Friday, October 29, 2010

Celestia - Stellarium

WARNING: A ton of screenshots.
I am now going into my favorite place, the good ol' Floating Lands ( beware of even more pictures then :/ ). Here's my adventures into and out of the Stellarium, an awesome starry dungeon :)

Just a cool model in the DotS

TEETH! Just when you thought it was safe to go on land...

Many of these lectures were listened to...

The Monolith I completed earlier

After a little brawl with Brutus, I got the key into...

The best Planetarium EVER!

Yes, random picture of a weird boss I encountered while side-questing. Cablooey eat Spiral! THAT thing? Needless to say, I was too chicken to fight him ( sorry, bad pun )

Now, stand in awe...

An abandoned Sci-Fi Lunar Cathedral...

...Overrun by Startroopers?

Confetti stuff!

After beating Unimatus and encountering Legionnare Sharks, we made our way to the puzzle that claims to be really hard... not.

Easy as Cake ;)

Time to fight Selwyn!

In a blaze of glory, hehe

Selwyn pulled a little surprise traitor doggy, but with Kieran's power and my Tanking...


The Sci-Fi gets better!

Woot, woot :D

And so we end that terribly long post with stepping foot onto my favorite Hawaiian place. Happy Adventuring!

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