Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Note to self: Tarlac is awesome.

I just realized the school of Life is extremely awesome when finishing Celestia. Tarlac somehow (err, after 3 tries and a lucky critical Furry) managed to solo Acastus Hexfin, possibly the hardest non-cheating boss in the game.

AND with full health, although you can't see - Gotta love Regenerate :).

He went on to rock Calypso off her heels, picture of a minor glitchy there.

^^^ You won't see me liking her anymore.

Anyways, Praetor Mako, a bodybuilding old geezer who lost his dentures, was the next victim.

And then Big Salgio, who oddly had an asthma attack when a Centaur hit him.

And after a couple side quests, Tarlac is now Legendary! The Trial of the Spheres waits tomorrow. Hoping to solo Astraeus, as Arlen hasn't gotten success trying that. Till then, Happy Farming!


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