Saturday, October 30, 2010

In other news...

- Contest ends when I get on first tomorrow! It only takes a moment to enter, with a good chance at big treasure card prizes ;). I have even more, so everyone is GUARANTEED to get something. E-mail: or comment on this post

- ( I am really late on breaking the news on the next 2 here ), like Wizblox, but for everyone! They only have games I'm not good at in so far, so I will wait till the promised "more games" come.

- Because Wizard101 has 101,000 Likes on Facebook now, everyone got a Gobbler transformation ( Which, IMO, is useless. I used it unwillingly at the party :-P, so I don't see what the big deal about that is about ) BUT... IF Wizard101 reaches 128,000 Likes by November 28th, everyone gets a... Mystery Pet!!! *gasp*
- I am in Stormriven Hall now, and almost LVL 55! ( Yes, this is not 'Other news' ), a post coming soon on Stormriven :)
- Wishes to KBB ( aka KevCucumber ) who posted he was in a crash but is OK ( and missed the party, darn :-P )

- Ravenwood Radio is announcing the DoaW Election-winners on Wednesday! The suspense is killing me ;)
- Go Giants! ( San Francisco ), hope they beat the Rangers :)
- Anything else, besides that the Floating Lands is awesome? Well, there was a party for Ravenwood Radio/Halloween that possibly matched the Ravenwood Ball in size today. Of course, I took screenshots. ( That's my job, although non-profit, folks ). Congrats to Heather and Isaac, who were voted as the best costumes!

I had eyes on my Pumpkin, and the Halloween set along with that staff and Black Cat ( yes, I'm saying I should have won xD ). I was AFK at the start, and found out they had already judged, while my running-in-circles-to-avoid-being-logged-off thing took me to the Halloween towers :/.
As I recall, the Ravenwood Ball reached 3 areas, so not QUITE as big
Near the end - Trust me, it was even worse sometimes.
Leesha as Bacon. Yummy o:
Steven as...someone fancy?
The majority of people went to Leesha's MFP afterwards. When everything was dying down, everyone's Wizard101 crashed twice here :/. Still, it didn't after 2 times and I did some practicing, losing twice because of partners leaving, etc. and won once. I will get my hands on those who said I was "Pwned" lol. It was a nice hectic party overall ;). Happy Adventuring!

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  1. Twas at the party but was too shy to speak to anyone mostly. Lol. Which, is odd, I'm not normally shy. Meh. :/ .. :D


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