Saturday, October 30, 2010

Celestia - The Floating Lands

Today I bring you Hawaii! Er, the Floating Lands. I reached LVL 54 just a moment ago too :)

Altar of the Native Storm Lord

Nah, I'll call him 'Mossy Lord' ;)

The Ocean!

Platypus cooking. Nomnom

A Service Station. Wonder if they have Slushies?

Through the Jungle...

Abandoned Forest Hut - Nice

Mah-Ke-Moa, Kuno Kala, and all sorts :D

The mighty Jungle River!

Living Palm Trees?!?

The living Coruscade O_O

Inside the Explorer

Overrun by Rubble-people!

Time to quest! I soloed both of these tough bosses, with the help of my Life Henchmen ;D

*pets Sparky*

Hangin' in the blooming Jungle :)

Getting Tupa Taua's friendship

Yikes! Red Bloodbats!

So, apparently they mistook the Explorer for a "Sky-Fish" - Yet I'm supposed to help the "Sky-Fish" too. The Platypus are cute, but I can't be a traitor to my homeland...

...I'll help both :D

After a needed Crazy Platypus massacre ( aren't they cute??? ), I find Captain Fogg and before I know it, I'm in Stormriven!

For now, I must quest to LVL 55 for the awesome Treant Polymorph and farm for a LVL 55 wand :). To Stormriven! Happy Adventuring!

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