Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Celestia - Welcome!

Welcome to Celestia! As with Wizard101 Info, I shall be chroniclizing my adventures through Celestia too. If you haven't been there yet, shield your eyes from the following pictures ;)

I got a new good badge! 'Hero of Marleybone' fits well :)

And with that, I adventure into CELESTIA

I learn of the expedition...

Will do!

Don't forget the Zodiac Tomes quest, and the Loungin' Lizards!

And this, is the best pet EVER. Need proof? --> ( It's Crowns Only now :/ ). Either buy it with the Crowns, or find someone with it and hatch, taking up 50,000+ Gold, it's a must-have! There's also the sweet Amulets, and other stuff in the Survey Camp, find out for yourself! The Promenade is next, which should be posted Saturday since I won't be able to find much time for the rest of this week... Happy Adventuring!

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  1. Good for you and all the other higher level wizard for going to Celestia. It does look very great . Too Bad for me i was so stupid and couldn't decide what class i wanted to be and the only high level wizard i had i deleted , maybe one day i will make it to Celestia or i might quit. But enough of me i just wanted to say Congratulations to you and everyone else.


Have a splendiferous day! :)