Friday, October 29, 2010

Celestia - Grotto 2

I'm catching up to many now :). Although KBB is already getting Snow Angel and finishing *grumble*. So, here's the pictures/commentary from the Rest of the Grotto...

A little puzzle room

A rare reagent I got from a battle - Aether? And Ulwark, a little cheating fish is in the background...

I suppose that's the pearl Kino threw into the sea? ( Assuming you don't know what I'm talking about, our class just read a book called The Pearl, read it yourself ).

This glitch happened numerous times, but I just changed the screen each time to fix it. I think everything was magnified by A LOT. And those Waverunners I fought were tough

Nereus's Coral Castle

Neat room!

You got that right.

Nice Ring. Alas, no trade to Mycin :/

Lookit all the good snacks and ( 13,000 ) XP! I got almost 1/2 a level from that

Into the District of the Stars! Happy Adventuring!

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