Thursday, November 22, 2012

Azteca - In The Forest

With a half-week at school, I had more time than usual to advance further into Azteca.
With that, Arlen is now bordering on level 87 - maybe I'll  have my next spell by the next post!

We - er, I - arrive at on the island of Zultun. Looks like a friendly little place with more Shadow-weavers. 

Caught this bird flying around on a downed branch for no apparent reason. Having fun?

The left portion of the map looks really awesome.

..You sure?

 = Hungry Caiman

Up in the treetops - sadly, I can't see the waterfall anymore.

It was time to take another shot at the level 64 spell-stone quest, after several defeats to Wanadi. This time, I beat that strange skeletal turtle-thing. Time to leave indeed.

No more need for Amplify, thank goodness.

aaand the level 66 quest to activate the sun trainer. No Spanish conquistador reference immediately detected, though the Spanish minion names could mean something. Too lazy to check into that :P

Revisiting an old favorite - those indescribable slimy fish-people that somehow have hair. Lots of health, too. Quite enjoyable fighting under a waterfall.

King Neza's secret library passageway.. how did they grow all this?


You tell her!
Wait, "our tomb"?

Ohhh wow. So I just witnessed the King die and have no idea if Morganthe did too. The drama builds.

Now to stop and talk with some statues...

This is eerily familiar o_O
(think first quests of Avalon)

So this is the ice-ephant I've encountered.. interesting.

Now .. imagine a pair of avid gardeners and a wicked witch.

Not exactly a witch... actually, I have no idea what that is. Feels like I'm in a horror movie.

This is what I get for driving the Shadow Queen out of the rainforest? What?

Now it's time for Tierra De Brea.. next week. I'll be away for the short Thanksgiving break, so a new post may not come till at least a week, possibly the beginning of December.

On that note, have a great Thanksgiving!


Happy Eating!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Azteca - The Marshes

Azteca, Part 2!
I personally thought this series of quests was quite boring, but it looked to be picking up by the end. Nevertheless, I encountered lots of birds, quetzals, dead things.. and even monkeys?

The Marsh was pretty entertaining, but I ended up not really taking any pictures. Maybe toucans are just too scary.

A little fun with Philosoraptor... wait what?

LOL. Illiterate. Right.

Fountain of Youth reference.. nice. Since when did the Monquistans take port in Polaris?

After a battle with that stupid monkey, I got to try out his cannons. Hope I didn't hit anybody.

Nice time to decide to come to Azteca for an expedition..

I have to cross this? Seriously?! Eck

Dueling in the rain again! If they're playing Ra then where's the rainbow?

Exploring my inner-bug self. Meh. Not very attractive.

A Shadow-Weaver doing some gardening?

Okayyy, do you know where your CAPS LOCK is?

The narrator empathizes with me. Sigh.

Definitely looks like Malistaire to me.... (sh, don't tell)

and now to rescue the King from a fire..

Eww. What..?

Since when did animated orbs have feelings?

Sophia decides to help out a little bit and promptly gets stuck again. (facevirtualpalm)

Now at level 84, I have reached the far away island of Zultun and into the Cloudburst Forest. Be back to post on Wednesday - have a great Thanksgiving break! (for those who do have it week-long *jealous*)

Happy Adventuring!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Azteca - Underworlds & Pyramids

Nineteen days later and Azteca is here! Also the waiting time for Celestia, I believe. In the days leading up to release, I *finally* recruited help for the Keep of Ganelon via Wizard101Central's M4H team. With a week to spare, I finally completed Avalon. W00t!

Going a little overboard on the dragons o_O

A pretty strange 3D view of the Dragon's Lair in the background. Still, the land doesn't look very healed to me :P

Ambrose and Archmage ... yet he still isn't satisfied even after I save his own world. Sigh.

Finally managed enough amber to craft this little game. Now all I need are participants!

Thus brings me to Edward Halley's home. Since when were bugs interested in astronomy? Nevertheless, I would befriend a cute little Quetzal. Worth it in itself!

A little, er, issue with Myth Trap from my sword..

First view of Azteca! Doesn't look particularly big at first.

Doesn't fall very fast, does it?

Hooray for pyramids that are really..really..tall. Awesome view.

Hungry dinosaur zombies? Why not just give them food? Oh, wait........

Gasp, Eloise speaks!


Fun with grenades, I guess?

I decided to look up 'Cenote' on Google, and it turns out there's a well-known coffee place by the name in Austin (KI's HQ). So apparently, they decided to name the dinosaur underworld after a coffee shop. LOL, Kingsisle, nice going :)

My first boss battle features a storm helephant.. stormephant? o_O

While we're at it, it would be nice to be King.

The bosses tend to have upwards of 18,000 health, but are still manageable. It was awfully annoying when the storm lizard lady kept using tower shields, though.

And into the marshes!

More coming tomorrow or Saturday from the Marsh and Swamp. Hope everyone is having fun questing!

Happy Adventuring!