Monday, January 31, 2011

Notice: Test Realm ONLINE

CL Housing and more! ITS ONLINE! More info later, here we go! (Floating Lands house! YES!!! ) Go explore people!!!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

PvP & Partying

So, as you may have heard (that is, if you're a part of Twitter, DoaW and/or Facebook) Jordan Seadreamer, a fairly new blogger (I was her first in-game friend and welcomer :P) had a big IRL party last night, hosted partly by IcyWiz.

Soon into the party, not much viewing room. Computer, not surprisingly, was a little laggy

EFREET! Tarlac joined a couple practices, with a little success. That 4v4 team he was on somehow came back and won :).

Mini Flash-Mob outside the circle. Looks cooler with Wyldfire in there. DISCO INFERNO!

Was inspired to do some PvP on Tarlac today for the first time! 1st match was a Menu-chat Sergeant/Legendary Fire who was a little rude. Shielding with Towers and such at the perfect time, Tarlac managed a nice win after being hit by 5 Efreets. 2nd, I fought a Knight/Legendary Myth who had some skills, but Tarlacs Centaur managed to win after 10 minutes or so. 3rd, I had a tough match against a Sergeant/Master Balance who, I must admit, was quite good. When no shield was up, Tarlac pulled off a Centaur to kill after a pretty long match and a big Judgement that was scary. Thank goodness for those treasure Towers. Well, those first 3 I admit I went first each time, so I was probably a little lucky. Next, it was a Knight/Legendary Death who couldn't kill me, but his pesky shields, Sacrifices and a Reshuffle hurt. After an even match, Tarlac ran out of cards after half an hour or so. Very long match. Necromancer couldn't believe I had started PvP that day... "I usually manage to defeat Theurges much faster", lol. Next, it was another Knight/Legendary Death. Sadly, I couldn't find a heal until the last second when he criticaled for the second straight time and ended a quick 5 minute fight. Oh well. Did well for my first outing! I got the spell Conviction with Tarlacs last Training Point, too, after I managed to get Seargent (am now Corporal, as you can see.)
Thats the PvP Deck I crafted for Tarlac earlier. Any room for improvement? I've done well with it :) although I had a different LVL 56 Life amulet, but after the 4th battle mercy-loss vs. the Death, I figured, why not the Reshuffle one? Sideboard is full of Treasure Tower Shields, which I used a lot of money on :P. The Seraphs are for shield-offing and minion-killing, plus I have a Life wand. Regenerate is underrated and Dryad is overrated, if you ask me. Pet has some extra health-boost and Spritely, of course :D
Thats it, and happy birthday again, Jordan Seadreamer! I just entered last minute into the MOG Wizard101 House Contest, ending today too, which means my next post will show you my whole MB house :D. Anyways, if you have suggestions for PvP with a Theurge, post below. I can't camouflauge since Sebastian the Satyr is my best pet and my last name IS Lifegiver.
Happy PvPing!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Chamber of Watered Doom

Yea, random title, I know. Hard to come up with a catchy one. You'll find out what that is later in this post :P but anyways, time for some game updates on my part :)

Pink Dandelion garden (mostly) turned Elder. The 'Pungent Bug Spray' spell adds a nice touch, seeing as they're going to plant heaven.

The main rewards. Some gave Sunbird TCs, some 2 of the same reagent, etc. Multiply rewards like that by 50. Black Pearl heaven :D

Mycin, with Blaze Stormthief, beat Calypso and 2 Blue Barts for the heck of it. I gotta say, that drunken old hog has the best animation ever :). Sometimes he looked like he wanted to find the back of the bar, to, well, toss his...rum.

Randomly beat Helgrind Warren, and its cooler than I thought. Has a Dragonspyrian touch at the lava zone, a Krokotopian touch at the sand part, etc. The Kraken boss had green fingernails, even o_o. So, whats the sewer thingy by Ullik? Didn't think the Norse mythology based on Grizzleheim had access to new technology. *shrug*


Chamber of Watered Doom, I shall call it. I don't know, but Ullik has a tight, yet awesome, home.
Anyway, couple more things. Tarlac finished the Trial of the Spheres today, earning nothing good in the process :P. At 8:30 tonight is a big bash for Jordan Seadreamer's birthday sponsered by... Icy Wiz's BanHammer. If you break rules, Icy wield BanHammer. More info on Twitter, DoaW or Facebook to get there tonight :)
Oh, and Mycin has been farming the Tree of Life like Zeus struck him. So far, I've managed 2 Youkai's Bonsai's, 1 Crimson Silk Kimono, 1 Samoorai Statue and 1 Gong of the Oni. I still need... 1 Green Ghost pet, 1 Stone Sarcophagus, 1 Deathbat pet, 1 Statue of Hyottoko and 1 Gong of the Oni. Gah! At least its kinda fun and I have a ton of Black Lotus and such now.
Happy Farming! (oh, and forgot to mention earlier, but have 50 followers :D thanks all)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Theorycrafting 1: Nidavellir Doors

Everyone's doing it, right? Right! I think...

Anyway, I've been wondering about those 2 Nidavellir doors. You know those paintings of Ice Giants fighting Dragons? Plus, the main boss is Jotun. Looking at Norse Mythology on Wikipedia, one of the 9 'worlds' in Norse Mythology, one is called Jotunheimr. Grizzleheim-Jotun? So this may mean the Nidavellir doors may hold secrets of the Ice Giants, and I'm guessing we'll learn about their past and their fights with Dragons. Oh, I forgot to mention Jotunheimr is a world of Rock and Frost Giants. It all sort of makes sense.

Now, here's the explanation of that Rainbow Bridge and Spiral Tree.

Bifrost, the bridge, is a burning one guarded by Heimdallr, pictured above. It reaches between the world of humans and gods. Heimdallr is guarding it from Jotnar, a race of nature spirits with superhuman strength, they are also called Jotun(n) and are giants from Jotunheimr, which further shows how the boss Jotun in Nidavellir got his name, a giant grendel as he is. Here's something else I found - "In Norse Mythology, Nidavellir (Dark fields) is one of the Nine Worlds and home of the Dwarves." Now, you may remember Grumlik, a small grendel who just sits there in Nidavellir. Whats his purpose? I suspect the giants of Jotunheimr took over Nidavellir, and Grumlik may need our help to take it back for the dwarf grendels in a future quest. No wonder I picked the school of Myth ;).

Pic of Niohoggr, a giant who knaws at Yggdrasil's roots (I'll get to that soon). He's a dragon, who, for all I know, just knaws at this huge World Tree's roots. So, did the Jotunheimr fight him? Is that the Dragon in the picture battling with the Frost Giant? I take it the Rock Giants look like Jotun, and the Frost ones like, well, Frost Giants. Maybe Niohoggr was a protector of Nidavellir of some sort and lost the battle? It's all very confusing.

Now into Yggrdrasil. Ygrrdrasil is a huge World Tree, the Nine Worlds existing around it.
First thought: Bartleby. I'd bet Kingsisle based Bartleby off Yggdrasil, as Bartleby co-created the worlds and holds the Spiral/World door inside. In Norse Mythology, an event occured called Ragnarok. The fate of Yggdrasil and many giants were here, and the world began anew. Nidavellir is a brief reminder of the Norse past, I suppose, ruins still holding from the Jotun's invasion and Ragnarok. What conclusions can you draw? Many other MMOs are based off this kind of stuff, and this is how I think Wizard101 is tied to it.
In conclusion, the 2 Nidavellir doors could be the ghosts of the Ice Giants and Niohoggr, waiting for someone to release them, and I suppose all those useless NPCs in Northgard plus Grumlik -a native dwarf of Nidavellir- may hold future quests for us to uncover Nidavellir's past. Maybe we'll fight that Ice Giant and release Niohoggr. What about the midget bears? Are they part of Nidavellir? Who knows? Its in the hands of Kingsisle :)
Happy Farming!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

...and more Crafting

Its basically been for Mycin's new house lately. (Poll on the side for next house I should do ;))

Your first thought is probably "Cherry Blossom heaven..." but I'm planning on getting some Windswept and Fall Trees to replace quite a few :P

There should be more Bamboo drops. Its a rarity (Oakheart drop) in the Bazaar, but I'll eventually get some more

Awesome little Brick Walled Pond there :)

Kimono collection in the back. Plus a tablet collection that will dot the hallways and one room of those Obelisk things.

Cow Meditation :)

I love that Bamboo Fountain. It could be a little bigger, but its nice enough.
Btw, Tarlac is VERY close to Master Artisan, going to buy some Nightshade/Mushrooms from Bazaar when I log in next time, I'll break from GM Artisan on him and other alt crafting for a while though :). I'm doing some brainstorming for more posts around here, so expect a theorycrafting post next, like everyone else seems to be doing. Now should I collect some Grendelweed, play Basketball or study for a Periodic Table test? Happy Farming!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Artisans #2

Running a little low on material to post on, but here's whats happened today!

Thanks to the Shared Bank, Mycin is a GM Artisan now! Tarlac is on the Robe quest for Master Artisan, waiting for another Pink Dandelion harvesting and gathering the Frost Flowers requirement as I write. I'm still out for the Antique Cello, Fallon Deathslinger's wizzyversary party was last night... thats basically it. And crafting random CL items (Leaning Palm Tree is awesomer than I think) along with stuff for Tarlac's GH house. Happy Crafting!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Note to self: Tarlac is awesome.

I just realized the school of Life is extremely awesome when finishing Celestia. Tarlac somehow (err, after 3 tries and a lucky critical Furry) managed to solo Acastus Hexfin, possibly the hardest non-cheating boss in the game.

AND with full health, although you can't see - Gotta love Regenerate :).

He went on to rock Calypso off her heels, picture of a minor glitchy there.

^^^ You won't see me liking her anymore.

Anyways, Praetor Mako, a bodybuilding old geezer who lost his dentures, was the next victim.

And then Big Salgio, who oddly had an asthma attack when a Centaur hit him.

And after a couple side quests, Tarlac is now Legendary! The Trial of the Spheres waits tomorrow. Hoping to solo Astraeus, as Arlen hasn't gotten success trying that. Till then, Happy Farming!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open Chat update - It isn't all bad

So, as you may have heard, Greyrose made an announcement stating Open Chat is now for those only who use a Credit Card. At first, I sided a little with the angry side of the argument, but think of it... how many of you are actually over 18? A lot of kids have Open Chat, and KI is just making that number dwindle. Us kids sometimes don't know what you're saying -admit it- so I gotta say it was a smart move by Kingsisle. You don't wanna know how many people on Central are stating that they are quitting. Look, you can live with Text Chat guys. I have for 2 years. KI is just insuring our safety in real life, k? They are doing us a favor. So stop whining :P. This quitting is rather mindless and isn't for money, think of yourself as a KI team member... would you do the same thing? Just ponder before you quit, and as a good point of advice goes (mainly for adults, but this applies to you all) - Wait 24 hours before you sent an angry e-mail to someone, let yourself relax. Remember, this little update isn't all bad. Its for our safety ;)

Happy Farming!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Furry's Fury

Lots as usual has been happening in-game!

Finally able to plant my 60 Pink Dandelions. I might have to use that rug trick to harvest some in the middle, but all in all they fit the aura for needs perfectly (only 40 energy, including the Rank 1 Pests away for 2 days spell)

Tarlac encountered a 'Preceptor of Contemplation' while questing. Someone translate that for me? :P

Tarlac & Tiger in the Science Center

I beat him easily... with a little help from a death henchman who took a LONG time to finish the job. Afterwards, "...I don't like honey anyway..." - YEA RIGHT! *psh* Poor loser...

Furry being summoned! Very original name, I know.

Little mini-glitch afterwards. He didn't want to leave ;)

RAWR! FEAL MY GREEN LEAFY FURRY OF DOOM! He's an awesome extra from 2 Centaurs, now just a Lifeblade and a Furry :)
If you're curious...

Questline there.
Lastly, Happy MLK Day! Its not just a day off from school!

Happy Farming!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Cello Robbery


Arlen Dawneyes, wizard and protector of Chello

A possible purr-petrator?


- At 221 B. Barker Street -

Sherlock: My heavens. Where did I put my chello?
Arlen: When was the last time you had it?
Sherlock: I took it, er, to Chelsea Court, to, um...
Arlen: Yes?
Sherlock: *blush* Ms. Marphely's house...
Arlen: You sly dog!
Sherlock: Anyways, I could have sworn I bought it in. I remember it in my car.
Arlen: You've searched the whole house?
Sherlock: Except up the chimney. Soot does not suit my health.
Arlen: I'll investigate.
*looks up chimney, face gets covered in black*
Sherlock: No luck?
Arlen: Rope up it. Santa Claus must have forgotten it last year.
Sherlock: Ah, its elementary.
Arlen: Hmm?
Sherlock: The cello was stolen and the culprit made his getaway by the chimney.
Arlen: What should I do, fight Scroungers and O'Learies?
Sherlock: Take these gloves and look the robe for fingerprints.
Arlen: Looks like the work of...

- THE END - (The ending will never be known ;))
Happy Farming!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sights of the Spiral - Cyclops Lane

Figured it was time for me to do a Wizard City one. Cyclops Lane is what I'd call the rich peoples area of Wizard City. I mean, they have gold roofs! :P. I hope the neighbors aren't snobby. Oh wait, they are. Nolan Stormgate and Cyrus Drake come to mind.

Olde Town makes a guest appearance here. I find it hard to manage my money in the Bazaar

Rats in the sewers? Alligators?!?

Floating Viking Ship! You don't see that every day.


No wonder there are so many trolls. Wanting to steal all the tea those rich inhabitants have.

Please bring plastic bags while walking your dogs here.

Cypress trees are a favorite of Lord Spike's. Big bark.

Wonder how the Minotaurs got here?

Need to go feed the Trolls more Spider eyes. Happy Farming!