Sunday, January 30, 2011

PvP & Partying

So, as you may have heard (that is, if you're a part of Twitter, DoaW and/or Facebook) Jordan Seadreamer, a fairly new blogger (I was her first in-game friend and welcomer :P) had a big IRL party last night, hosted partly by IcyWiz.

Soon into the party, not much viewing room. Computer, not surprisingly, was a little laggy

EFREET! Tarlac joined a couple practices, with a little success. That 4v4 team he was on somehow came back and won :).

Mini Flash-Mob outside the circle. Looks cooler with Wyldfire in there. DISCO INFERNO!

Was inspired to do some PvP on Tarlac today for the first time! 1st match was a Menu-chat Sergeant/Legendary Fire who was a little rude. Shielding with Towers and such at the perfect time, Tarlac managed a nice win after being hit by 5 Efreets. 2nd, I fought a Knight/Legendary Myth who had some skills, but Tarlacs Centaur managed to win after 10 minutes or so. 3rd, I had a tough match against a Sergeant/Master Balance who, I must admit, was quite good. When no shield was up, Tarlac pulled off a Centaur to kill after a pretty long match and a big Judgement that was scary. Thank goodness for those treasure Towers. Well, those first 3 I admit I went first each time, so I was probably a little lucky. Next, it was a Knight/Legendary Death who couldn't kill me, but his pesky shields, Sacrifices and a Reshuffle hurt. After an even match, Tarlac ran out of cards after half an hour or so. Very long match. Necromancer couldn't believe I had started PvP that day... "I usually manage to defeat Theurges much faster", lol. Next, it was another Knight/Legendary Death. Sadly, I couldn't find a heal until the last second when he criticaled for the second straight time and ended a quick 5 minute fight. Oh well. Did well for my first outing! I got the spell Conviction with Tarlacs last Training Point, too, after I managed to get Seargent (am now Corporal, as you can see.)
Thats the PvP Deck I crafted for Tarlac earlier. Any room for improvement? I've done well with it :) although I had a different LVL 56 Life amulet, but after the 4th battle mercy-loss vs. the Death, I figured, why not the Reshuffle one? Sideboard is full of Treasure Tower Shields, which I used a lot of money on :P. The Seraphs are for shield-offing and minion-killing, plus I have a Life wand. Regenerate is underrated and Dryad is overrated, if you ask me. Pet has some extra health-boost and Spritely, of course :D
Thats it, and happy birthday again, Jordan Seadreamer! I just entered last minute into the MOG Wizard101 House Contest, ending today too, which means my next post will show you my whole MB house :D. Anyways, if you have suggestions for PvP with a Theurge, post below. I can't camouflauge since Sebastian the Satyr is my best pet and my last name IS Lifegiver.
Happy PvPing!

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  1. Nice stuff! I'd say add in a bunch of Life Minions, that way you have a "secondary effect" to each of your cards; and, maybe ditch the Life Traps (Minion will use it, but consider her a Shield Breaker too) for Minor Heals (removes Infection/Life dispels for free, or can help save a minion from death by DoT). Just a different tactic in case you meet any counters to this current build.


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