Saturday, October 16, 2010

Treaty of Krokotopia

The war's over, thank goodness xD. Just dropping a note to say that, everything has been forgiven peacefully with marshmallows and silence. And, just a note to Kieran. He is a slight casualty seeing as he's angry at the MFP fiasco, but mostly because he THINKS he doesn't get many viewers so...view him! - - Let me just say you get a lot of viewers Kieran, and we'll miss your blogging if you go :(. 11 followers in your 1st month isn't too bad IMO ;D. So, good luck IRL and ITS Kieran :). On one hand, Amber's hatred of KI's treatment is hopefully not as much, and she re-friended Jessica ( this is like a soap opera, right? LOL ). There's a chance she could come back to blogging, and I really hope so. Lastly, let's talk about Halloween farming! I've been farming Baron Mordecai and Lord Nightshade ( and I ran into Finnigan Moon, popular Central member who has awesome housing guides... ) and here are my drop successes:

Wraith statue ( finally! )
Ninja Pig Hat ( deffz worth stitching to Mycin )
Greater Imp ( pretty rare pet, there )

Midsummer's Cowl ( WC's going to my newb Tristan )
Happy Face Pumpkin mask ( Kitty! )
Midnight Sprite
Halloween mask ( another great stitch! To a Death wizard, maybe )

Nightshade is dropping a LOT more stuff than I got from Mordecai ( whom I've basically exhausted by farming, nothing really needed from him anymore ). Rumor has it that Nightshade drops the Black Cat, so let's hope so! I should get more stuff by my next post, so I'll let you all know :D. I have a 2 turn or 1 turn kill, the 2 turn when I'm solo...:
Tempest ( 6 pips ) If Temp has 5, it won't kill the boss, so I wand hit afterwards.

or with my girl alt on separate account Myrna...
Stormblade ( Myrna Lightning Strike on Mycin, better chance of spell working )
Tempest ( and if not dead, Myrna wands the boss )

And the 1 turn kill is simple, have 2 storm wizards with Tempest, and use Temp right off the bat, hehe :)

Myrna was the one who now has her Kitty mask, hehe. Happy Halloween Farming! ( and, I just heard Kieran is NOT quitting. Yay! )


  1. Not sure if you posted this before or after the one I just read by Kieran, because I read his before hopefully you are right and he is not quitting.

    And, I haven't gotten the black cat form nightshade yet either. Must. Keep. Farming? Lol.

    See ya around maybe some time.

  2. @Lost He announced it via Twitter :D. Good luck in your Nightshade farming, as well

  3. Okay, thanks. I don't go to my twitter but maybe once every 6 mo or so. Lol.


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