Monday, October 11, 2010

*SPOILER* All the new spells!

So, I just got home from school and ran to my computer, the last spell LVL 58 not yet discovered had very likely been discovered by now, I was sure :). A little mad the last one was the Myth one, and that Life ( which someone on Twitter dubbed "slow as syrup" ) beat Myth to their spell, I had gotten up early and seen the new Life one, but not yet the Myth one. Now that they all have been discovered, here's pictures and a video!

*Pictures in order of discovery*
Dang! Leviathan a great Purple sea-serpent, Efreet the Aladdin-dude, the ghost on a unicorn in a blizzard ( that would make for a good dream... ) Snow Angel, the spooky awesome Skeletal Dragon, the Egyptian Sun-god Bird face-paint guy Ra, Angry Bigfoot Forest Lord, and the awesome Medusa with snakes for hair. Roll the tape!
Oh, man. Leviathan tail-slap! Efreet sword-smash! The dreamy Unicorn-zap! The dead-camel-in-the-desert-come-to-life Epic Skeletal Dragon! Sun-raying Ra! The tree-making Mutant Shih-Tzu Enemy-strangling Forest Lord! The model double-sword-wielding-screaming Medusa! Isn't it all amazing? *sighs in awe* Medusa does only 770 damage, but TWO stuns :D, no AoE but I'm still happy. Life finally got an AoE though! So glad for them, and can't wait for Tarlac to get his hands on the mutant-shih-tzu ( If your wondering where the Shih-Tzu is from, Friendly gave a hint that he thought the Life spell looked like that when he saw it in his KI tour ). Ra came out of the sun and proceeded to ray the opponents, it's an AoE :D. Skeletal Dragon amazed me at first sight too...along with Snow Angel. I really have to watch Clash of the Titans now that Medusa is the spell ( I know the Perseus-Medusa myth, we had to read it last year - LOVE IT! )
Original theories: Myth: I thought it would be like Orthrus's brother or dad - Cerberus/Typhon. A Medusa theory showed up on Twitter yesterday though, so I thought that was a good idea too, and it IS Medusa! Life: Kestrel Shadowthistle said it was 'Mushroom Cloud' but later admitted she was kidding, cruel xD. 'Venus Flytrap' and a vine-type of spell appeared too, and I thought those were great ideas. I must admit I didn't think Friendly was telling the truth about the Shih-Tzu ( note to self: Always trust TFN ) as we already had an Orthrus, dog spell. No ideas about Death, Storm, or Ice :-P. I knew we would have the Ra and Efreet, but I was undecided about what school - Efreet kinda looked Balance in a way and Ra a little Fire in a way in the Selena Gomez commercial. But now we have the results, and I'd have to say the best spell is... LEVIATHAN! ( Storm is always #1 ) 2. Efreet, look at the -90% thing on next spell! 3. Medusa, yea - 2 stuns! 4. Ra 5. Skeletal Dragon 6. Forest Lord 7. Snow Angel, it's only a little more than Collossus excepting it's a DoT spell ( Damage over Time ) - Snow Angel could be just a little better *shrug*
Notes: I've forgotten a couple mentions lately, here!
- My computer isn't dead after all, I jumped to conclusions after it crashed right when I got on, xD. I still want a new one though :)
- Welcome back to Connor Mistblade, a blogger who decided to quit, but just couldn't "stay away," I know what it's like! He admitted he started to become famous, but is enjoying blogging because of the other pros now...
- Thanks to Mythspent Youth who went out of her way to make a tutorial just a few minutes ago so I'd know how to post a Youtube video on here :)
- Only 75 days till Christmas! Hehe, we'll be seeing the early commercials any day now, I'm already in a holiday-mood. I start REALLY early, the excitement down till Christmas just makes me REALLY happy and sing carols non-stop, etc. I don't really like the commercializing, as Linus in A Charlie Brown Christmas puts it: "Not only is Christmas getting too commercial, it's getting too dangerous!" after Lucy held up a fist to his face threatening him to remember his line. It makes me happy to see the commercials though, :/. I just ask that you remember WHY we celebrate it for the years to come...

Happy Farming!

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