Monday, August 30, 2010

HBSB, #twizards party and more...

Hey wizards, took a small 2 day posting break there, not enough time. But anyways, the Haunted-Back-To-School-Bash ( HBSB ) was a huge turnout:

This was when it chimed 7:00, it was even this crowded before the actual time to start. Nightside reached 2 areas, which is quite an achievement for the place for some reason, the RR afterparties can never quite make it that big. The one and only TFN also finally showed up, and dressed up as Santa and a Skeletal Pirate :-P. Everyone promised showed up and all, it WAS a bash! I had to leave at 8, and it wasn't any less crowded still. Also, on Twitter me, the Awesome "Saucerer", Fallon Deathslinger and Kestrel Shadowthistle are planning a #twizards ( which means wizards on twitter, a popular hashtag ) party :). ( Speaking of hashtags, Merry Christmas was on Twitter's TT list, and there are 115 days left O_O ) It will hopefully be at my MB house, Kestrel's Life and the Saucerer's house, moving to each at times in the party. A date is kinda set, the 10th or 11th of September, so soon! Blaze ( the Saucerer ) is working on a poster and set-up and were all planning a little, like Abigail Doolittle and the Policeman's Ball thing you could say ;). Hoping to friend TFN once and for all, lol, and meet a ton of other #twizards/bloggers. More info

coming soon! And today was the 1st day of school, I'll put it into a little Fan-Fic mode for you here: ( Arlen's Adventures part 2 is coming out tomorrow, btw )

~ Young Arlen went to bed early, about 8:30. He opened his Peanuts book, and read a little bit, and found himself humming Christmas carols ( which I always do the day before the 1st day, don't ask me why... ) he soon burst into full tune of "Winter Wonderland" and tried to find a good position to sleep in. "Rats" he said to himself - "Might as well keep humming." He was fast asleep dreaming of sugarplums at around 10 o'clock. He found himself waking up in the middle of the night, and walked over to the clock. "5 AM? Might as well get up." To wake himself up, he played FIFA '10 on Wii, and then went to have some Cheerios. Reading a little more Peanuts, his parents awoke and he got ready with plenty of time to spare for the bus. Walking out the door into the brisk morning air later, he made his way to the busstop where he soon boarded. At the last stop, w/3 people crammed in his seat, he was lucky to have any breathing room and the bus smelling of that old Middle School odor, he was relieved when everyone got off. Hustling and bustling ensued and he made his way to Study Hall. Soon learning his locker combo, the locker mischeviously placed far from any of his classes, he soon went to 1st Period and to French. The class was almost identical to last years in students, and French is always entertaining, so he knew it would be yet another good year of good times in French, just a different teacher. Not a long class, it was soon time for Health and he went to the humid/stuff gym. Waiting in line for yet another Locker combo, it was hard to bear the stuffiness of the old place. Soon mastering another locker mischeviously placed very high up where he could hardly reach, he went to 3nd period. One of his favorite teachers had been put on his schedule, and he ( the teacher ) droned on about how American History would work this year... 4th period, was English, where Arlen filled out a Info sheet and everyone shared their summer experiences. 5th period was Science were a classroom scavenger hunt ensued, then the long awaited happiness of Lunch! Making his way outside to eat, Arlen sat under the shade eating Kit-Kats and sandwiches, taking away his hunger. 6th Period was some fancy named Art class, where a smart-allec teacher went over the rules, and used good Italian humor to make the students laugh. 7th was the ultimate challenge - Pre-Algebra. The teacher was a pretty stern young woman, and gave a lot of "Be on time or you get detention" rules. She even didn't like them looking at the clock, which Arlen so liked to gaze at to count down to the bell. School then ended, and with a mess of papers for parents to sign, Arlen headed home on the very crowded bus, surviving his first day ~

phew, that took me a while to write, hope it's enjoying, although I must admit it is a little boring... :-P. Oh, and I almost forgot...

This was a few days ago in one of my many Big Ben solos, I finally got something! :D. I love rat pets, yet I never seem to get them ;). I've farmed Big Ben and MB furniture so much I nearly have "Meow Master" on Mycin, one of my favorites. ( Stormforged Kitties needs that more than me... ) Kieran and Kestrel have rat magicians with REALLY long names, like Sir Bosco Mcsnuffles etc. etc. IV. So I name mine: King Bo Scratch Joe Mcsneezy his royal highness of sewage the VI. LOL. Happy Farming!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

3rd time IS the charm. Malistaire has been soloed.

I did it. I did it. I did it!!! It took just over 20 minutes, and Malistaire went *POOF*. Since I couldn't take a video, I got some screenshots in :).

The walk up to him...

To tell the truth, I had such small guts it took me 5 minutes to actually walk up to him and battle ;).

It took me 3 times to kill him, I lost the other 2 times before the minions were even gone, but I remembered to mark my spot, immediately port back and use a potion and adjust my deck from what I had learned the first 2 fights. ( they were both kinda unlucky, couldn't find my spells needed to take minions out and stuff ) I was down to my last potion at the time I beat him, so I guess it was win-or-go-home :-P.

I had a bolt that had a lot of traps/blades so I thought it would kill. It didn't, but it was the point when I knew I would definitely pull it off :D.
I had full pips, so I used a Satyr just to make sure and then the finishing Triton...
If you remember back at the beginning of DS, Cyrus said it would be almost impossible for me to try to beat Malistaire alone, well, he was wrong hehe :D.
Close calls: I summoned my Storm minion 2nd turn, and they soon all jumped on him while I was able to pull off a Storm Lord to finally kill those pesky servants. One used Scarecrow! O_O lucky I had a death shield on at the time... My minion had 16 health when Malistaire remained, and then Malistaire took his eye for me, so my minion stayed the whole battle :-P. Malistaire also fizzled on an important Skeletal Pirate, and I used a friend's tower shield he had given me next turn and Mali used it again :-P ( Pirate ). Anyways, I got the Death Ebon robe. ( Storm robe would REALLY have made my day, hehe ) Thanks to: Thomas Deathgem, for providing an extra person to get past the crystals ( and we skipped the gurtoks ) and William Lioncatcher, who donated some treasure cards that came in handy, like the Tower, a Death shield and a Life healing boost :). So, I'm the 2nd Storm wizard to officially pull this off I think, and now I have to attend to the back-to-school bash! And eat a milshake, nom. Happy Farming!


Just reminding everyone that tonight is the 2nd annual Haunted-Back-to-school-bash! Here's the explanation from - Greetings!!! This weekend we are presenting our 2nd Annual Haunted Back-to-School Bash! Last year we had lots of fun in Nightside. This will be an event for everyone to get together after a long summer as we all transition back-to-school. The Spiral changes as our children and friends become busier with academics of another sort and may not have time to be as social. This will give us a chance to reflect on the past few months of playtime and wish the best of luck to those going back to school! Date: Saturday - August 28, 2010Time: 6PM Central/7PM EasternWhere: Nightside, Vampire Realm, Area 1 - It's in the same place as the usual RR afterparties :). Be there! I'll also be attempting Malistaire hopefully at 3:30 PM EST time today, so wish me luck! I have a lot of good treasure card boosts/shields so I could be a victor. Happy Farming! ( next post should be tonight or tomorrow of the party and my fate vs. Malistaire )

Friday, August 27, 2010

CL Reveal #11 - 2 tiny additions

This just came in!
Look closely, they have that tiny turquoise thing from the interview with KI, blowfish I guess and a Starfish! Must be the Zeke quest, heheh. Happy Farming!


I've gotten a little inspiration over the days to solo ol' Mali. Well, a LOT of inspiration really, on youtube. If Friendly can do it, if Malorn can, can I? Seeing Friendly's battle almost made me say the "Staples" line - That was easy. I used to think Death would have a hard time what with all the prisms but it only takes a few turns to put those prisms on ( and remember to have some in your sideboard ) scarecrow, lots of shielding and trapping, and then the big hit on Malistaire. So If I had a GM Death ( which I really wish I had right now! :) ) I'd most likely complete it, but the best I have is storm, so is Mycin up for the challenge? I also saw a storm wizard do it, and it was NOT easy, he actually got lucky seeing as how several times Mali fizzled when it could have been the finishing hit. I couldn't find any others, so if Mycin does it, he's the 2nd official soloer of Malistaire for a storm, I guess. I did get a lot of ideas from that storm video though, such as lots of better accuracy bolts, etc. One time a Life wizard friend said he had soloed Malistaire easily, and I was like "C'mon..." but now that I think about it, maybe Tarlac ( if he was GM ) would have a chance, but it would take a long time so I'd probably pack a reshuffle :-P. I think I'll have to *attempt* it soon, and be sure to have a couple wizards standing by in case I die, and have a spot marked. All in all, I can't wait to try =). Sometimes I have some embarrasing defeats, but proper deck construction will come in here, where other times, I just stick my usual deck in and don't make any changes :-P. First, I'm thinking of trying to solo Tumok Gravelbeard to make sure I have a chance, skip the gurtoks and get right down to it vs. Malistaire. I'm kind of droning on here, so I'll cut short - You may be seeing Mycin in the Malistaire ring - alone - soon. ( I can't wait to try now that I think about it, xD ) My 1st possible date to try it is 1st thing Saturday, so I don't have to worry about it after school starts and all that, lol, I should have thought of this earlier... Let's just get in another "Flying Ace" comic for the heck of it ;)
Happy Farming!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Ben tips and RR Afterparty

First, I soloed Big Ben 3 times today ( no pets or furniture though :/ ) and I made a small guide on the floors, here it is ( all rest stops have health wisps )
1st floor: 2 O'Leary Connivers - Balance 675 Health
2nd floor: 1 O'Leary Conniver - 1 Street Sweeper - Myth 525
3rd floor: Rest stop - Travis Pawman and Jack Thistleberry
4th floor: 1 Filcher - Ice 675 - 1 Kettlehead - Balance 675
5th floor: 1 O'Leary Rowdy - Ice 675 - 1 Filcher
6th floor: 1 Kettlehead - Gearhead Boss - Storm 1000
7th floor: Rest stop and - 2 Brown recluses - Life 675 - 1 O'Leary Rowdy
8th floor: Puzzle: Dog, moon, bird, snowflake
9th floor: 1 Filcher - 1 Nightmare Spirit - Death 625
10th floor: 1 Nightmare Spirit - 1 Filcher
11th floor: 2 Nightmare Spirits - 1 Potbelly - Storm 575
12th floor: Rest area also w/mana ( Stray cat here )
13th floor: 1 Potbelly - 1 Shield Skeleton - Death 625
14th floor: Rest area and ( optional ) 2 Potbelly - Spike the Crusher boss - Fire 3500
15th floor: Meowiarty boss - Myth 2600 - Agony Wraith boss - Death 1600 - Mechanical Golem - Life 575 - Big Ben is great for furniture/gear/pets and reagents, almost every farm possible =D. Now for some deck construction pictures...

( for storm wizards only ) This is your Meowiarty fight deck, as I would recommend. I only lost 500 health in that fight :). If you don't have that Legend shield, put whatever you want in that space. For the Spike Crusher fight, you put in a Thermic shield instead of Legend, nothing else to change. Whenever your fighting Balance, Myth, or storm enemies in Big Ben, have a Storm prism. Why? For Balance, they play lots of Elemental shields. Myth, storm shields even though they will have resist, it's better ( except on Meowiarty ). Here your minion Big Ben deck for Balance, Myth's or Storms:

For other enemies, simply...

The goal for the minions is to play stormblade, then a 6 pip tempest ( includes power pips ) the stormtrap and feints and pixie is just in case. Got all that? Now I have a small guide on Scrap Iron-getting thanks to Samantha Daisyleaf:

Just enter either counterweight, and 1/2 the time there's a piece or 2 of Scrap Iron lying on the front floor, no battling required! Then just exit and do it over again :-P

This can also be a gold-getting opportunity, seeing as how 1/2 the time you enter it's like getting a Wooden chest amount of gold equivalent to the sell price. But of course, you'll likely use this for the reagent getting to buy crafted items. Once in a while, you might get this in a Scrap Iron...

That's quite a rare reagent, I hear! You can also get it via using some scrap iron and "mutating" it into a Spring, whatever you call it. If your computer is pretty fast, and you exit, you might catch a glimpse of the "ghost floor" ( the floors before the updates came out making the counterweights smaller ) I got one picture, but I must have been one second too late as it's a picture of the big "LOADING" page. lol, now to the RR afterparty last night :D.

The show wasn't even over yet when this picture was taken. O_O

Check out my new badge, and Stephen Spiritcaller in those pics :)

Here's when it began to wind down

Here's when a few of us went to Fairydust's new house. ( very buggy and awesome =D )
Do you see who's in that picture? Maybe with the last name... Lionblood? Friendly sighting! Fairydust had a great Ravenwood setting beneath that waterfall, and the restaurant was incredible. Also a small hedge maze, piggle pirates, etc. Then a small tour of my new MB house ( TFN's sacred footprints still cover the living room, xD ) and late-night, with the few remaining, we went to Fairydust's WC Mansion and raced across his rug-raceway. ( yes, a long rug city that made a circle around the place ) I went right at the "GO!" signal, unlike the others who started too slow, so I won most of the races. A very fun night, and I learned so much about Balance at the Study hall for Tavia and Tristan! Fallon S' husband Valdus and John Lifeglen had quite a long chat, I can still hear Valdus' deep southern accent, lol. And let's not forget a daily comic...
I feel like a World War I mood today :D. Oh, and another big thanks to Samantha for crafting a tea set and some gold place-settings for me! She did that, sold them to the Bazaar and I grabbed 'em. They were very cheap - about 5oo gold - in the bazaar. I really wanted those items, yet I'm not a Master Artisan. Happy Farming!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bonjour Wizard101, and Wayfinder is *pouts* NO AUCTION!

This post is pretty bad news, as many of you have possibly heard: WAYFINDER GEAR IS NOW NO AUCTION!!! NOOOO!!!

*sobs* It was inevitable ( or however you spell it ) I guess :/. The least they could do was warn us so we could sell the ones we still had from scheming. Now Tarlac has unintentionally lost a lot of gold. So this means... I'm retiring from hatching. Major apologies to those whom I've said I'd hatch with. It's just too much to be buying stuff for my MB house, buying snacks, buying a house for Tarlac etc. etc. If I ever do hatch again, it won't be for a long time seeing as how broke all of my characters are now :-P. Guess I'll have to Oyotomi/Raven farm again. Darn you Estrakir, now he thinks I won't visit his lair again since I don't need the gear... well, he's wrong :D. What will he cook up next? Anyways, let's go on after that rant: Wizard101 has announced it is expanding to the EU! Press release from the website:
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. today announced a licensing agreement with German online games publisher Gameforge to bring its award-winning massively multiplayer game Wizard101 to Europe. “This partnership is an important first step in our strategy to expand beyond the domestic US market and bring Wizard101 to an international audience,” said Elie Akilian, chairman and CEO of KingsIsle Entertainment. “It’s a very exciting time at KingsIsle and we are eager to share the magical world of Wizard101 with an entirely new community of players.” “Wizard101 has proven to be a high-quality MMO that appeals to a large audience of all ages. We are very excited to partner with KingsIsle in bringing this great game to the European market and expand its audience globally,“ said Carsten van Husen, CEO of Gameforge 4D. Earlier this summer, KingsIsle announced that more than 10-million Wizards have registered to play Wizard101 since the game launched in September 2008. KingsIsle is currently working closely with Gameforge to localize Wizard101 for the European market. The first European launch is planned for late 2010.
Ooh, we get more publicity, heh heh. So therefore, I'm going to show a European Peanuts comic today :).
lol! Happy Farming!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Arlen's adventures - Part 1

Remember the preview? We continue the 1st part of my Fan Fiction tonight! ( And about this time every week ) --- It was a dark and stormy night, Well OK, calm and breezy. "Will you take out the recycling sweetie?" *groan* "OK! Lemme finish the page!" Arlen kept reading Garfield until... "Honey, if you don't come down in the next 10 seconds..." "Ok! Sheesh" As young Arlen took out the recycling, an interesting thing in the sky caught his eye... Slowly, he made out a spiraling cluster of twinkles in the night. "Woah, I can see the Milky way..." he went to get his binoculars. "Funny, I can only see a few stars" He went inside, and forgot the whole thing quickly. That night, he saw something strange approach him *Ahem* the thing coughed, Arlen quickly turned on the light, and saw an old bearded man. "Wuh?!?" "Sorry, young mortal..." "Mortal?" A quick, sharp owl flew in "Hellooo! My name is..." Before the owl said anything, he heard his mother's voice "Wake up, it's 6 o'clock, hurry up and take your bath now" "Huh..." Arlen thought. "Must have been a dream, strange... hey, who used the hot water???" Weeks past, and young Arlen was engrossed in school work and the daily toll was pretty annoying and he had completely forgotten his encounter with the owl and man. One night, in the spring, as he headed from the bus stop in broad daylight... He happened to glance up and see... ( To be continued! ) Heh-heh. Also tonight, some pictures. Today ( and beyond ) I've been on a quest to make the perfect MB house, not too rough, fancy and all. So here's the first pictures of my expensive living room -

My favorite part of the room, there are 2 crowns items ( lucky drops ) the Bubbling cauldron from Wavebringer, and the Wall clock from Jacques. Also, there's the Grand piano, that costs 15,000 gold :/.

Little book-club setting, with punch! :)

The candlelight dining table, for a nice meal.

My big comfy chair/desk corner

Corner with some pictures, and I'm planning to put some more vases around here

My RB Bar/Warehouse. More MB settings may come in, along with more boxes and crates of, well, stuff. It's a little Warehouse :). I've gotten very good reviews from it so far, and it's not even been furnished much yet. ( I only have 5 items outside ) Blaze Stormthief - another wizard101 blogger ( ) said it was like a palace, but better :-P. So he'll probably include a picture of it in his next post, here's getting some publicity for you Blaze! Speaking of the Warehouse, me, MalornWS, Scarlet Moonflower's life alt Autumn ( twitter and on Diaryofawizard ), and Mackenzie Icerider ( an alt of a life wizard on Twitter ) beat it tonight. 3rd time, my revenge is almost complete! ( I believe I've been defeated by Estrakir 4 or 5 times ) So here's a couple pics:

Estrakir summoning what he loves...

... And Estrakir being wisked away, again ;). This fight was actually a real epic ( isn't it always, though? ) It looked like we were on the brink of dying, as Mackenzie mistakenly played a collossus on the wrong enemy when the rats were still alive ( one rat used scarecrow! O_O ) and so we all, except Mackenzie, had to flee. We got back and Mackenzie got healed, and soon it was easy to believe we were going to win :). I didn't get any Wayfinder gear, but it was good enough just helping and getting some more happiness beating up Estrakir again, xD. A couple things I still hope to achieve though though - 1. Have a winning record v. Estrakir and 2. Win a fight v. Estrakir WITHOUT fleeing once and running back up. To end the night off -
*sigh* Happy Farming!

An "Epic" night, school, and a sad announcement

First of all, I have not 1, but 2 new Epic pets, all in 1 night!

They both got Bananas! derby skill, lol. A great skill, although I'm not planning on derby-ing them anytime. Sparky got Pip O' Plenty! Rex got, not as good, but Storm-Proof! ( At least it wasn't a more Will/Intellect etc. skill ) The sad announcement is: Lord Spike, my beloved Orthrus, has announced his retirement D:. Quoting from Spike - "Since Sparky has better talents, and I've had so many adventures, I'd like to take a bit of a rest, and spend more time at the Dawneyes household with his other great pets. Sorry everyone, but I'm decided" I did work out a compromise with him though - He can stay by my side when I am not fighting enemies, and when I am, he can take a break at home. This brings me back to when I first met Ol' Spike... I had gone through agony in the Labyrinth, and was now ready to summon him in the Ancient Burial Grounds. He immediately popped out of the ground when he first saw me, and whimpered at my feet and enjoyed the bone I had bought for him. It was more than worth it, and he agreed to accompany me in my travels. So thanks for being there Spike, I still love ya! :). Now it's time to train the Grim and Lifezilla, always work to do. *sigh* Changing the subject, you've all read Mythspent Youth's school tips, right? She just worked out a third part to the guide, and Wizard101 even featured the blog on the login screen today, so congrats for the appearance and the great posts Mythspent! I'm writing this at 1AM, since the week before school is always frought with worry so I can't sleep, therefore, I'm going to lessen my time on Wizard101 a little in the next 2 weeks, mainly to focus, and get outside a little more. I've been a couch potato this summer ( mostly with my excuse that it's too hot outside, lol ) so since it's also getting cooler, I'm going to get out a little bit too. Tomorrow I'm just planning on snacking and lying on the grass looking at the clouds :D. This reminds me, I've been meaning to add a feature to the blog with a daily Peanuts ( Lord Sparky is named after his "sparky" bolts on his back, and my favorite writer's nickname - Charles Schulz a.k.a Sparky. Lord Snoopie the Grimzilla is named after, well Snoopy :) ) comic but I've forgotten for a bit. So this morning, I bring you my dad's favorite comic, and it has to do with my itenirary today - The comic from 8/14/60!

Zoom in if you need to, it's my dad's favorite probably cause he's a pastor, Linus sees the stoning of Stephen, and it's just plain funny. Especially the last line ;). Here's one more comic, to do with school...
You see, this is what nights are going to be like for me in the next week. Celestia is nice to think about over all this, but then I get all hyped up with excitement till when it comes. Just getting a few things off my mind...Happy Farming!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Celestian-based Interview

Yes, the great Friendly has posted this so not many will read this, but I will reveal a few more "snippets" The link to the article is: It says it will be released late summer/EARLY FALL. So now they say it could come out in the Fall... rats. But Fred Howard says Celestia will be the biggest world, and there will be new pets and talents! "There will be new pet content. There will be new pets that are being released as a part of this, there will also be new talents we’re going to release as a part of this. Part of the pet system is the new talents that manifest and we have new talents that are being released as part of the expansion." Yay! This adds further speculation to the... Shark pet??? I just can't imagine that hanging by my side... And then, at the end of it he refers that many refer to DS as being very cool, while others think of it as dark and somber ( including me a bit, I just don't cheer up when I see that blood-red sky, you know? ) But gladly, “With Celestia, I think people will find areas that are visually gorgeous, but that also get back to the more whimsical themes that we saw in earlier worlds.” :D! Also, there will be a few new worlds after Celestia, as it's the beginning of a new story arc. Here's some more: "The Celestia expansion will be the largest release since the launch of the game and will actually be the largest world in-game." Woot! And for you newbies out there, when asked if there will be any kind of content for non-grandmasters, the simple answer is... "There will be." This isn't helping containing my excitement "SQUEE! SQUEE!" Oh, and let me just end with a thanks to Ben Fairydust - The Spirit Keeper, who posted his own Wayfinder guide/info and included my guide a couple days ago. I just remembered I think I coined the phrase "wayfinder scheme" when it first was heard of, for some reason, and now that's the word everyone is using, lol. This is the 99th post btw! Lastly, my signature line - Happy Farming! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Top 10 lists

Just so I don't go through 3 days with no post, I've compiled My TOP 10 Lists of, well W101 things. 1st List: Hardest Bosses ( includes minions, other bosses w/it ) -
Some other notables almost making: Youkai, Yeva Spiderkeeper, Karuvian Scargiver, Nightwing, Gurtok Barrier Demon, Grettir, Sea Lord
10. Ullik - Helgrind Warren
9. Jotun ( w/out his brothers, or he would be # 3 or 4. )
8. Tumok Gravelbeard - Dragon's Maw
7. Gurtok Piercer - Great Spyre
6. Frostmantle - Ravenscar
5. Gurtok ( the fire one, forgot name ) - Great Spyre
4. Malistaire - Malistaire's lair
3. Othin Stormfather ( the Coven ) - Ravenscar
2. Orrick Nightglider - Briskbreeze Tower
1. Estrakir Gloomthorn. Of course.
Now - List #2, Hardest Dungeons
10. Big Ben
9. Tomb of the Beguiler
8. Winterdeep Warren
7. Helgrind Warren
6. Hall of Valor
5. The Labyrinth
4. The Great Spyre
3. Kensington Park
2. Briskbreeze Tower
1. The Warehouse *shudder*
Awesomest dropped pets ( my opinion )
10. Zombie
9. Death Troll
8. Icebird
7. Skeletal Warrior
6. Storm Snowman
5. Golem Spider
4. Seraph
3. Crabling
2. Ianthine Spectre
1. Death Ninja, need I say more?
Hmm... How about best house?
10. Imperial Palace
9. KT ( the biggest one, whatever it's called )
8. Balance house
7. MB Estate
6. Dragon's Fjord
5. Ice house
4. Myth house
3. Life house
2. Watchtower Hall
1. Storm house
And lastly... Reasons you know you've done too much crafting...
10. You ignore a person who picked a reagent before you could
9. You become a Necromancer from hunting Nightshades in Nightside
8. You become a construction worker so you can find Stone blocks
7. You decide to spend gold on crafting rather than hatching
6. You find yourself humming a lot of MS music from being in the Tree of Life too much hunting for reagents
5. You stay up all night crafting a carousel
4. You go swimming in a public fountain for cattail
3. You craft the Watchtower hall in less than 1 day
2. You avoid taking out the trash for a week looking for Scrap Iron in the cans
1. You see a flower in the distance and immediately yell "BLACK LOTUS!"
That's enough for now :-P. Remember to enter my treasure card contest, this is the 98th post! ( No contest e-mails yet, I'm wondering if everyone is either lazy, or doesn't want to get a really good chance for free Scarecrow cards ;) ) Oh, and comment if you have any other idea for a Top 10 list or your opinion on my rankings - Happy Farming!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Wayfinder - Less time consuming guide

The Wayfinder "scheme" has been exploding around Twitter today, so I'd like to share with you guys my less time-consuming guide. No more #covenfarmersanonymous, now it's #wayfinderschemersanonymous!
Have a Wayfinder helmet and have enough gold to dye it Black/Black ( if your a boy ) it's 5,366 gold for that, remember? Anyways, after getting one, mark your spot in the Bazaar
IF you have another account, put one of the characters in the Dye shop and just let them stand still. IF you have 3 accounts, put one in the Bazaar too so you don't have to mark your spot a lot, it's a big advantage. When they get disconnected due to inactivity, just press "Play" and they will be back. Or, just move them an inch ever 5 minutes or so, whatever you want. Anyways, port to your other account's character and dye the hat...
If you have only 1 account, teleport to the Commons instead and grab any Mana that is on your way to the Dye shop since you used some marking your spot in the Bazaar. After dyeing, teleport back to the Bazaar and do the selling. If you have 2 accounts ( me ), you also should have a marked spot in the Bazaar. Teleport to your other account's character when you have to dye and teleport back to the Bazaar for selling after. When you run out of mana, take a quick run around Olde Town and get the wisps, and try to be on an empty realm so you have more to get. If you have 3 accounts, it's the best since you put 1 player in the Dye shop, 1 in the Bazaar, and you just port to them, no spot marking needed.
When the catalog for the Bazaar comes up, click on Amulets really quick before the catalog starts loading. See, the amulets have the least items so they take the least time to load. Now, click on the "Usable" button, which is also a faster-loading time strategy.
Now sell your helmet. ( I didn't have a spare one on me atm, so I used the one I wear, don't worry, I didn't sell it ) If it says sell for 17 thousand something gold, sell it right away. HOWEVER, if it says anything less like 10 thousand something, don't sell it. Check the hat catalog for the helmet to see if it's in stock. If it's not, it's a small Text bug, and you can sell it for the 17 thousand margin.
Now click "Buy" and click on the hats quickly. See the small "LVL" letters in the catalog? Click on that twice and the Wayfinder helmet should be on the top of the catalog now, so buy it
Be very quick, click on the 2 brown trims and "Buy" If it says this: "Your transaction was not successful" someone else has brought it before you. Remember to be quick! If this happens, just "spam" the "Buy" and "OK" buttons. To do this the fastest way, click on "OK" make sure your Chat box is on, and press "Buy" again and if the transaction is not successful ( probably still is ) Keep pressing the "Enter" key when the message comes up and click on Buy again... keep doing this until it lets you buy it. Now do all the steps over again, and this is the fastest way to "Wayfinder scheme!" You should get to MAX gold in, at maximum - no breaks, 2 hours of doing this. I'm going to do hatching over and over with this method, and buying a ton of snacks for the pets which are almost out already. ( Btw, Lord Sparky and Rex are almost Epic! ) Lastly, notice the clothing? That's going to be my stitched look, when I get crowns. For now, I'll wear them whenever I'm not battling ;). Loving the beret hat and robe, all the squiggly lines on 'em! :D. Happy Wayfinder scheming and Farming!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

All of Tarlac's 40 Gear

I've been farming the Jade Oni, as you may know for the last 2 days and finally got the robe tonight! ( sorry Kieran ) so here's the pic:

The only thing missing is the Athame and Deck but I have the Runewarden's deck on which is just as good IMO :). So it's back to questing Tarlac past Mooshu for a bit ( If you're wondering where the gear is from, the hat is from Oyotomi, robe from Jade Oni and Boots from Plague Oni ) Wandcast #10 was tonight too, I went to the wrong site for the first 15 minutes xD. Lastly, I got a Scarecrow card from the Jade Oni (!) so I now have 2 of them. Therefore, I'm changing the contest prizes so they are even better. The 1st place prize remains the same - 2nd place: Scarecrow, Spirit Armor - 3rd place: 3 Ninja Pigs, Seraph, 5 Toughs - 4th place: Skeletal Pirate, Vampire - 5th place: Banshee, Reshuffle. And EVERY person who enters will recieve something, no matter what, all you have to do is write a 100+ letters rhyme about Celestia and e-mail me and I'll judge. I'll probably trade the cards from Mycin to Arlen too so you'll have to add Arlen to recieve prizes. Oh yea, I also finally came through with that stubborn Life Banshee
Hehe :). Happy Farming!

100th post contest!

I'm announcing my first contest! :). The prizes: 1st place - Scarecrow, Dryad, Hydra treasure 2nd place - 3 Ninja Pigs, Spirit Armor, Seraph treasure 3rd place - Skeletal Pirate and Vampire treasure 4th place - Banshee, Reshuffle treasure and 5th place - 2 Mutates and Evil Snowman treasure. Mycin has a lot of treasure cards to give away and it's nearly my 100th post, the winner will be announced when the 101st post is out and I will send the winner an e-mail :). Of course, we have the rules:
- Write a ( must be at least 100 letters ) rhyme about Celestia, and email it to Be neat! -
- You must add Mycin to recieve prizes -
- That's it! :D, simple enough? -
5 winners means you have a good chance if you just come up with the ryhme and e-mail. I'll judge, and decide. Please enter! Happy Farming!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad/Good news

Good news-Bad news time. It's leaning a little toward the bad but still...
BAD: - A Comedy Theurgist, Cassandra Lifecaster, is leaving the game for school reasons. At least for awhile :/ Bye!
- My computer overheated and shut down just before Stoker #2 in Ken Park >_<. Earlier, after beating the boss before Stoker #1, I had to get some health and it didn't let me port back "Full Dungeon." The best thing I got from these runs were a Tin Can and an Angled Gravemarker *sigh* Seraph still eludes me :-P
- School starts in a week and a half. That means, a lot less blogging and play-time. I'm thinking between 4:30-6:30 and maybe a little time later in the night for playing. I HAVE worked out a
schedule so I can still pet-train in the morning: Get up at 6AM, Take bath ( showers are overrated, lol ) 6:15: Pet train, takes 20 minutes. 6:40: Get ready for school, eat breakfast and still have a little time. 7:15: Catch the bus *rolls eyes*. Thanks to Mythspent Youth, who's given me a little inspiration for school. Read her tips at:
- I still don't have the Life Banshee pet after farming another hour last night :-P
GOOD: - Cassandra's going-away party was awesome
- I now have 50 followers on Twitter and *nearly!* a 100 posts on here, yay!
- A good friend gave me a Mega Snack pack :). Thanks!
I was a bit depressed before the Party, but that cheered me up a little. Pictures!

Also some funny Kensington pictures...

lol, ever seen a mechanical spider and a tree? When I played frog it looked like it was squashing the spider too, LOL. Incidentally, there are folks reading this blog right? Say Hi! if you do, I just like comments and there haven't been enough of 'em ;). Happy Farming!