had one, but at least my 2nd account has one now too and hey, its better than nothing. Congratulations, Wizard101!

Onto more recent news, the Super Bundle was revealed several days ago, the 3rd huge Gift Card from W101. I got to see most of the Palace the other day, and it is epicly beautiful and an instant notch on the early Christmas list. As Amber Unicornflower put it, "Here comes the sun (palace) and I say..
It's awesome!"
Couldn't agree more.
Went through, seems the Gorilla likes giving Blood Moss to me, and the only sound was the distant monkeys and birds. Again, me wants. Seriously. Oh, and the rhino mount? Duel-boxing heaven. Giraffe? Only pet thats about as tall as us.

Also, from Walmart! Totally want a Bazaar Tapestry. Its basically the same sort of rewards as the Super Bundle except a house and $10 cheaper. I can't buy everything, so I probably won't buy this, but its sweet anyway. That outfit is scary. If you like hawks and/or have plenty to spend, don't hesitate to buy one of these.

And, of course, the dreaded teaser to something, apparently a world-version of the Sun Palace.
Katherine Lightwalker and KBB translated the little symbols at the top as "DOWN IN THE DEPTHS". Hmm. Don't tell me we're going underneath the river?! As the purple elephants imply, I'm guessing that this may be part of the next world, Yugo, as mentioned in Wysteria, where the helephant lives. It would make sense, as most elephants reside in an African-setting. Luke Goldhorn points out that Wizard101 stated they make announcements only when it is extremely close to open testing. But, could this be a repeat of Celestia, where they slowly brought out the wallpaper characters and 5+ months of eager waiting? Looks like we'll have to wait for another teaser to speculate more.

So, that just about wraps up the News/Opinion section, so I'll give an update on what I've been doing these past 3 weeks:

On a whim, with a failed hatch but a good Derby talent Teen pet, I dived back into pet-racing, this time with Mycin, for a little bit. If you're out for the Pet Derby, Teen-racing is definitely what I would recommend, with the slowest waiting times. I guess I still had some moves and experience from Arlen's days, as the picture shows.. unbeaten except for a loss of connection once!

Losing connection can really stink too, as you can see.

That makes 4 Inferno Salamanders on main account now. Used to think those were rare. Almost have all characters done with the back-and-forth Halloween quests, also had a Saturday with a big farming spree of the Towers, but no luck. Looks like Kensington & Tomb of Beguiler goodies are severely limited this year, which, well, stinks.

The Nightmare Pack = another love/hate relationship! I spent 3k out of my 4,500 crowns, splitting 10 between myself and a few good friends/community members. Got the hat, which, IMO, is the best fashion-statement since Mooshu and symbol-clothing ;). Got a few other tidbits, pretty worth it, but its hard NOT to buy those evil little packs. Mount looks sweet, but I have enough as it is :P


Happy Questing!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Newsletter!

Hey, just a note that I found this month's newsletter! You can read the full version here - - It isn't even on the Monthly Newsletter section yet! LOL.

Halloween should arrive this Monday, October 3rd, just 2 days :) so get prepared for that tower-farming! Also, Gear-a-Palooza will be from this Thursday, October 6th to October 16th. 50% on some of the gear you always wanted!

Benefits from the Towers include drops from Stoker and Ngozi, hopefully Kingsisle won't change that this year. Be sure to stop by Spooky Bob's, do Jack's quests and look around Mythspent Youth's Halloween challenges this month. Don't you just love October?

Happy Farming!