Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Great Cello Robbery


Arlen Dawneyes, wizard and protector of Chello

A possible purr-petrator?


- At 221 B. Barker Street -

Sherlock: My heavens. Where did I put my chello?
Arlen: When was the last time you had it?
Sherlock: I took it, er, to Chelsea Court, to, um...
Arlen: Yes?
Sherlock: *blush* Ms. Marphely's house...
Arlen: You sly dog!
Sherlock: Anyways, I could have sworn I bought it in. I remember it in my car.
Arlen: You've searched the whole house?
Sherlock: Except up the chimney. Soot does not suit my health.
Arlen: I'll investigate.
*looks up chimney, face gets covered in black*
Sherlock: No luck?
Arlen: Rope up it. Santa Claus must have forgotten it last year.
Sherlock: Ah, its elementary.
Arlen: Hmm?
Sherlock: The cello was stolen and the culprit made his getaway by the chimney.
Arlen: What should I do, fight Scroungers and O'Learies?
Sherlock: Take these gloves and look the robe for fingerprints.
Arlen: Looks like the work of...

- THE END - (The ending will never be known ;))
Happy Farming!

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  1. One problem with this picture. Sherlock Bones is a Blood Hound and not a bull dog. That is watson!


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