Cast of Characters


Two-faced Arlen Devereaux
Level 65 Privateer

After getting a beta key to Pirate101 in the Summer of 2012, I created my first pirate, Two-faced Arlen (eponymous with this blog and my main wizard!) It wasn't until the next summer that I started questing in Pirate101 for the first time. By November, Arlen had finished Marleybone and had finished the current questline by January of 2014. It was a great way of getting introduced to the game, especially since Privateers are rarely defeated in battle. Nowadays, Arlen can still be found ordering his companions around while continually trying to hatch a better pet.
  • Favorite Companions: El Toro, Ninja Pig
  • Favorite Spells: Big Guns, Enduring Disciple, Battle Zeal
  • Likes to pretend he's Admiral Nelson (with two arms).

Sneaky Jacques Jackson
Level 65 Swashbuckler

My second pirate, Sneaky Jacques, lost his parents in a storm. He began his quest with Subodai last February, and had made it to Level 65 by June. With many Assassin Strikes at his disposal, Jacques and his crew can pick apart an enemy in one round. He holds the claim of beating Moo Manchu's Nefarious Tower 10 times and the Miranda dungeon about 100 times. Most of the time, you'll see him doing Swashy things around Mooshu.
  • Favorite Companions: Subodai, Fan Flanders
  • Favorite Spells: Assassin's Strike, Black Fog
  • Likes to use all 3 First Strike and Riposte hits in one turn.

Wicked Valkoor Vane
Level 34

Just after finishing with Jacques, I rolled Wicked Valkoor as a character on June 23rd. After reaching Level 5, I decided to quest at a pace of one quest a day (just including main quests, companion promotions, and school teacher quests). Over four months later, Valkoor is closing in on Captain Blood in Cool Ranch's Haunted Skyway. In the end, only time will tell how long Valkoor's road to 65 will be!
  • Favorite Companions: Mormo, Kan Po
  • Favorite Spells: Mojo Reaver, Mojo Blast
  • Likes to sit back and watch his Level 65 Minotaur pet beat up the baddies.

WIZARD101 [In Progress]

Arlen Dawneyes
Level 120 Conjurer

Mycin Thunderwraith
Level 105 Diviner

Sophia Bluesong
Level 105 Thaumaturge

Tarlac Lifegiver
Level 84 Theurgist

Alura Dawneyes
Level 84 Conjurer

Chase Deathcrafter
Level 76 Necromancer

Myrna Thunderwielder
Level 74 Diviner

Amy Dreamweaver
Level 72 Pyromancer

Dugan Ogrethief
Level 65 Pyromancer

Cheryl Deathcrafter
Level 67 Necromancer

Tristan Dunewalker
Level 69 Sorcerer

Tavia Dunehaven
Level 61 Sorcerer

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