Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amazing Wayfinder discovery

To start off, I'm back from that little visit to Grandma's again=TV and Crossword puzzles. lol, anyways Ben Fairydust of the Spirit Keep has made a great discovery to fetch you some gold. I'll go over it in this post... First, you need a Wayfinder helmet, or robe. Yes, I discovered it works for the robe too!

It costs the same as the Wayfinder helmet, first of all, buy the helmet or uniform and dye it Brown-Brown for boys and White-Gold for girls, it costs 10 thousand something. Now dye it all black for 5,366 gold, and sell it for 17 thousand something, overall you get a profit of 2000 +/- gold for just buying, dyeing, and selling!

Keep doing this and you get rich, but it takes awhile. Since very few Wayfinder hats/robes are sold, you have to get it from a drop or buy it in the Bazaar first. When you buy it and press change colors, be VERY QUICK cause chances are someone will buy it in that period of 5 seconds ( I said it doesnt get sold often ) and you will have to look for the robe/hat all over again. To go on the buying spree, press the "USEABLE" button so you can get right to it. Then, see the "Name" tag on the top of all the items being sold? Press that, and all the items will go in opposite-alphabetical order and the Wayfinder helmet starts with a "W" so if you find it in the catalog, it will be easiest to find it that way. The whole article from Fairydust is at: spiritkeep.blogspot.com. Spread the word about this quick gold-getting tactic ( the Ravens will deserve some peace/quiet ), it works ( or your money back xD, not really ). And also, Tarlac leveled to 40! I'm not taking a picture until the stubborn Jade Oni whom I've been farming all afternoon drops his LVL 40 Life Robe :-P. BUT I got ANOTHER Jade Oni pet!!! Me ( Mycin )and a couple other Storm grands are just continually bolt-ing the Jade, which is a pretty cool tactic, no traps, just bolting every round and it's pretty quick. Incidentally, the 2nd Jade Oni pet of mine is called Ms. Katie LOL. Remember to spread the word about the Wayfinder tactic and Happy Farming!

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  1. Dude, that is GENIUS! And, i'm not saying that cuz you read my blog, but, i've noticed the "Change colors" button and its ability to lower prices, but somehow using it for such a profit? It's like Raven-farming 2.0. :).


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