Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Maintenance *groan*

So, more maintenance, I'd usually be happy but, it's 8, count 'em hours.
As part of our continued effort to improve Wizard101, we are once again performing maintenance to the game. Starting at 10pm Central US Time on August 11th, Wizard101 will be offline for approximately 8 hours. Players will not be able to log in to Wizard101 during this downtime. Thank you for your patience while we diligently continue to improve Wizard101.

I was kinda thinking "Could this be it???" As in, Celestia? But, they usually say so on the notice above. The thing I'm sad about is, no Ravenwood Radio afterparty. NOOOOOOO! It begins at 11PMEST and thats when the party usually starts so, it will have to be a small party while they're in the live cast instead :(. They had to go and do it on Wed/Thursday night. And if this isn't Celestia, it could mean we may wait longer for it since they're busy making login times faster, responding to a ton of e-mails and all... So, if you're complaining to KI by e-mail for CL to start, remember that they have a lot going on already, and your just making it longer. I'm glad for maintenance, except on party times as you can see :-P. And, me, Kieran S., Malorn W.S, and a Central member teamed up for several PvP battles today. The 1st one was easy-peasy but we had to wait an hour for the second, and the other team used who-knows-how-many storm shields and I couldn't quake, cause, well I lost connection *rolls eyes*. It said "Wizard101 graphical has stopped working..." and it made me log out. I later learned that Kieran got beguiled and Storm lorded our whole team, and we got PWNED big time xP. Fallon Shadowblade logged on and watched that fight too, I'm sure every one of her friends online ( including me ) wished her a happy birthday :). Oh, and in just around 3 hours, you'll be seein' me in the Warehouse. I guaranteed a victory, and I'm not going back on that. Tonight's post will be the Statue of the week, and my Victory! post. Yea, I guarantee that, lol. Happy Farming!

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