Saturday, September 24, 2011

*Ding* 7th Legendary!

Hey everyone!
Balance Duo got to Legendary on a nonstop gaming session of the Crustacean Empire and Chancel (but I forgot to take a picture..) so they just need to beat the Trial of Spheres to pretty much finish, although that isn't a big deal since we don't have a new main world coming out in our knowledge soon. Anyways, the only school I don't have a Legendary in is now Death, so I'll probably get started on that Duo soon. Chase and Cheryl are waiting impatiently in Triton Avenue...

Also, I attended the Evil Theurgist's Cancer Walk last Saturday, had some fun and took some screenshots :)
(I think the video won't allow to play on Blogger, but just click the title of it to see it on Youtube.)
I didn't win anything but thats ok, I also just found my Spanish teachers mother is dying from Colon Cancer this week (same thing Charles Schulz died of). Most cancers are very dangerous and need a cure, so keep walking for them!

So, not much else news.. hopefully Wizard101 will top LoL this year in the awards :) thanks for voting everyone. And, in terms of the new 5 pets, here are my favorites:

1. Primal Wildclaw - Rune-carved Wildclaw? Epic. Plus, its Myth.
2. Muscled Cat - Woah, MB gone even more gangster?
3. Burning Pixie - Hard to describe, but really cool.
4. Skeletal Knight - Like the Skeletal Pirate, but still cool, looking a bit icier.
5. Pink Jellyfish - Not too much different, just a bit paler. Most expensive too.

To finish off, I randomly found you don't get pulled by Winterdeep Warren grendels anymore. Sweet. Makes for findings of frozen bears and random end pictures with Sophia again!

Is that supposed to be steam in an icy place? If you look closely too, you can see the entrance from the bosses lair where the picture was taken. Even more sweet.

Happy Questing!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Hey everyone :) so my schedule limits me to one post a week, I'm very active on weekends but pretty much dormant on weekdays. I still have free time but parents.. yeah.. High School isn't too bad, though! And last weeks blank post had a reason, btw, and I was going to post this on Tuesday but couldn't.. oh well.

A nap is a good thing to take after a Sandstorm.

Beat Stormriven! It was pretty fun and the Duo would level up right after :D

I also went to Diana Wildheart's awesome house for her Birthday party last week..

I'M WALKING ON-- um, leaves!

Unicorn Park! Hehe :)

This is your main view when you try to find the door. Plus, there are 3 mazes around the house, which are a lot of fun. Had a great time :)

Tristans new look! Explorer meets Wild :P I've always liked that robe..

And Tavia.. sorta Catwoman by the hat? lol

Helios apparently has a sigil but still only 1 can enter? Kinda strange.

It proved the Duos worth soloing, though! Wasn't as hard as I thought :)


Their knowledge of magic makes me laugh xD

Thats "whats up".

Yeah, you don't quite compare, horsie..

Did it just get hot in here--- nevermind, thats overused.

One thing the Marleybonians didn't think of - why didn't you invent fans??

Bing! The Duo finished the grueling Robotic-fish-infested Science Center (which would be my second-favorite area still if they still dropped Sunstone..) and are headed into the Crustacean Empire and may finish CL by Monday! Looks like my poll a while ago has its answer.

And lastly, a random pic of Sophia-Bacon. I'll try to post again on Sunday but no guarantees :P

Happy Questing!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011


Hey everyone ^.^ I managed to have an awesome ToH run with Mackenzie Fairy, Heather Raven & her friend Elijah on Sunday! Other than that I've just been having Twitter/Skype conversations, Homework & plant-checking this week. Kinda dull but my High School is actually pretty cool so far. Anyways, Tarlac Lifegiver got the honors of going through..

1st boss deck that could've been better but hey, it was my first run :P

Very mixed feelings (not).


Death by hugging! Why can't we all just get along?
(Note: I got nothing of value for the hug :P)

My pets like showers these days..

Love this house! The only feedback is the objects not allowed on the flooded area, which is like half the house.. yeah, either lessen the flooding or switch that up, please? :P Also it would be cool if we could go inside the ship. But hey, I think Mycin is going to scrap the Storm House for this soon.

On the Wizards Watchtower, my only feedback is looking through that giganto Telescope, and possibly have a little more to do with that epic whirlpool.. my favorite part of it is the long spiral staircase and Dragons Gold Lair, which, you have to admit, thats pretty freaking sweet.

Oh, just realized, I'll do my update on my Summer Goals post a couple months ago.. and I'm continuing writing this post from when I had to stop yesterday after the House feedback so I'm out of ideas.. :P

Happy Questing!