Monday, August 2, 2010

A late welcome

My first post was just a big report on the Ravenwood Ball, and I never really introduced myself so I'm basically just doing a late introduction here, enjoy!
Hobbies: Hmm, playing/watching sports, reading comics, playing w101 ( of course! ), doing nothing Dislikes: School, Spiders and Spiderkeepers, Mondays
Favorite Music: Well, I'm not into recent music at all, except maybe Lady Gaga LOL, ok:
60/70's music, the Beach Boys ( we had to sing Surfin' USA in 3rd grade and it's been stuck in my head ever since ), Monkees, Chicago, Christmas carols. Fave Sports: Basketball, Futbol ( that's the right way to say it, I mean we play it with our foot, right?!? ), College football, ( which should be switch with the name Soccer ) and I actually know how Rugby works, and I'm American, but I don't know Cricket. So, I got inspired to write this from TFN, my first blog on DoaWConnectX which I switched to this blog and wrote more often. My wizards: Arlen *The Spiderkeeper-crusher* Dawneyes LVL 50 Myth, Mycin *The Tempest-master* Thunderwraith LVL 50 Storm, Andrew *The Noob* Pearlward LVL 50 Ice, Dugan *The Scorch-caster* Ogrethief LVL 46 Fire, Chase *The Noob's Sidekick* Deathcrafter LVL 45 Death and... Tarlac *The Slow-fighter* Lifegiver. And I'm a teenager, loves Cherry blossom trees ever since I saw them, an up-and-coming W101 blogger,and if you know me, I may be famous before you know it ;). And I got introduced to the game in December, don't exactly remember when, '08. My friend had been bugging me to play this game for weeks, talking about an ancient land called Krokotopia. I did Unicorn Way for him, and found myself begging for a membership the next day. The rest they say, is blah blah blah. He quit after MB saying it was "too addicting" ( I don't blame him ) and he was $broke$. Maybe he'll return someday :-P. First wizard was Andrew, and he was what you'd call a noob, he didn't even find out about XP till Mooshu. So, yea, I'm contemplating deleting him for a much needed Balance wizard and he has very little gold. Andrew Pearlward will be gone soon, but it's for the best :D. I guess that's enough of a welcome for now. Happy Farming!

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