Monday, October 18, 2010

Son of the Triton - Part 2

The ground rumbled. Mycin fell over in the sand while a figure, and a huge dog shadowed him. "I

am Hades. You must prove you're worth to me before passing." "But, the Triton sent me to slay

Ladon, I'm already proving my worth." "I'm a God, I know that. You must do 1 more thing

before passing though... let's see if you can handle Cerberus."
"You mean...that 3 headed-beast? I don't think I can do such a thing." "He's not too vicious, and
you want those Apples, no?" "Uh, I guess. How can I handle it?" "Figure it out." Hades said, as
he descended into the ground from whence he came. "Grrr.." All of the 3 heads said at once.
Mycin sweated in terror at the sight. Figure it out? He thought... how? He just had his trusty
sword and water bottle with him. Maybe, if he threw water in all of the Cerberi's faces, he could
distract it and tame it while making sure it didn't overpower him with his knife. He had no more
time to think, as all of the Cerberi's teeth flashed and, while it was starting in the act of pouncing,
Mycin un-screwed his bottle and squirted. The Cerberus made a slight whimper but still had
fury, and Mycin kept spraying. Slowly taking out his knife, Mycin grabbed it's tail and locked the
3 heads together the best he could - The Cerberus seemed pinned. But this is an offspring of
Typhon and Echidna, 2 of the most horrible monsters ever lived, and it would not be tamed that
easily. Roaring and kicking, Mycin repeatedly nearly lost grasp, and was glad to see Hades
return soon. "I see you have it, although amateurly. You may pass." Mycin took a heavy breath
of air, and noticed his water was almost empty in the hot sun - he'd better find the Tree of the
Hespirides quickly! As the sun went down, it suddenly was very cold. Around Midnight, Mycin
figured, he found the Golden Apples. Ladon was snoozing under the tree, and Nymphs could be
seen everywhere also resting. Mycin found a torch nearby, to slay Ladon as the Triton had said.
Carefully stepping in the mist, he set fire to Ladon. The fire was so quick, Ladon couldn't make a
sound and turned into ashes - the Apples were his. But the Nymphs were light-sleepers. The
light quickly awakened them, and they turned back from their calm ways and screamed with
anger, it was a very un-earthly shreak that pierced even Zeus's ears. Even the Dryads swayed
their branches and screamed, but luckily, the nymphs were slow. But Mycin had been traveling
all day, and was just as sluggish as them at this time, he ran as fast as he could, forgetting his
water in the process. Soon, the Nymphs were out of sight, but he had no idea were the Ocean
was! Watching the Sunrise, he traveled the right way but became thirsty, the sun was again
beaming down on him. Just as he was struggling with thirst, the Ocean and Triton appeared - He
ran up the dunes and suddenly fainted. Much later, he awoke to a huge bed, and saw the Triton.
"You got dehydrated. One of the Gods bought you in, you were in the middle of the desert - you
could have perished!" "In the middle? But, I saw the Ocean, I saw you!" "What? That must have
been a mirage or Hallucination indeed. But you got the Apples, so you are now immortal!"
"So I go up to Mount Olympus now?" "You shall stay until your mortal body perishes, for now,
let's eat the Apples, you deserve it." The Apples were the best, crispest Apples ever imagined -
multiply that by 1,000 and that's how good it was. Suddenly, Mycin found himself sitting up in
his bed with the Full Moon overhead - it was all a dream...

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