Friday, September 16, 2011

Here Comes The Sun

Hey everyone :) so my schedule limits me to one post a week, I'm very active on weekends but pretty much dormant on weekdays. I still have free time but parents.. yeah.. High School isn't too bad, though! And last weeks blank post had a reason, btw, and I was going to post this on Tuesday but couldn't.. oh well.

A nap is a good thing to take after a Sandstorm.

Beat Stormriven! It was pretty fun and the Duo would level up right after :D

I also went to Diana Wildheart's awesome house for her Birthday party last week..

I'M WALKING ON-- um, leaves!

Unicorn Park! Hehe :)

This is your main view when you try to find the door. Plus, there are 3 mazes around the house, which are a lot of fun. Had a great time :)

Tristans new look! Explorer meets Wild :P I've always liked that robe..

And Tavia.. sorta Catwoman by the hat? lol

Helios apparently has a sigil but still only 1 can enter? Kinda strange.

It proved the Duos worth soloing, though! Wasn't as hard as I thought :)


Their knowledge of magic makes me laugh xD

Thats "whats up".

Yeah, you don't quite compare, horsie..

Did it just get hot in here--- nevermind, thats overused.

One thing the Marleybonians didn't think of - why didn't you invent fans??

Bing! The Duo finished the grueling Robotic-fish-infested Science Center (which would be my second-favorite area still if they still dropped Sunstone..) and are headed into the Crustacean Empire and may finish CL by Monday! Looks like my poll a while ago has its answer.

And lastly, a random pic of Sophia-Bacon. I'll try to post again on Sunday but no guarantees :P

Happy Questing!

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