Sunday, June 15, 2014

End of Khrysalis - Shadow Palace Showdown

So it shall be, that I finally wrap up this post series a month after actually finishing Khrysalis. It's been almost four years since Celestia and my quest-posts began, and it's gone from Morganthe's introduction to her defeat. All things come to an end, though, including the presence of the Shadow Lady.

The defeat-warlords-again dungeon was particularly frustrating. But it does prevent the Spiral from being rewritten, after all.


That's reassuring *sigh*

'Final Countdown' for Malistaire, 'Final Challenge' for Morganthe. Time to tell Morganthe she can't sing.

Yeah, she gets beyond creepy here.

Cue the battle pictures!

 Very appropriate that a level 22 spell should kill the final Morganthe.

No idea where that leaves my dead memory..

Go figure - Morganthe and Malistaire are both floating in space now. 

Posing over what I shall call Morganthe's Nebula :P

"From the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall" seems to have backfired...

Dyvim was definitely the best part of Khrysalis ;)

lol, not sure how I feel about Arlen bugs.

"We"? I haven't been locked up for eons like you, man.

Ohhhh. Gross. How did so many creatures fit under that hood?

Obvious Third Arc clues. I'm most excited for Polaris, honestly. Seems like a frozen Celestia with penguins.

Ambrose's indifferent demeanor is odd. Did he anticipate Old Cob's weird awakening or just downplay it? Unlike the end of Malistaire's saga, there are a lot of specific questions that follow the end of the Second Arc. The biggest one, though - will it be over a year before the eleventh main world comes out? :P

Once again, the community settles in for an inevitable wait, hopefully equipped with teasers. Another side world like Grizzleheim (which came out between DS and CL) would be nice, too...

For the last time until whenever,

Happy Questing!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Time and Money In KIFG Trivia

As I was pet training this afternoon, I stopped to listen to a group of wizards debating the worth of the new KI Free Games trivia. One of them was planning to do it just so they could buy Ravenscar (a hefty 1995 crowns). Grizzleheim by itself is worth nearly 10,000 crowns.

 A little background to this - released a new trivia feature to its site last Thursday. Passing at 75% (9/12) or better for any category means 10 free crowns ... which is two cents in real world value. However, you can do ten quizzes a day - game related or educational - for up to 100 crowns. How long, then, would it take a player solely supported by this Trivia to get to level 100? 

Here's a rundown (c = crowns, z = zones, pz = per zone) - - -

Wizard City Zone: 750c / 100 = 7.5 days pz                                                                              
Wizard City (3z): 2250c / 100 = 22.5 days
What KIFG's trivia means to Friendly's 
iconic Selena Gomez parody :P

Krokotopia Zone: 915c / 100 = 9.15 days pz         
Krokotopia (12z): 10980 / 100 = 109.8 days                           
So far (15z): 22.5 + 109.8 = 132.3 days (over 4 months)          

(MB, MS, and DS all take 108 days to finish) 

Marleybone/Mooshu/Dragonspyre Zone: 1200c / 100 = 12 days pz
Marleybone/Mooshu/Dragonspyre (27z): 32400 / 100 = 324 days
So far (42z): 132.3 + 324 = 456.3 days 

This means that, to quest up to Malistaire's Lair, at least 15 months and a week of perfect trivia would be necessary to earn the 45k+ crowns to finish the First Arc. So, I wouldn't recommend getting by in Wizard101 this new way unless you absolutely love trivia and can take it real slow.

And that's not even the half of it.

(CL, ZF, and AV all take about 102 days to finish)
Celestia/Zafaria/Avalon Zone: 1695c / 100 = 17 days pz
Celestia/Zafaria/Avalon (18z): 30510 / 100 = 305 days
So far (60z): 456.3 + 305.1 = 761.4 days

(AZ and KR take about 120 days to finish)
Azteca/Khrysalis Zone: 1995 / 100 = 20 days pz
Azteca/Khrysalis (12z): 23940 / 100 = 239.4 days
So far (72z): 761.4 + 239.4 = 1000.8 days
Second Arc Total (30z): 544.4 days

To quest from Celestia to the end of Morganthe's reign would take nearly a year and a half. Add that to the First Arc total, and it's over 33 months to complete the game! Several new worlds in the Third Arc would likely be out by then. Basically, doing a daily dose of KIFG Trivia would get you through all the current main worlds before April, 2017, at a grand total of 100,080 crowns.

Skull IslandAlthough I won't go in-depth on Pirate101 pricing, I calculated that total as 88,712 crowns - or 887 days of trivia (almost 2 1/2 years). Considering the max level is at 65, that's a lot more than the price to reach 65 in Wizard101.

I actually do have a 3rd W101 account that I'm never going to willingly pay for.. so I *might* try a little experiment with KIFG crowns and leveling on that newbie account in the future.

Happy trivia-taking!