Sunday, November 18, 2012

Azteca - The Marshes

Azteca, Part 2!
I personally thought this series of quests was quite boring, but it looked to be picking up by the end. Nevertheless, I encountered lots of birds, quetzals, dead things.. and even monkeys?

The Marsh was pretty entertaining, but I ended up not really taking any pictures. Maybe toucans are just too scary.

A little fun with Philosoraptor... wait what?

LOL. Illiterate. Right.

Fountain of Youth reference.. nice. Since when did the Monquistans take port in Polaris?

After a battle with that stupid monkey, I got to try out his cannons. Hope I didn't hit anybody.

Nice time to decide to come to Azteca for an expedition..

I have to cross this? Seriously?! Eck

Dueling in the rain again! If they're playing Ra then where's the rainbow?

Exploring my inner-bug self. Meh. Not very attractive.

A Shadow-Weaver doing some gardening?

Okayyy, do you know where your CAPS LOCK is?

The narrator empathizes with me. Sigh.

Definitely looks like Malistaire to me.... (sh, don't tell)

and now to rescue the King from a fire..

Eww. What..?

Since when did animated orbs have feelings?

Sophia decides to help out a little bit and promptly gets stuck again. (facevirtualpalm)

Now at level 84, I have reached the far away island of Zultun and into the Cloudburst Forest. Be back to post on Wednesday - have a great Thanksgiving break! (for those who do have it week-long *jealous*)

Happy Adventuring!

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