Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy... yea.

Hi Thurston and Cuthalla! ( aka Dagroloth ) - The Celestian Wallpaper was just released, so there it is in full. Where's the aliens or Shadoweavers though? Guess they didn't have room... but they could of taken out a Crab... oh well :-P. So, Happy Halloween, of course! I won't be trick-or-treating *gasp, I feel so mature* as I don't really need the candy, and other things :/. Get lots of treats, young wizards! And I hope you get this stuck in your head...

That was the music at a Cake Walk for a Carnival I went to today. And I did go on the Moon-bounce, very mature of me ;). I gave my little Pinata candy to the little kids too, yea. And I just got a good 56+ Hat for Tarlac and the Fire Wand, woot! Thank you Thunderfin and Marcio ( several of the few bosses in this certain place in Stormriven - pictures later - They all cheat in some way... Procyon, Cuthalla, Thunderfin, Marcio and someone else... ). I will now do the Lunarium, but no post till Tuesday or Wednesday as I'm going to Grandma's again :D. Happy Halloween and Adventuring!

P.S. Contest winners announced when I get back

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celestia - Stormriven

Warning: Many pictures, again

The 1st sight of the Stellarium looks neat!

Alien people on the map? :D

Looks like a work-zone being flooded...

The Celestian Sewer System

The alien people! On a... disco floor!

The Powerhouse

They only played Balance spells, pretty easy...

Shadow Weavers and Morgantine soldiers at war!

Sweet dome, with sharks

More soldiers in a cool place!

SHADOWEAVER! Don't trust him. He's like Estrakir >_<

Yes sir, I did.

Told ya. But thankfully, he doesn't really cheat and has no minion :). I'm hoping he drops a LVL 55+ wand to farm for later...

I have to dive into a Waterspout?!?

Looks like an Octopus or Leviathan lives here...

Sweet statue!

Those things are Myth, but I found a couple other fellows on the same quest.


Mysterious lights...

Glowing Undersea Mushrooms...

On a very important side quest ;)

I have to beat him for a wand! :D

Sweetness! So close to leveling at this point too

Tempus Stormfist, last boss here in an undersea colloseum. There's a giant squid behind him, btw. O_O


One of the best books ever...

Posing w/Lord Gigi, the Jellyfish you get from getting to the Lunarium, and my awesome Staff of Legends! I also got a Treant Polymorph spell from the secret trainer in Stormriven ( find him yourself, teehee ) - Best Healing guy ever. Happy Adventuring!

In other news...

- Contest ends when I get on first tomorrow! It only takes a moment to enter, with a good chance at big treasure card prizes ;). I have even more, so everyone is GUARANTEED to get something. E-mail: or comment on this post

- ( I am really late on breaking the news on the next 2 here ), like Wizblox, but for everyone! They only have games I'm not good at in so far, so I will wait till the promised "more games" come.

- Because Wizard101 has 101,000 Likes on Facebook now, everyone got a Gobbler transformation ( Which, IMO, is useless. I used it unwillingly at the party :-P, so I don't see what the big deal about that is about ) BUT... IF Wizard101 reaches 128,000 Likes by November 28th, everyone gets a... Mystery Pet!!! *gasp*
- I am in Stormriven Hall now, and almost LVL 55! ( Yes, this is not 'Other news' ), a post coming soon on Stormriven :)
- Wishes to KBB ( aka KevCucumber ) who posted he was in a crash but is OK ( and missed the party, darn :-P )

- Ravenwood Radio is announcing the DoaW Election-winners on Wednesday! The suspense is killing me ;)
- Go Giants! ( San Francisco ), hope they beat the Rangers :)
- Anything else, besides that the Floating Lands is awesome? Well, there was a party for Ravenwood Radio/Halloween that possibly matched the Ravenwood Ball in size today. Of course, I took screenshots. ( That's my job, although non-profit, folks ). Congrats to Heather and Isaac, who were voted as the best costumes!

I had eyes on my Pumpkin, and the Halloween set along with that staff and Black Cat ( yes, I'm saying I should have won xD ). I was AFK at the start, and found out they had already judged, while my running-in-circles-to-avoid-being-logged-off thing took me to the Halloween towers :/.
As I recall, the Ravenwood Ball reached 3 areas, so not QUITE as big
Near the end - Trust me, it was even worse sometimes.
Leesha as Bacon. Yummy o:
Steven as...someone fancy?
The majority of people went to Leesha's MFP afterwards. When everything was dying down, everyone's Wizard101 crashed twice here :/. Still, it didn't after 2 times and I did some practicing, losing twice because of partners leaving, etc. and won once. I will get my hands on those who said I was "Pwned" lol. It was a nice hectic party overall ;). Happy Adventuring!

Celestia - The Floating Lands

Today I bring you Hawaii! Er, the Floating Lands. I reached LVL 54 just a moment ago too :)

Altar of the Native Storm Lord

Nah, I'll call him 'Mossy Lord' ;)

The Ocean!

Platypus cooking. Nomnom

A Service Station. Wonder if they have Slushies?

Through the Jungle...

Abandoned Forest Hut - Nice

Mah-Ke-Moa, Kuno Kala, and all sorts :D

The mighty Jungle River!

Living Palm Trees?!?

The living Coruscade O_O

Inside the Explorer

Overrun by Rubble-people!

Time to quest! I soloed both of these tough bosses, with the help of my Life Henchmen ;D

*pets Sparky*

Hangin' in the blooming Jungle :)

Getting Tupa Taua's friendship

Yikes! Red Bloodbats!

So, apparently they mistook the Explorer for a "Sky-Fish" - Yet I'm supposed to help the "Sky-Fish" too. The Platypus are cute, but I can't be a traitor to my homeland...

...I'll help both :D

After a needed Crazy Platypus massacre ( aren't they cute??? ), I find Captain Fogg and before I know it, I'm in Stormriven!

For now, I must quest to LVL 55 for the awesome Treant Polymorph and farm for a LVL 55 wand :). To Stormriven! Happy Adventuring!