Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Open Chat update - It isn't all bad

So, as you may have heard, Greyrose made an announcement stating Open Chat is now for those only who use a Credit Card. At first, I sided a little with the angry side of the argument, but think of it... how many of you are actually over 18? A lot of kids have Open Chat, and KI is just making that number dwindle. Us kids sometimes don't know what you're saying -admit it- so I gotta say it was a smart move by Kingsisle. You don't wanna know how many people on Central are stating that they are quitting. Look, you can live with Text Chat guys. I have for 2 years. KI is just insuring our safety in real life, k? They are doing us a favor. So stop whining :P. This quitting is rather mindless and isn't for money, think of yourself as a KI team member... would you do the same thing? Just ponder before you quit, and as a good point of advice goes (mainly for adults, but this applies to you all) - Wait 24 hours before you sent an angry e-mail to someone, let yourself relax. Remember, this little update isn't all bad. Its for our safety ;)

Happy Farming!

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